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  • BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac available for download from Oct 2

    Mac users who also own a BlackBerry can now sync data from their Mac to the handheld device with the new BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac. Best of all, the software is free for download and will be available from October 2 (1pm EDT).

  • Creative introduces Inspire S2 Wireless Speaker System with High Performance apt-X Audio Codec

    Creative has announced their new Inspire S2 wireless speaker system that features a plug-and-play Bluetooth transmitter for wireless music playback to laptops and other mobile devices.

  • New Internet Speed Benchmark Tool Out – Quality of Service Test (QoSTest)

    Many countries have begun next-generation broadband rollouts via fibre-optic cables, with providers promising ever-increasing speeds to customers. The next 2 years will be a key period as several countries like Singapore, Australia and the US will complete installation of key infrastructure which is predicted to bring upon the next digital age. We notice, however, that

  • MP3 Player Volume Restrictions On The Way

    MP3 players are among the most popular consumer electronics products on the market today as almost every person you see on the streets or trains will be listening to one. Users who enjoy their music at an ear-shredding 125 decibels will be disappointed to learn that the European Union will be rolling out new legislation to

  • Google, Bank Resolve Issue Over Misfired E-mail

    A week ago, we had news that Google was sued by a bank over sensitive E-mail sent to a wrong Gmail address by the bank’s employee. Apparently, the issue has been resolved with Google deactivating the Gmail account on the judge’s order. According to Cnet news, the Gmail account will be frozen until the court

  • ATI Radeon HD 5850 arrives, availability update

    Exactly a week after the Radeon HD 5870, little sibling HD 5850 is here. The HD 5850 is based on the same Cypress GPU – with 2 SIMD units disabled from the 5870 – leaving 1440 SP / 72 TMU. Furthermore, both core and memory have been downclocked to 720 / 1000 from 850 /

  • Dell’s latest Latitude Z comes with wireless charging

    Dell has launched their new Latitude Z which claims to be the world’s lightest 16-inch laptop and first to feature wireless docking, inductive charging. Yes, you heard right. This literally means you can charge the laptop by placing it on a special notebook stand without having to connect the power adapter or cable.

  • Galaxy GTX260+ Razor Edition is the World’s First Single Slot GTX 260+

    Galaxy unveils the world’s first single slot GeForce GTX260+ graphics card – Galaxy GeForce GTX 260+ Razor Edition. It is using a in-house designed cooler that utilizes a technology called “Vapor Chamber”. At only 14mm thick, Galaxy GeForce GTX 260+ Razor Edition is the slimmest GeForce GTX 260+ in the world.  The card features a 576 MHz

  • Microsoft anti-virus is now free to download

    In June, Microsoft announced the launch of their free beta PC security service - the Microsoft Security Essentials (formerly codenamed Morro). Well, good news is that the real-time anti-malware service is now free for download.

  • US Relaxes Control Over Internet

    BBC news has reported that the US government is relaxing its control over the internet. Icann, a not-for-profit private sector corporation set up by the US government, oversees the internet structure and is due to sign a new agreement with the US government on Wednesday. It is believed that the new agreement will give Icann more independence

  • Alcatel-Lucent Achieves New Transfer Speed Record – 400 DVDs data per second

    Alcatel-Lucent has announced that it has set a new optical transmission record of more than 100 Petabits per second.kilometer or the equivalent of 400 DVDs worth of data per second over 7,000 kilometers (roughly the distance between Paris and Chicago). Read more to find out how this breakthrough was achieved and how it will impact

  • [Rumour] Nvidia GT300 Architecture Details revealed

    Rys over at Beyond3D has not leaked outright, but teased, a blurred architecture diagram of what appears to be Nvidia’s next-gen GPU. Interestingly, the codename is GF100, which is the third codename we have heard following the popular GT300 and the recently revealed Fermi. We are not sure which of them is the most appropriate,

  • Panasonic Announces S8 and N8 Lets Note Series

    Panasonic Japan announced 6 New Let’s Note notebook series – F8, R8, W8, T8 and the new S8 and N8. Specs are pretty impressive for its streamline design.

  • BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone to be available in Singapore from end October

    Research in Motion (RIM) has introduced the new BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone which would be available in Singapore end of October.  It touts itself as the first BlackBerry smartphone to feature dedicated media keys and touch-sensitive trackpad for great ease of use.

  • Google adds school-friendly features to Google Doc

    Google has added more features to the Google Doc such as an equation editor, superscripts and subscripts and even translation that would be of use for users, especially students.

  • [Rumour] Nvidia GT300 Details – Fermi Codename Revealed

    To say that Nvidia has been tight-lipped over its GT300 would be an understatement – uncharacteristic for a company which hasn’t been able to keep a secret since the phenomenal G80. Following some details we revealed, including the 384-bit memory interface and a P2xxxx target, Fudzilla has scored some more information about the elusive GT300.

  • Pizza Workers Strike Over Internet Porn

    Cnet has an article about pizza workers picketing  over internet porn at a pizza factory in Naas, Ireland. It appears that 3 workers were fired for looking at an email containing “some material of a pornographic nature”. In a show of support for the dismissed workers, the staff at the pizza plant went on strike

  • More ATI Hemlock (5800 X2) pictures appear

    A member of the HardwareCanucks forums, Cowboy, has leaked several pictures of both the 5870 X2 and 5850 X2 over the weekend. The first thing worth pointing out is that the outer shell of the 5870 X2 is different from the demonstrations captured by eNet. More next page.

  • Intel designs a new heatsink for Core i9

    Intel has finally decided to use something other than the flimsy push-pin vertical heatsink that is available on Intel’s entire CPU line currently. The extreme high end “Gulftown” Core i9 will sport a vertical heatsink design similar to many third-party aftermarket coolers. More next page.

  • ASUS Unveils First “The Ultimate Force” (TUF) Series Motherboard – Sabertooth 55i

    ASUS unveiled the first motherboard in its newly-developed “TUF” (The Ultimate Force) Series, the SABERTOOTH 55i.  It is designed around a “Marine Cool” concept, incorporates the Intel P55 chipset fitted with the new CeraM!X heatsink. Ceramics replace traditional anti-oxidant compounds to create a microfin surface texture for enhanced cooling. The board includes the CoolMem! Fan Frame