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  • AMD, Seagate Demonstrate 6-Gbit/s SATA interface

    Extremetech reports that AMD and Seagate will demonstrate a next-generation 6-Gbit/s SATA interface on Monday. Here are some of the interesting features that the new interface will bring.

  • Galaxy has a Low Profile, Low Power 9600GT for HTPC

    Something interesting for HTPC enthusiasts that we missed out. Galaxy has a special 9600GT Low Profile Low Power 9600GT card that consumes less than 60W and doesn’t requires external 6-pin power connector. It is based on the 9600 GT Green Edition GPU where we have been talking about lately. This card has 8-layer PCB which is 203.2mm

  • GeIL Releases 1.6V DDR2 Green Series

    GeIL releases a series of green memories that are rated at 1.6V, lower than JEDEC standard at 1.8V for DDR2. Also, the packaging of the Green Series is made of recycled paper pulp as well. Speeds available : PC2-8500 1066MHz @ CAS 6-6-6-18, PC2-6400 800MHz @ CAS 5-5-5-15 and PC2-5300 667MHz @ CAS 5-5-5-15. Capacity available

  • Japanese ‘Mimi Switch’ allows remote control through facial expression

    Kazuhiro Taniguchi of Osaka University has invented a earphones-like gadget that allows users to remote control their electronic devices with just that facial expression. How cool is that?

  • Ultra Durable VGA Geforce 9600 GT by Gigabyte

    Akiba Kakau reports of a interesting find in Akiba – Gigabyte’s Geforce 9600 GT. Wait…A GeForce 9600 ?! Yes, You ain’t hearing it wrong. Here is what that makes it “unique”.

  • Onkyo rolls out Sotec-branded E702A9 media PC

    (Engdaget)  Onkyo rolled out the Sotec branded E702A9 Media PC which comes with a 21.5″ display at a 1080p resolution, a Core 2 Duo E7400 processor, 2GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive, a 4x Blu-ray drive, a built-in TV tuner, an included iPod dock as well.Price is sweet – 178,000 yen (~S$ 2800)

  • Silverstone Fortress FT01 and Raven RV01

    Silverstone is well known among enthusiasts for its premium casings. Do their latest offerings, the Fortress FT01 and Raven RV01, live up to our high expectations?

  • LuvBook TW600X with Blu-ray

    (Mouse Japan) Mouse Computer Japan announced a new LuvBook, the TW600X that will retail at just 800 euros (~S$1570) and comes with a Blu-ray drive. An attractive buy ..ain’t it ? But what about the specifications ?

  • Transparent OLED Lighting by Philips

    (Engadget) Transparent OLED lighting is on its way soon to consumers as Philips developed a 12cm prototype panel which is transparent until flipping the switch for illumination. Unfortunately, the panels are currently limited in size due to complexities in the manufacturing process. Perhaps , those displays that we often see on science fiction movies are

  • GIGABYTE demos 10-inch mobile PCs at CeBIT

    GIGABYTE has introduced their new 10.1-inch mobile PCs at the CeBIT 2009, which include the Touch Note M1028 with the swivel screen and the Booktop M1022 which can transform into a desktop PC via an exclusive docking station.

  • Sony Considering Larrabee for Future Playstation

    Impress had a recent article (in Japanese) on why Intel’s Larrabee encountered difficulties to be the processing core for Sony’s upcoming game console. Will Sony really adopt a new design or just rely on its existing Cell Broadband Engine and further improve it?

  • Biostar Releases Newly Improved TPOWER X58A Board

    BIOSTAR today announced a new board, the TPOWER X58A that offers 12+2-phase power supply and all Japanese PS solid capacitors. The board is also equipped with enhanced digital debug LEDs and quick switches so that power users have ease of overclocking.

  • MSI showcases Wind Top and Wind Box series at CeBIT

    MSI has introduced their latest Wind Top and Wind Box multimedia entertainment products for the All-in-one market, including the Wind Top AE2010 with a 20-inch display and Wind Top AE2200/1900 Touch Control PCs.

  • Sony launches Rolly sound entertainment player in Singapore

    The Sony Rolly entertainment player was unveiled at CES 2008, but it was only today that the manufacturer has announced its availability in Singapore. (Better late than never). The Rolly not only plays your MP3 songs, but it also moves to the music combines with coloured lighting.

  • ASUS 1000HE

    The latest ASUS 1000HE was announced last month and VR Zone managed to get one for review. Read on to see what the new Eee PC has to offer.

  • TRENDnet Releases Wireless N Internet Camera Server

    TRENDnet today announces the launch of the Wireless N Internet Camera Server with 2-Way Audio, model TV-IP512WN. It will begin shipping May 1st. The MSRP for the Wireless N Internet Camera Server with 2-Way Audio is US $249.99

  • Elecom’s new TK-FCP004 ultra-slim keyboard

    This slim keyboard is a thing in Japan, the TK-FCP004 is a product by Elecom and available in 3 colors.

  • Buffalo’s Anime USB Memory

    Being a fan of Lucky Star and Macross Frontier myself, this news gave me the temptation to purchase them once they are available. A product by Buffalo, these “Swat Tars” USB memory sticks come in 3 different anime characters – Rei Ayanami  (Neon Genesis Evangelion). , Ranka Lee (Macross Frontier) and Konata (Lucky Star). Other

  • ASUS showcases Eee product range

    At the CeBIT trade show in Hannover, Germany, ASUS showcased their wide range of Eee family products (including the Eee Stick shown above) which are designed for work and play anytime, anywhere.

  • JVC Everio X Hybrid Camera

    JVC has announced their new 9-megapixel Everio X hybrid camera that is not only small and lightweight, but is capable of recording full HD video and high-resolution digital still images.