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  • VIA Shows Off Tiny Em-ITX Board

    According to DigiTimes, VIA has announced a new form factor known as the Em-ITX meant for ultra-slim embedded devices. It can double the amount of I/O space and yet 30% smaller than the current Mini-ITX. At 12×17cm, the Em-ITX form factor includes unique dual I/O coastlines and an exclusive Em-IO expansion bus to bring flexibility

  • Intel Unveils “TSMC Made” Atom CPUs & Chipsets

    Intel and TSMC today announced a MOU where Intel would port its Atom CPU cores to the TSMC technology platform including processes, IP, libraries, and design flows. Among the products announced are 4 versions of Atom Z5xx series and 2 new system controller hub. Products manufactured through the agreement may find adoption in embedded CPU market

  • iLife ’09

    Work’s done (with iWork of course), and now it’s time to get a life. Find out if iLife ’09 continues to fulfill the Mac’s promise of being a great platform for photos, movies and music.

  • Sony unveils new range of digital imaging products at PMA 2009

    Sony has introduced their new range of digital imaging products at Photo Marketing Association (PMA) 2009 International Convention in Las Vegas. Among the featured products is the DSC-HX1 which claims to be Sony’s first Cyber-shot camera with sweep panorama technology – it can capture up to 224-degree panorama shots.

  • ASUS showcases new range of notebooks at CeBIT

    At the CeBIT trade show in Hannover, Germany, ASUS has unveiled their new lineup of notebook PCs including the ASUS-LAMBORGHINI VX5, N-series, K-series and the M90Gf that boasts the world’s largest memory of up to 16GB.

  • Japan: MSI PR201 YA! Limited Edition

    ( Japan has really got its interesting gadgets and hardware around, the PR201 YA! is a limited edition laptop from MSI. Based on the source, the PR201 YA! will have 3 different colors with the Corral Pink (30 sets only in Japan), the Horseradish Green (50 sets only in Japan) and the Blue Denim (350

  • Asus M4A79T Deluxe Now in Japan

      Asus’s M4A79T Deluxe is now available in various shops of Akiba Japan. Coupled by AMD 790FX + SB750 chipset, this board is a ATX board that supports AM3 socket. Akiba Kakaku mentioned that overclocking is also said to be strong point of the SB750 chipset and powerful circuitry to enable a stable power supply

  • Gigabyte’s Gaming Mouse – GM-M8000. Game In Style

    Engadget reports that Gigabyte’s GM-M8000 laser gaming mouse, which has a 4,000dpi sensor, a switching button with five other programmable buttons, an ergonomic design and a trio of profiles for storing different macro settings for different titles or users. Hopefully, we will get to see more reviews about this elegant mouse in CeBIT as Gigabyte

  • [Rumor] Radeon HD 4890 (RV790) & HD 4770 (RV740) Launch On Apr 6th

    April 6th is gonna be a big day for AMD as they are going to launch a slew of new cards. As we have told you back in February, Radeon HD 4890 (RV790) is slated for April release and the confirmed date is now 6th of April. Interestingly, we also heard RV740 is pulled in from May to early

  • New PAVV Bordeaux Fabrizio 650 Lineup by Samsung

    Samsung Korea introduces the PAVV Bordeaux LCD – the Fabrizio 650. Akihabaranews reports that the models available are in 40” and 46”, LCDs are built on Eco friendly plastics and feature a 120Mhz Full HD panel. Not much information is known yet except there are 4 HDMI 1.3 ports, with 1 on the front panel and

  • Marvell’s Plug Computing – Portable At Its Best ?

    With companies striving to create more portable gadgets, Marvell created Plug Computing. Known as a SheevaPlug, this little device is around the shape of a power adaptor and is powered by plugging it directly into a electrical socket. Read more.

  • F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Performance Review

    F.E.A.R. is once again upon us. But just how powerful a system will you need to extract the most scares from F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin?

  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic arrives in Singapore

    Today, Nokia announced the availability of their 5800 XpressMusic and Comes With Music service at Velvet Underground, Zouk, in Singapore. The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic will be sold from tomorrow, 28 February.

  • iWork ’09

    It’s time to get some work done on your new Mac. Who do you call? Enter iWork ’09, the latest iteration of Apple’s office suite for Mac OS X. Find out if it deserves your attention.

  • Sharkoon Releases Silent Eagle Modular Case Fans

    At CeBIT, Sharkoon will be showcasing a new innovation in fan design: a case fan with modular cable system. The Sharkoon Silent Eagle SE features a 4 pin connector built into the fan’s frame and comes with four different cables for connecting the fan to a mainboard, fan controller or power supply. Sharkoon offers the

  • Galaxy Unveils Self Designed GTX 285 Card w/ Digital PWM

    Nvidia allows AIC partners to design their own GTX285 cards and Galaxy now has came up with their own version of GTX285 card. Galaxy GTX285 comes with a digital PWM design with 4+2 phase power whereas the reference design comes with 6 phase analog power. Also, the card has dual BIOS on board. The card is cooled by Arctic

  • ECS Releases M.I.B. II Tweaking Tool For Black Series Mobos

    ECS today introduces the latest M.I.B. II (Motherboard Intelligent BIOS II) tweaking utility for new-born Black Series motherboards.  ECS M.I.B. II incorporates plenty of detailed tweaking options especially in voltage control to enhance the overall system performance.

  • GeForce 9800 GT Green – No External Power Needed

    We had revealed about the GeForce 9800 GT Green Edition earlier and now we have gotten more information about this neat card from Nvidia. It seems that this card requires no external power unlike the current 9800 GT card which requires a 6-pin  auxiliary power. This is due to the fact that this 9800 GT

  • First RV740 512MB GDDR5 Card Tested

    It looks like Guru3D is lucky enough to get hold of a protoype RV740 card which is slated for launch in May. It seems like what they are having is a Radeon HD 4770 instead of a HD 4750 as it comes with 512MB of GDDR5 memories. Judging from the gaming benchmarks scores, RV740 (HD4770) performance consistenly lies between HD 4830 and HD

  • Coolermaster To Demo 20 Cores PC @ CeBIT

    Coolermaster will be demonstrating a 20 cores PC over at CeBIT next month. The system is powered by 5 Core 2 Quad Q9400s processors on 5 mini-ITX boards using just a PSU, with all packed inside a ATCS 840 chassis. The PSU is Real Power M1000W with 6 x 12v+ rails each fully utilized (1 for each