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  • Nokia Singapore holds media workshop on Nokia Maps 3.0

    This afternoon, Nokia held a media workshop on Nokia Maps 3.0 at the Esplanade, Singapore. The media also got the opportunity to take a short ride in the NAVTEQ survey car to see how the survey team collect the various data used to update the maps.

  • Canon expands Powershot line with 6 new cameras

    Canon (in U.S.) has introduced six new Powershot cameras that aim to please photographers enthusiasts with their new stylish design, features and superb performance. Read on to find out more about the cameras.

  • SSD Stackup

    How do the many solid state drives in the market stack up? We ran some benchmarks, and here are the results…

  • Inaugural Power Users Gathering!

    Together with AMD and ASUS, VR-Zone organized the inaugural Power Users Gathering (PUG). Meet the minds behind the screen. 

  • Play your digital content on HDTV with the new Western Digital TV Mini

    Western Digital TV is a popular media player that allows you to connect your external storage and playback your HD movies, digital music and family photos on TV conveniently. And recently, the manufacturer has launched a newer version called WD TV Mini.

  • Creative unveils Inspire S2, to hold public showing of new Sound Blaster WoW wireless headset

    Creative Technology has unveiled their latest Inspire S2 speaker system designed with high performance and value for the audiophiles, On top of that, the company has also held a public showing of their new Sound Blaster World of Warcraft wireless headset at BlizzCon 2009.

  • Casio Introduced Exilim EX-Z450 and EX-Z90 compact digital cameras

    The latest Casio Exilim EX-Z450 and EX-Z90 compact digital cameras are not only stylish and convenient to carry around, but they also claim good features and performance. One improved feature is the Dynamic photo which allows users to cut out images of a moving subject and combine them with a different still image. While both cameras feature 12.1-megapixel sensor,

  • Transcend Launches Rugged JetFlash V70 USB Flash Drive

    Transcend has recently introduced their new rugged JetFlash V70 USB flash drives which are a joy to bring with wherever you go. Moreover, they conform to U.S. military drop-test standards and comes in trendy colors of red, orange and purple and up to 16GB capacity.

  • Dell Smartphone Gets Official Appearance in China

    With speculations all over the net, Dell’s Smartphone have made an official appearance in China. Branded Mini 3i, things are starting to get interesting here for Dell as the Mini 3i is on-hand as part of the launch of China Mobile’s new Application Platform that offers music, video, and app downloads to various mobile phone

  • Logitech released Flight System G940, Gaming Mouse G500 and Gaming Headset G330

    Gamers rejoice! Logitech has announced the commercial availability of their Flight System G940, Gaming Mouse G500 and Gaming Headset G330 in Singapore. If you are into flight simulation games, you can’t go wrong with the Flight System G940 when flying your plane or helicopter. For first person shooting, real-time strategy and other games requiring the mouse, the G500 will

  • Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth headset available now in Singapore

    If you are looking for a Bluetooth headset to use with your mobile phone, check out this Plantronics. The company today announced the availability of their stylish Voyager PRO Bluetooth headset which boasts noise and wind cancellation and clear audio.

  • Sony Singapore Launches BRAVIA T series LCD TVs

    Sony Singapore has announced the new 32-inch BRAVIA T (T550A) LCD TV that features two speakers, as well as BRAVIA Engine 3, Live Colour, and Intelligent Picture technologies for superb audio and visual performance.

  • Brando SATA Dual HDD Docking Station

    Running out of space for your HDD in your PC chassis? Well, you may want to consider this Brando SATA dual HDD docking station. It supports 2.5- and 3.5-inch SATA hard disks and you can connect to your computer via SATA ports (or eSATA with the extension kit).

  • Kingston Releases SSDNow V+ SSD in US

    Kingston unveils the SSDNow V+ with a sequential read speed of up to 220MB/sec and write speeds of up to 180MB/sec. The V+ is currently available in the United States in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities; the 64GB drive is available worldwide with increased capacities to come.

  • Logitech Unveils New Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

    Logitech has unveiled a new wireless desktop set which consists of a wireless keyboard and mouse. Named MK700, this 2 piece “combo set” brings you some comfort while you sit back at your couch and surf the net.

  • DigiDude, the keychain that is also a mini tripod

    These cute (and weird faced) DigiDudes from Quirky may look like ordinary keychains but they also function as mini tripods for your compact digital cameras. Simply extend the legs, remove the head and fit your camera as appropriate.

  • Razer and Blizzard to co-develop StarCraft II gaming peripherals

    The long-awaited Blizzard real-time strategy game, StarCraft II, will be launching soon and Razer has partnered the game company to develop high-precision gaming peripherals to match the gameplay experience.

  • Panasonic and NEC unveil 9 new Linux phones

    Linux isn’t a very popular OS in the mobile phone space, but that is changing especially with the growing adoption of phones with Google Android platform (which is based on Linux). And recently, Panasonic and NEC has announced nine new mobile phones that are running the open-source LiMo operating system.

  • Patriot Corza NAS PCZ35SNAS2

    Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems have found their way into homes just as they did with the office space years ago. Prices for NAS server products have dropped to the point where it’s more expensive to buy the drive that goes in them than the actual storage device itself. Patriot, a company based around memory

  • Toshiba to join Blu-ray Association

    With the recent news of Toshiba planning to launch their Blu-ray players by the end of this year, it is not surprising that the Japanese manufacturer will be joining the Blu-ray Association. The company will also announce more details of their Blu-ray products soon.