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  • Razer Revamps DeathAdder Gaming Mouse

    Razer has revamped DeathAdder with a 3.5G 3500dpi infrared sensor and tangle-free braided cable. COST: US: $59.99, Europe: €59.99. AVAILABILITY: – 24 September and In Stores – Late September

  • Wacom introduces 2nd generation Bamboo tablets in Singapore, include Multitouch

    Today, Wacom announced their new Bamboo tablets which claim to be the first to merge multi-touch with their pen tablet technology. The Wacom Bamboo, Bamboo Fun, Bamboo Pen and Bamboo Touch made up the 2nd generation Bamboo family.

  • Bank Sues Google Over Sensitive E-mail Sent to Wrong Gmail Address

    Wired has an article on a Wyoming bank suing Google over its bank employee’s mistake. The employee had mistakenly sent an email containing sensitive information on 1,325 individual and business customers to the wrong Gmail account. The information included names, addresses, tax identification or Social Security numbers and loan information. So folks, remember to check

  • Atlona Announces DVI to Mini DisplayPort converter

    Atlona Technologies has launched the AT-DP200, a DVI to Mini DisplayPort converter, allowing use of the new Mini-DisplayPort monitors (e.g. Apple 24’’ Cinema Displays) on Apple systems purchased before 2009 or standard DVI video cards used on PCs. The adaptor is able to convert the signals from the DVI graphic card to the Mini DisplayPort monitors

  • AMD Demos Dual Cypress Graphics Card – Hemlock

    While the enthusiasts are getting crazy over the Radeon HD 5870 and Radeon HD 5850 cards, AMD keeps up the hype by showcasing us a machine fitted with a Hemlock graphics card. Due to launch later this year in Nov-Dec, a Hemlock card has two “Cypress” ASICs on it and it is priced below US$500. The point of this showcase

  • [Rumour] ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series Sum-Up

    Following closely on the heels of the 5800 series are the more affordable HD 5700 products. In the recent past, ATI have used four variants – Extreme dual-GPU (x800 X2), Performance (x800), Mainstream (x600) and Entry Level (x500/x300). That caused a problem with the 4800 series – there was a large void between the $80

  • AMD’s replies to Nvidia

    Shane Baxtor of Tweaktown likes AMD GPU launches for one reason – Nvidia comes up with several questions about AMD’s products on launch. This time, Mr. Baxtor forwarded the same questions to Chris Hook, AMD Global Communications. Nvidia questions the relevance of DX11 and lack of titles that use Havok physics – questions that consumers

  • ARCTIC NC: A Portable USB-Powered Cooler for your Laptop

    Arctic Cooling has unveiled their 1st notebook cooler, the Artic NC. Measuring 278 (L) x 95.8 (W) x 31 (H) mm and weighing a mere 250g, the Artic NC features 2 PWM controlled 60 mm fans running between 800 to 1,700 RPM depending on the heat load. This stylish notebook cooler supports all 12” to

  • Google Sidewiki lets you read and write entires to webpages

    Google has launched Sidewiki, a new feature within their Google toolbar, which allows users to read and publish helpful information on webpages they visit. Best of all, you can also share the Sidewiki entries on Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and Google profiles too.

  • Canon Singapore unveils latest range of consumer products

    Canon Singapore unveiled their latest digital imaging products at Capella in Sentosa this afternoon including the LEGRIA HF S11 video camcorder, touchscreen IXUS 200 IS, features-full PowerShot S90 digital camera, and the professional EOS 7D digital SLR cameras.

  • Intel demonstrates Larrabee

    Intel has finally demonstrated its much talked about, but little seen discrete GPU, Larrabee at IDF 2009. Interestingly, the demo ran a ray-traced version of Quake Wars with a Gulftown 6-core CPU. CNET have uploaded a video of the same. An older stepping was used, but sadly not much more information is available. Larrabee is

  • ATI Radeon HD 5870 Reviews, Benchmarks Sum Up

    After months of speculation, ATI’s HD 5800 series is finally upon us. Leading to the build-up, nearly all details have been leaked, so there are no major surprises. The NDA deadline has now passed, and several reviews are now available around the internet. More details next page.

  • Rumor: Leaked Meeting Minutes Reveals Sony Motion Controller Launch Date

    Discovered by a French site, Sega’s public relations FTP site recently have an interesting addition: Meeting minutes from on August 5 meeting between Sega and Sony Computer Entertainment America.

  • Pioneer CDJ-900 and CDJ-2000 designed to please professional DJs

    Pioneer has announced two new multi-format performance players, the CDJ-900 and CDJ-2000, which are capable of playing from various music sources such as CD and USB storage devices, and come with rekordbox music database management software. Read on for the press releases.

  • Ninja Kunai USB Drive has a really cool looking ninja kunai memory drive for sale online. Measuring 107 mm(W) x 21 mm(D) X 13.5 mm(H), it features a 2Gb storage capacity and retails for ¥ 11,500.00 (SGD$178.25 equivalent). Certainly nice to own 1 but $178.25 for 2Gb of storage space is kind of outrageous… News via

  • Nissan Leaf Electric Car makes “beautiful” Noise

    Bloomberg has an article on the almost silent Nissan Leaf all-electric vehicle. A major concern is the vehicle’s almost zero noise operation as it may be potentially dangerous to pedestrians, children and the elderly on the streets. To address the concern, Nissan shall be equipping the Leaf with a noise generator. Read more…

  • SATA To Come With New Interface- mSATA

    Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO) have announced a new specification – mSATA (you can call it mini-SATA)  interface, targeted towards Small Form Factors

  • Sony Ericsson MH907 Headphones comes with Motion Controls

    This latest Sony Ericsson MH907 headphones incorporates motion controls that allow users to start/stop playing their favorite songs, and answer/end phone calls without having to press the button on a remote control.

  • AmazonBasics – Amazon to sell own brand of electronic products

    Seattle-based Inc. has begun to market and sell its own line of electronic products called “AmazonBasics” this weekend in the US. The line, which includes audio and video cables, computer networking cables and blank DVDs, is an interesting diversion from its core business of online retailing. If this takes off, we wouldn’t be surprised

  • Jetpack Ride Awaits on eBay

    Ever wanted to realize your dream of personal flight? Martin Aircraft Company Limited is auctioning off the opportunity to be the first person outside the “Martin Jetpack” development team to “be a Jetpack test pilot.” With a start bid price of USD$30,000 for six flights on the jetpack on eBay, anyone (with the cash, of course)