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  • Netbook CPU/Platform Update – Intel/AMD

    Both AMD and Intel have delayed their respective new Netbook platforms – Intel’s Pinetrail and AMD’s Congo. Fudzilla reports that Intel Atom N450 – based on the Pineview CPU part of the Pinetrail platform is all set to release on 3rd January 2010. The N450 is clocked at 1.66 GHz, just 60 MHz higher than

  • Worldwide PC shipments returns to growth

    Gartner says worldwide PC shipments have reversed a downward slump over the last three quarters. PC shipments over Q3 ’09 rose 0.5% over Q3 ’08, a significant improvement over the 5% and 6.5% declines in the previous two quarters, respectively. Gartner had previously predicted a 5.6% decline, in line with previous trend. However, they missed

  • Corsair Unveils Refreshed Flash Voyager GT Flash Drives

    Corsair Flash Voyager GT Corsair has launched the new (refreshed) Flash Voyager GT, adding on to its lineup of high performance flash drives. Available in capacities of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, the new Flash Voyager GT is enclosed in rugged rubber housing with a signature red “GT”. Read more…

  • Appirion’s iDriver Lets Your iPhone Control A Car

    Remotely controlled cars are not really something fresh before but for Appirion’s iDriver, it allows you to control your car just by using the iPhone’s accelerometer and the touchscreen buttons. More after the break

  • Fenrir X’mas Edition

    Fenrir – X’mas Edition Titan’s Fenrir HSF has garnered numerous awards worldwide since its introduction in 2008. To celebrate this achievement and Christmas, Titan has launched the X’mas edition of the Fenrir (TTC-NK85TZ/CS-RB). More details next page…

  • Nikon D3s Announced

    In its recent press release, Nikon has announced the D3s, bringing video recording at 24 frames per second with autofocus and a “new algorithm” to lessen the effect of rolling shutter. Read on to find out more

  • [Rumour] Nvidia Fermi Updates – Mainstream cheaps, huge orders

    Fudzilla has a date for Nvidia’s mainstream Fermi chips to compete in the popular <$199 segment. Unfortunately, we are talking about March 2010 “if all goes well”. This is simply disastrous for Nvidia as ATI’s HD 5700 series will go unchallenged for nearly half a year, if not more. On the performance segment, things are

  • Intel posts impressive Q3 financials

    It seems Intel is showing signs of recovering from recession. Techreport reports strongest second-to-third quarter growths – though this is mostly due to the dismal Q3 performance, mostly reduced by recession and the mammoth $1.45 billion EC fine. Intel posts revenue of $9.4 billion, while down from Q3 2008, is up from the $8.0 billion

  • UPDATED: [Rumour] ATI Radeon HD 5900 arriving?

    Though the ATI Radeon HD 5800 is barely three weeks old, there is already talk of a HD 5900 series. Nordichardware have “got word that the HD 5900 series is being prepared for launch”. The have also quoted a driver mentioning “ATI Radeon HD 5900 Series”. Nordichardware speculates that the HD 5900 series will be

  • Sony Singapore presents new Walkman NWZ-S540 and NWZ-E440

    Sony Singapore has announced their latest series of Walkman video MP3 players – NWZ-S540 and NWZ-E440 – designed to please users with its superior features, as well as audio and video quality.

  • [Rumour] ATI to power next Xbox?

    According to Fudo over at Fudzilla, AMD has already snapped up the deal for designing the GPU is the next-generation Xbox. The current Xbox 360 is powered by ATI’s Xenos GPU, which is based on R580 (X1900), which some characteristics of R600 (HD 2900), such as the unified shaders. Despite releasing a full year earlier,

  • Nvidia partners deny EOL of GTX 200 series

    It seems like we are going back and forth, in circles. Following our story yesterday on recent rumours suggesting Nvidia’s partners discontinuing the GTX 260, 275 and 285 cards, Bright Side of News is now reporting that the AIB partners unanimously claim there is no truth in these reports, and the GTX 200 series cards

  • ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series Sum-Up

    The ATI Radeon HD 5770 and the HD 5750 release today, as expected. As a reminder, this is the series based on the mainstream Juniper die. The HD 5770 features the full 800SP and is basically identical to the HD 4890 in specifications, except for a 128-bit memory interface. Our final memory bandwidth is 77

  • HP unveils TouchSmart 600, TouchSmart 300 and enhanced TouchSmart tx2 notebook PC

    Today, HP announced the availability of their new Touch products which consist of the TouchSmart 300 and TouchSmart 600 All-in-One Desktop PCs, and the enhanced TouchSmart tx2 Notebook PC. All three products come with intuitive multi-touch features and will be available from 22 October.

  • Scythe Unveils Kama Stay

    Scythe Kama Stay Scythe has released the Kama Stay (SCKST-1000), a simple metal frame that takes up 1 PCI slot and allows users to mount extra fans and/or hard/solid state drives. Measuring 295×34x153mm and weighing 330g, the Kama Stay can accommodate 2 80~140mm fans or/and up to 3 2.5” hard drives. More details…

  • [Rumour] Nvidia partners discontinue GTX 260, 275, 285

    First reported last week by Charlie Demerjian of SemiAccurate that Nvidia were killing the GTX 200 series, the news created quite an uproar in the hardware community. Ken Brown, Nvidia PR, replied by saying “There is no truth in this“, the next day. A week before that, AIB partners complained of shortages in 55nm graphics

  • Elecom Announces Playbrick Earphones

    If you are a crazy fan for LEGO, you might want to consider getting your a pair of Elecom’s Playbrick earphones. Coming in fanciful colors, these cute earphones caught my eye and why you should get one too

  • [Rumour] Nvidia Geforce GT 240 Benchmarks, GT 200 series details

    Though GF100 may be the next big thing coming from the Green team, the next Geforce products arriving soon are the entry-level Geforce GT 200 series cards (not to be confused with the die GT200 on GTX 200 series products) Geforce GT 220 and the Geforce GT 240. Both are based on 40nm, DX10.1 chips.

  • Comcast Pop-ups Alert Customers to PC Infections

    Comcast’s trial warning pop-ups. Singnet/Starhub warning pop-ups in the near future? Philadelphia-based Comcast, the largest cable operator and residential internet provider in the US, has launched a trial of a new automated service that will warn its broadband customers of potential virus and malware infections. These warnings will be relayed to the customers via browser

  • Nokia Booklet 3G to sold in Germany on Oct 22

    The much talked about netbook from Nokia, the Booklet 3G, will be made available in German stores on October 22, 2009. reported that the Nokia Booklet 3G will be sold via a telecom operator with a contractual 3G-plus service. To take home the Nokia Booklet 3G, Germans will have to sign up for a