• Computex 2008: ASUS Eee PC 901/1000/1000H launch

    Amid overwhelming response to the previous model of the Eee PC™, ASUS is once again making waves with the announcement of the new generation of Eee PCs™ – the Eee PC™ 901 and 1000 series; which will provide users with brand new user experiences.

  • Computex 2008: Coolermaster Prototypes unveiled

    We have uncovered some exclusive Coolermaster cases behind the scenes!

  • Computex 2008: Intel keynote speech and Atom launch

    VR-Zone brings you photos of an Intel keynote speech by Sean Maloney at the e21 Forum 2008 held at the TICC in Taipei, followed by the Intel Atom launch at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

  • Computex 2008: Asus Motherboard Forum

    At Computex 2008, Asus managed to gather the press, sharing with them their latest thoughts on development, industrial designs and features. Pop in as we show you the information that we’ve gathered.

  • Computex 2008: Intel Eaglelake ’4′ series chipset Launch

    We’ve managed to hop over to Intel P45 Chipset launch just in time, bringing you some interesting updates on the P45, G45 and other chipsets within the series.

  • Asus ROG Pinot Noir 790i motherboard exposed

    VR-Zone managed to capture some nice shots of Asus’ upcoming ROG Pinot Noir 790i motherboard. Featuring a heatpiped chipset cooler and a chromed appearance, The Pinot Noir is definitely the one to look out for for the ultimate bling.

  • Computex 2008: Cooling and Chassis

    VR-Zone brings you coverage of the casings and cooling peripherals in Computex 2008!

  • Computex 2008: Graphics

    After walking around the exhibition grounds of Computex (Nangang), we return with many images of various graphics cards available in the market. Well, let’s hope the wallet doesn’t get itchy…

  • Girls in Computex 2008 Part 2

    More girls from Computex exclusively by VR-Zone, for your viewing pleasure.

  • Computex 2008: If only our memory was this big and this fast…

    We went memory hunting and found quite a few memory manufacturers with interesting products. Really huge capacity memory kits and high frequency memory are some of the new stuff we got to experience first hand.

  • Computex 2008: Mini-Revolution

    We have rounded up anything cool and small with PC computing power in Computex ranging from Mini PCs to Low Cost PCs.

  • Computex 2008: Centrino 2 Montevina Laptop Roundup

    We have rounded up all the Montevina based Centrino 2 laptops in Computex from ASUS, MSI, Sony, Acer, BenQ, HP etc.

  • Computex 2008: Mainboards

    We have rounded up all the motherboards in Computex with the likes of Intel 4 Series boards, X58 boards, Atom boards and Phenom boards.

  • Girls in Computex 2008!

    VR-Zone provides you with some pictures of the girls in Computex 2008!

  • Radeon HD 4850 (RV770PRO) Tested

    We have spotted a RV770PRO demo system over at Computex and we have checked out the settings of the beta Catalyst drivers for RV770 series. The card can be easily overclocked to 700MHz core and as a result, the score for 3DMark Vantage is P6466.

  • GeForce GTX 280 GPU-Z Screenshot

    We have spotted a system running GeForce GTX 280 at Computex and we took some screenshots on its 3D settings and GPU-Z. There aren’t any gaming benchmarks installed in the machine though.

  • Detailed Geforce GTX 280 Pictures

    While scouring the halls at Computex, VR-Zone managed to come across the GT200 and managed to capture some detailed shots of it. Check in and take a look around!

  • Intel X58 Tylersburg Mainboards Pictured

    Over at TWTC Nangang, Intel displayed a series of Tylersburg X58 mainboards from 7 partners, and here they are for your viewing pleasure.

  • Intel Bloomfield On X58 Board Benchmarked

    Another interesting hunt over at Computex is definitely the Intel Nehalem and we managed to get our hands on a 2.66GHz Bloomfield running on a X58 Tylersburg board. Its 3DMark Vantage CPU score is pretty remarkable at 16334 which is about 45% faster than a similarly clocked Yorkfield.

  • Computex 2008: The Preview

    VR-Zone provides you with some pictures of Asia Pacific’s largest IT show, Computex hours before it is ready for official opening!