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  • BIGGER SDXC Cards On The Way

    A new standard of SD cards will be making its way ready for retail somewhere in 2010, giving you lots more of storage space and faster read/write access. Termed as SDXC (SD Xtended Memory), lets see what it have to offer

  • Sony’s Vaio P Gets Refresh In Hardware

    Sony’s Vaio P gets a refresh in its internals, making it a tad more attractive thats its previous configurations. Japan’s version will also include a WiMax configuration.

  • Atom N2XX-based Netbooks May Not Get Upgrade To Windows 7

    Increased costs in Windows 7 as compared to Windows XP may force netbook vendors to  consider keeping their Intel Atom N270 and N280-based netbooks to use Windows XP and will not offer upgrades to Windows 7. Here’s more in the full article

  • Effects of CPU frequency on FPS (Single GTX 280)

    We have always wondered how exactly does CPU frequency affects performance of our games, we have 3DMark 06 showing us increasing CPU frequency will lead to an increase in the scores. To be sure that CPU frequency does have an impact on the performance of our graphics card, we ran 3 benchmarks in order to find

  • Eizo Announces New Displayport LCD Monitor

    From the heart of Japan, Eizo has announced their new Displayport LCD monitor – Flexscan EV2333W-T. It is a 23 inch display that comes with displayport and dvi-d inputs More details in the full article

  • Intel To Ready 6 core Nehalem This Year ?

    It might be too early but sources have speculated a possible 6 core Nehalem by Intel to be ready by end of this year It will be compatible on LGA1366 platforms and there will be more to it when it is released.

  • Handy Gadget: Universal LAN and USB Hub by Logitec

    This is not to be confused with the company Logitech. This product is from a Japanese company known as Logitec (yes, without the h). It is a handy gadget that acts as a 3 port USB hub and also serves as an external ethernet adaptor as well which plugs in to a USB port on

  • Fujifilm Debuts Touchscreen Finepix Z300

    Fujifilm announces in a recent press release on their first touchscreen camera on their Finepix lineup – Z300. The Finepix Z300 is a 10 megapixel digital camera which is scheduled for retail on 20th June this year.

  • ATI Catalyst 9.6 Comparison (8 Benchmarks)

    Yet another Catalyst driver released. This time it is the Cataylst 9.6 (8.62). Curious about the performance impact Catalyst 9.6 has on games, we ran 8 benchmarks (Some in-game benchmarks, some manual walkthrough) to find out. Although the benchmarks we ran are few compared to the scores of games out there, it should be able to provide

  • OCZ Agility SSD Series for Cost-Conscious Consumers

    OCZ released the Agility SATA II 2.5” SSD Series for mainstream users including professionals, students, gamers, and enthusiasts on a budget.  The Agility Series has an efficient controller design reaching a speed of 230MB/sec read and 135MB/sec write speeds, along with 64MB of cache.

  • PROLiNK new 3.5G series HSPA / EVDO router and HSDPA modem

    PROLiNK has recently announced their PWH2001 wireless 3.5G HSPA router and PHS100 3.5G USB HSDPA modem for users at affordable price tags. Both router and modem are available at authorised retailers and also at the PC Show.

  • Creative adds more colours to EP-630 and EP-650 in-ear earphones

    Creative introduced new colours to their EP-630 and EP-650 in-ear earphones; the EP-630 now comes in Pacific Blue, Atlantic Green, Mediterranean Red, Arctic White and Pearl Black, while EP-650 comes in Mercury Abyss.

  • LG To Retail LED Backlit 24 inch LCD monitor

    LG Japan has announced its press release today on their upcoming LED backlit LCD monitor. It is a 24 inch LCD full HD (1920×1080 resolution) display that is slated for retail somewhere in late June or early July this year.

  • EVGA Brings Geforce GTX 285 to Mac Pros

    EVGA has gone official with its recent announcment that it will bring Nvidia Geforce GTX 285 for Mac Pros, which is a pleasant appeal to Mac Pro owners looking for maximum 3D graphics performance out of their systems.

  • Rumor: Sony Ericcson Xperia X2 Silver Xposed

    It is a trend now for gadgets yet to be launched to get an exposure, this time – Sony Ericcson’s Xperia X2, in silver color.

  • iPhone 3G S CPU and Memory Specs Revealed

    If you have noticed, the exact CPU and relevant technical specs of the iPhone 3G S were not revealed in detail. Well, except the “up to 2x faster” kind of marketing talk. In an article by Engadget, the specs of the iPhone 3G S were revealed by T-mobile Netherlands, read on to check it out.

  • Samsung Announced “Crest Solar” phone that is powered by the sun

    No more worry about battery running low, forgetting to bring the charger or no power point available. Samsung has announced its first solar powered mobile phone, “Crest Solar” (E1107) which allow users to charge the handset’s battery when the sun is up.

  • H.A.W.X Game Review

    We manage to get our hands on the lovely game, H.A.W.X. Let us not waste any more time and get on to exactly what this game has to offer.

  • The PC Show 2009: The Preview

    The longest-running IT and consumer electronics show, now into its 19th year, is back again at Suntec Singapore from 11 to 14 June. VR-Zone was at the exhibition grounds yesterday evening, and we provide you with some ‘non-official’ pictures.

  • iPhone 3G S Supports OpenGL ES 2.0 But Not iPhone 3G

    Apple’s upcoming iPhone 3G S graphics processor, PowerVR SGX will supports hardware acceleration of both OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.0. However, the PowrerMBX found in the iPhone 3G supports 1.1 alone.