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  • Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5850/5870 pictured

    Japanese website Hermitage akihabara have scored front 3/4th view pictures of Sapphire’s Radeon HD 5850 and 5870 in good quality. Both the HD 5800 series cards are virtually identical from the outside – except for length. The HD 5850 ends up shorter – around 9.5″/24cm, around HD 4870/90 length; the HD 5870 is longer, at

  • ZOTAC GeForce GTX 285 Batman Edition

    The new ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 285: Batman Edition is a limited production graphics card with only 900 units available worldwide and featuring a Batman sticker and a coupon for a full copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum™, redeemable online at NVIDIA®’s nZone.

  • Fallout 3 Laser Rifle

    Some dude has managed to create an exact replica of the AER9, a military-grade Laser Rifle used by the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 3, with pictures on Flickr charting the progress of the DIY project. Fans of Fallout 3, click here to find out more!

  • Missing Floppy…Reward if found

    Have you seen his floppy drive? This guy is pretty upset someone has stolen his beloved floppy drive and it seems he has been looking high and low for it…So folks, if you do see it, return it to him for a reward!

  • Games Convention Asia 2009

    Games Convention Asia (GCA) is back for the third year. Held at the Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Singapore from 17 to 20 September 2009, GCA will run alongside the two-day Games Convention Asia Conference (GCAC).

  • OCZ Ships High Performance Z-Drive SSD

    OCZ today unveiled the Z-Drive, a PCIe based bootable SSD for high performance and reliability enterprise solutions. With 8 PCI-E lanes and an internal four-way RAID 0 configuration, the Z-Drive is available in MLC and SLC models referred to consecutively as p84 and e84 in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB capacities.

  • GELID Solutions GC-2 and GC-Extreme Thermal Compound Reviewed

    Futurelooks has reviewed both the GELID Solutions GC-2 and GC-Extreme Thermal Compound. According to them, it seems Gelid has 2 winning products on their hands. Futurelooks had given them a positive review and prefers them over the tried and tested Arctic Silver, claming these new kids on the block “performed better and cost less than

  • CoolIT announced availability of its WS 240 liquid cooling system for Nehalem-based processors

    CoolIT has launched the WS 240 liquid cooling system for Nehalem-based processors. Measuring 117×277x125mm and weighing in at 1.03kg, the WS 240 comes equipped with a 240mm radiator (running from 1100-2900RPM depending on users’ requirements) and two water blocks. It is easily installed into most ATX chassis and is fully compatible with Intel LGA 775/1366/1156

  • ARCTIC COOLING announces launch of ARCTIC F case fans

    ARCTIC COOLING has unveiled the ARCTIC F case fans. Available in 3 sizes (F8 – 80mm, F9 – 92mm and F12 – 120mm), these fans are equipped with 9 blades for higher airflow. Their unique “ninja knife” impeller design reduces noise level and significantly improves laminar airflow. Compared with standard 7 blades fan design, the

  • U2 Mobile App provides great album experience for BlackBerry users

    U2 fans with Blackberry smartphones can now enjoy a better album experience with the new U2 mobile application. You can easily access the content including photos, videos, interviews and even samples of the songs from the group.

  • Sony PS3 Slim and PSP Go coming to Singapore in October. Pricing revealed!

    Sony held a media event in Singapore Pan Pacific Hotel this afternoon, showcasing the new PS3 Slim and PSP Go. Yes, the consoles which were announced a month ago are finally reaching our shores in early October. And the local pricing, which many of us have been speculating, have now been revealed.

  • [Rumour] Nvidia GT300 to be faster than HD 5870

    Now that we have a good idea on HD 5870′s performance, Fudzilla reports that its sources have great confidence that GT300 will end up faster than the HD 5870. Judging by the “absolute confidence”, it might end up quite a bit faster too. The GT300 will also have a dual GPU version, which will outperform

  • [Rumour/Speculation] ATI/Nvidia next generation release dates/price update

    AMD GPG (ATI) and Nvidia are hard at work with their 40nm DX11 products, and consumers can expect a flurry of DX11 products across multiple segments all the way till 2010. Of course, most of these dates are purely based on speculation and rumours. On the ATI side, we have the entire Evergreen family –

  • [Rumour] ATI Radeon HD 5700 prices, release dates revealed

    Following closely on the heels of the HD 5800 series launch on 22nd September is the Juniper HD 5700 series. The 5700 series consists of two variants, HD 5750 “Corvette” and HD 5770 “Countach”, named after the legendary sports cars Chevrolet Corvette and Lamborghini Countach. Which were blazing fast, it must be added. Bright Side

  • Toshiba Goes Overkill With Launch Of 25 New TVs

    Got us on surprise there with the latest press release by Toshiba Japan, 25 new LCD TVs will be launched on the course from the end of September till December. Lets take a quick look

  • MultiTouch comes to Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet PC

    With the convenience of multitouch features, it is no wonder PC manufacturers including Lenovo are pushing their tablet PCs lately. The Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet PC is designed for sales, health care and education sectors and users can now easily flick through documents, images and web pages by just using their finger instead of a mouse.

  • Xbox360 Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Announced

    Getting geared up for Modern Warfare 2′s launch ? Microsoft has announced in their latest press release for a Modern Warfare 2 themed Xbox360 Limited edition.

  • Philips presents SHE9750 in-ear headphones

    Music lovers who enjoys music on the move would want to check out the new Philips SHE9750 in-ear headphones. The headphones feature soft gel technology that provides great comfort of wearing even after long hours.

  • AMD Mainstream PC Buying Guide

    We were not quite done when we published our AMD-ASUS Enthusiast Buying Guide. Here, we have our Mainstream Buying Guide, which targets the light gamer, and even the entertainment freak.

  • Intel’s CPU revenue share reaches 4-year peak

    iSuppli claims Intel’s revenue share in the CPU market has climbed to 80.6% in Q2’09, up from 79.1%. This is the highest Intel has reached since 82.4% in Q3’05. Meanwhile, AMD’s revenue share fell from 12.8% in Q1 to 11.5% in Q2’09. Do note that these figures signify market share by revenue, and not by