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  • ASUS EAX1950PRO Series

    ASUS introduce the ASUS EAX1950PRO graphics card series, which feature an advanced fan sink that lowers temperature by 10°C as compared to reference designs. The all-new series balances high performance and stability, and packs the latest specifications to support the next-generation Vista operating system. The EAX1950PRO series includes two excellent solutions: EAX1950PRO CrossFire/HTDP/256M and EAX1950PRO/HTDP/256M.

  • ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP

    ASUS introduce the P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP, which leveraged Quad-SLI technology, Intel’s Core2 Extreme support, and a third PCI Express x16 slot for Nvidia’s upcoming Physics card to deliver superior gaming realism. Teamed with SupremeFX and DTS connect, P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP-powered systems provide gaming experiences that look, feel and sound real!  The 8-Phase Power Design provides highly efficient

  • Inno3D 7100GS Review: Include Pencil Mods!

    With ever advancing Integrated Graphics Acceleration and greater workload exercised by HD Video and 3D graphics, the market for low-end standalone graphics accelerators are shrinking. Can anyone realistically expect decent 3D performance with a budget of SGD$ 139/USD$ 89 in today’s USD$ 500+ Video Card Market? Will the Inno3D 7100GS make it in this part

  • X1900GT Rev 2 Voltage Mods

    Alright so you want to voltage modify your X1900GT Rev2, with that new cooler, changed PCB? No software voltage adjustments? No worries, here’s some simple mods for you, all the way up to 1.85v!

  • Sapphire Water-Cooled TOXIC X1950XTX

    Adding silent cooling to the highest level of graphics performance, Sapphire Technology has just introduced a new TOXIC water cooled version of its X1950XTX and a Limited Edition TOXIC CrossFire card. The new SAPPHIRE TOXIC X1950XTX is the new top performing graphics accelerator from Sapphire. Shipping with the product is the A.P.E. – Automatic Performance

  • Corsair Launches Nautilus GPU Water Cooling Blocks

    Corsair releases Nautilus GPU water blocks supporting the latest NVIDIA® GeForce™based graphics cards in both single and dual SLI™ configurations. The Corsair Nautilus GPU water blocks are the perfect accessory for the Corsair Nautilus500 external liquid cooling system, and other third party liquid cooling solutions that utilize 3/8” tubing. Constructed with a pure solid copper

  • Forget the Charts, See It in Person

    For ladies and gentlemen in Singapore looking to check out the performance of the Intel Core 2 Duo Processors, just drop by sonme of the retail shops in Sim Lim Square and you can get to check out the performance against a varied list of modern-day processors, including the AMD FX62. You’ve read the reviews,

  • Seagate Ups Storage Space For Maxtor OneTouch III

    Seagate is shipping this month new capacity points of its Maxtor Shared Storage(TM) II and Maxtor OneTouch(TM) III storage and backup solutions for computers, laptops and small networks. The Maxtor OneTouch III Turbo Edition, the king of the family, is now available with up to 1.5TB of high performance, large capacity storage with user-configurable RAID

  • Intel Ships WiMAX Chips

    Accelerating the availability of broadband wireless access, Intel today announced the availability of the Intel® WiMAX Connection 2250, the company’s next-generation system-on-chip and its first designed to support mobile networks in addition to fixed networks. The Intel WiMAX Connection 2250 is the industry’s first dual-mode baseband chip, and when paired with Intel’s discrete tri-band WiMAX

  • Dual Core Battle : Intel Wolfdale vs AMD Antares

    Intel plans to counter 65nm AMD “Antares” dual core processor with their 45nm “Wolfdale” dual core processor based on Penryn core architecture in Q3 ’07. Wolfdale will contain 6MB of shared L2 cache compared to 512KB dedicated L2 per core (1MB total) and 2MB shared L3 on the Antares. It seems like 45nm Penryn architecture

  • Close to uncovering GPU Voltage Mod for X1900GT New Revision

    Although I do not have the new revision of ATi X1900GT, which doesn’t allow for software voltage mods, I’m just a step away from uncovering the voltage mod for this card. If you trust me enough to guide you through this, leave a message here.

  • AMD Barcelona Quad Core Architecture

    Advanced branch prediction. Doubled the return stack size, more branch history bits, and built in a 512-entry indirect branch predictor 32-byte instruction fetch. Increases efficiency by reducing split-fetch instruction cases Sideband stack optimizer. Adjustments to the stack don’t take up functional unit bandwidth. Independent memory controllers, which enables more memory pages to remain open Memory

  • Investigating Core 2 Extreme QX6700 Support On Motherboards

    We have been hearing this term “Optimized for Quad Core” used on some Motherboards recently. Apparently, almost all Motherboards supporting Core 2 Duo should be able to run the Core 2 Quad processor launching soon. Instead of brushing away the term “Optimized for Quad Core” as another marketing punchline, I decided to take a closer

  • IBM Doubled Frequency For Power6 CPU

    IBM will go back to the future with its next-generation Power6 design by pushing raw speed rather than trying to pack more cores on a die. The CPU will run at speeds between 4-5GHz with a total of 8Mbytes L2 cache and a 75Gbyte/second link to external memory. The Power6 doubles the frequency and bandwidth

  • OCZ EvoStream PSUs

    OCZ announced the new EvoStream Power Supply. The exciting addition to the prominent OCZ PSU family will be introduced in a 600W configuration and features an advanced 100% modular cable management system and polished, titanium mirrored case that is reminiscent of the award-winning ModStream line. To optimize airflow and elimination of cable mazes, the EvoStream

  • ATi AMD Chipset Roadmap

    ChileHardware has gotten some exclusive slides on the ATi/AMD Chipset Roadmap. It seems that RD790 and SB700 is scheduled for second half of 2007. RX790 and IGP solutions RS790 and RS740 are pin to pin compatible with RS690, RX690 and RS690C chipsets. What’s coming should be the elmination of the Master/Slave Style of present Cross-Fire

  • For The Win: Kingston K-Pex 100 & HyperX DDR2

    For The Win: One Kingston K-Pex 100 & One pair of Kingston HyperX DDR2. Simple Online Contest which lets you work your Creative Juices!

  • DFI’s Q3, Q4 Desktop Products

    Contrary to rumours of DFI leaving the Desktop Board Market, it seems there are quite a few products in store for the Desktop Consumers from DFI. The RS690 Integrated Graphics Soluti8on does look quite interesting with X700 integrated graphics core. Intel 965 chipset solution will finally be seen in DFI boards in the Infinity P965/G

  • X1 vs X2: Who’s Badder?

    Before the Motherboard makers had their Core 2 Duo Motherboars ready, the Intel D975XBX Bad Axe was a popular choice among enthusiasts who were lucky enough to obtain samples of Core 2 Duo. With the impending launch of Core 2 Quad in November, Intel unveils the D975XBX2, Bad Axe 2. This is Intel’s most liberal

  • ASUS PG191 LCD Monitor

    ASUS is proud to introduce the PG191 LCD monitor, which incorporates Power Bass System and 2ms gray-to-gray response time to deliver the audio and video performance demanded by hardcore gamers. Gaming in the 21st is more than just entertainment. It’s an attitude. Hardcore players need the best system setup, and it’s not just about computer