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  • Logitech Introduces Vid Software for Video Calls

    Logitech has recently announced their new Vid software designed exclusively for making video calls and to easily set up with webcam installation. Compatible with PC and Mac, the Vid software is available for download at Logitech’s website.

  • Iriver’s Cutest Mplayer Eyes

    Iriver Japan unveils in their latest press release with a very cute release – Mplayer Eyes. Design is really cute, operating controls are unique, and it fits in nicely as a fashion accessory.

  • Asus Maximus III Formula Sneak Peek

    The folks at Tweaktown were kind enough to post up lovely pictures of Asus’s upcoming ROG series – Maximus III Formula. Hardware specs were not confirmed but those pictues were enough to give us a little satisfaction.

  • Microsoft Confirms Xbox360 Arcade With Bumped up Memory

    Dang! In a recent article by Joystiq, they have received confirmation that Microsoft will indeed have a “new” Xbox360 Arcade with a memory bump- well, a bump from 256 to 512MB and the good thing is – it is shipping now.

  • Probably the world’s smallest MP3 player, theKube

    Singapore-based OLLO Technologies has launched the theKube, which claims to be the world’s smallest MP3 player. It measures just 23mm in length, breadth and height, weighs 18g and has 2GB internal storage (expandable to 32GB via a microSD card slot). Read on for the press release of this cute theKube MP3 player.

  • Microsoft will be launching Security Essentials Beta next week

    Microsoft has announced the launch of their free PC security service next week on June 23rd. The Microsoft Security Essentials (formerly codenamed Morro) claims to offer protection against viruses, spyware, malware and even rootkits.

  • Garmin-Asus launches nuvifone G60 and M20 at CommunicAsia 2009

    Garmin-Asus, a co-branded alliance between between Garmin and Asus, presented the Garmin-Asus nuvifone product line at its co-branded exhibit at CommunicAsia 2009. With the nuvifone, Garmin-Asus has turned the data- and voice-centric paradigm governing traditional mobile phone development on its head, instead introducing a revolutionary location-centric approach which will realize the full potential of ubiquitous

  • Intel Confirms New Branding For Core Processors

    It is official as Intel have updated on their website for their Core processors. With a vision of – Fewer Brands, Greater Impact. Intel defines 3 processor levels – Intel® Core™ i7 processor, Intel® Core™ i5 processor and Intel® Core™ i3 processor.

  • Panasonic Announces 85 inch Full HD Plasma Display

    The size wars is picking up again, this time by Panasonic Japan with its recent announcment on a 85 inch Full HD Plasma display. Intriguing? Perhaps not as it was Panasonic who have developed the world’s largest 103-inch plasma display to the market in 2006. So what makes this interesting ? Lets find out

  • Sony Ericsson Singapore Event: Get Ready for Entertainment Unlimited

    No, Sony Ericsson did not launch the Xperia 2, and neither did it participate in this year’s Communicasia 2009. However, they did hold a separate media event at the Red Dot Museum showcasing the upcoming Sony Ericsson Satio, Aino and Yuri. But that’s not all…

  • Team Group launches Xtreem DDR3-2000 tri-channel series

    Following the same direction as its industry-leading and award-winning Xtreem and Dark series DDR3 tri-channel memory module kits, Team Group has launched yet another Xtreem tri-channel kit to further unleash the raw power within the Intel Core i7 platform. The new Xtreem DDR3 2000 kit runs at 2000MHz with jaw-widening low latencies of 7-8-7-20, while requiring only just 1.65V. The DDR3 2000

  • Sony Updates Vaio NW Laptop Hardware in Japan

    Sony Japan has updated their Vaio NW series laptops with better hardware, both models are available for retail except a slight change in hardware. **Note: Changes are only in Japan for now

  • Disney and Asus Announces Netpal For Kids

    It is common to see gadgets in collaboration with other companies for unique product launches. In an announcement between Disney and Asus, a new netbook (again?) has been confirmed. Known as Netpal, it is targeted towards kids and has features…well, targeted for kids.

  • LG Announces GD900 Crystal, GM730 and Viewty Smart

    LG announced three new phones at the Communicasia 2009 in Singapore – LG-GD900 Crystal, Viewty Smart and GM730 – which would be in the stores soon.

  • Nvidia’s New GeForce 200M Specs Unveiled

    Nvidia has announced their refreshed architecture – Geforce 200M will get 40nm core and it will support DirectX 10.1 unlike the first gen Geforce 200M that was based on the G92 core. Read on to find out more

  • Dell Latitude Z Series Pictures Leaked

    Unnanounced Dell’s Latitude Z series laptop pictures have been leaked, it looks good from a few perspectives. According to source, this is a 15 inch model have a matte screen and even a lovely displayport.

  • Samsung Mobile UNPACKED Event in Singapore

    Samsung Mobile UNPACKED event kicked off in Singapore (as well as in London and Dubai) few hours earlier at the Changi Exhibition Centre, and the Korean manufacturer unveiled their new mobile phones which include the Samsung Jet and new Omnia line-up – Omnia II (I8000), OmniaPRO series (OmniaPRO B7610, OmniaPRO B7320) as well as the OmniaLITE (B7300).

  • Samsung’s Omnia Pro Leaks ?

    It appears that Samsung’s B7610 Lourve may be the Omnia Pro after all. Based on the looks and the source, it might pack a punch on retail.

  • Samsung Adds New Models to S Series External Hard Disks

    Today, Samsung Korea announced two new “Pop” additions to its S-series line of external hard disks - Sweet Pink and Ocean Blue.

  • MSI Bravo EX627

    MSI has announced their new Bravo EX627 which has a 16-inch HD display and features Cinema Pro Technology that claims to offer users the best movie viewing experience.