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  • ATi External Graphics Technology Pictured

    Hexus has a photo showing a Radeon X1950 graphics card inserted into a PCIe x16 slot on a PCB supplied with an additional 12V power. Notice that there are two x4 cabled PCI Express links delivering up to x8 bandwidth but it is strange that they didn’t use two x8 cabled PCI Express links or

  • Silverstone Olympia 1KW PSU Preview

    We have just recieved an interesting package from Silverstonetek, containing their latest Olympia 1KW Power Supply Unit. Featuring a 80a continuous output (88a Peak), This PSU is definitely one contender to look out for in the high end market.

  • Marvell and Seagate Collaborate on Consumer Storage with Intelligent Wireless Connectivity

    Marvell and Seagate Technology today announced that the two companies have collaborated on a revolutionary storage platform, engineered for rich mobile multimedia, and featuring an integrated wireless solution from Marvell. The ultra-portable Seagate Digital Audio Video Experience (DAVE) storage platform assists consumers’ access to hours of rich multimedia content wirelessly. DAVE features the Marvell PXA310

  • ASUS XG Station Preview

    When XG Station, the world’s first external graphics for notebooks from ASUS made their first appearance over at CES back in January, it has stirred up huge interests from the media and consumers. This time round, ASUS plans to demo a more finalized version of their XG Station over at the upcoming CeBIT but the

  • NVIDIA Plans For GeForce 8800 Ultra?

    w0mbat in our forums has found the following information in the latest Forceware drivers for Vista : NVIDIA_G80.DEV_0191.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX" NVIDIA_G80.DEV_0193.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS" NVIDIA_G80.DEV_0194.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra" NVIDIA_G80.DEV_019E.1 = "NVIDIA Quadro FX 4600" NVIDIA_G84.DEV_0400.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS" NVIDIA_G84.DEV_0402.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT" NVIDIA_G86.DEV_0421.1 =

  • Intel Working On Bearlake Successor; Eaglelake

    Intel has completed designing their Bearlake desktop boards based on P35 and G35 chipsets with the launch on March 15th. We can expect to see a slew of Bearlake boards designs from the motherboard makers during CeBIT. Boards development for its successor “Eaglelake” are going start soon and it will be pairing up with ICH10

  • Intel VRM 11.1 Design Guideline For Nehalem CPUs

    Intel has released the VRM design guidelines for the future Intel LGA 1366 Nehalem processors. The latest VRM design guide is updated from 11.0 to 11.1 with addition of output current "Iout" feature to support LGA1366 processors, Power on Configuration (POC) and Market Segment Identification (MSID) functions muxed onto VID lines during power up, Power

  • Zotac GeForce 8800GTS 320MB Review

    Zotac is one of the latest Graphics Card Maker to enter the market. In fact, if you drop by their website, you’ll see that it has just started up and is still under construction. From market industry talks, it seems that unlike ATi/AMD AIB partner policy, whereby price-protection is pretty tightly enforced, NVIDIA AIC partners

  • PowerColor X1950 PRO Silence Edition

    TUL today announced the PowerColor X1950 SCS3; the best performing noiseless graphic card in the world. While running passively, this model maintains the original specifications with core engine of 575MHz core, 1380MHz effective memory speed, 256MB GDDR3 and 36 pixel processors; it also comes equipped with VIVO, HDCP and Windows Vista ready. PowerColor has partnered

  • LG New Line of Innovative 19-22 inches LCD Monitors

    LG Electronics (LG), a global leader in high-performance liquid crystal display (LCD) technology, today introduced its 2007 line of innovative LCD computer monitors for the APAC market which are all “Certified for Windows Vista” widescreen LCDs. The three flagship models, which range in size from 19- to 22-inches and incorporate Microsoft’s Industrial Design Toolkit (IDT),

  • Intel To Cut CPU Prices Earlier

    Intel plans to cut prices for selective single-core Pentium 4 and entry-level dual-core CPUs in the range of 5-10% before April 22. Intel had originally planned to introduce a massive price cut on April 22, but after AMD announced price cuts on Feb 12 for 17 desktop Athlon 64 single- and dual-core CPUs, Intel has

  • Arctic Cooling Low Profile Dual Fan CPU Cooler

    ARCTIC COOLING launches an innovative low profile dual fan CPU cooler – Freezer 64 LP for AMD CPU and low profile PC. The design of Freezer 64 LP ultra high performance dual fan achieves the ultimate cooling effect that dramatically cools the AMD CPU even inside a tiny chassis. Freezer 64 LP’s 2 vertical cooling

  • No AGP For GeForce 8 Series

    According to our sources, there will not be any AGP versions for GeForce 8 series because simply it can’t support. Therefore all DX10 G80, G84 and G86 cards will be PCI Express based. Also NVIDIA has not revealed the official marketing name for G84 and G86 yet but there will be 2 SKUs for G84

  • Intel Quad Core Itanium On Track For Late 2008

    According to the ZDNet interview with Pat Gelsinger, Intel is back on track with their next generation quad core Itanium codenamed Tukwila slated for first realization in late 2008. He mentioned of a different microarchitecture, a different instruction set for Tukwila and is driving for more convergence in Poulson and beyond. He hinted that Poulson

  • IBM To Produce High-K CPUs In 2008

    IBM researchers said on Monday they had used their Blue Gene supercomputer to model 50 combinations of hafnium dioxide and basic silicon. The company plans to build chips based on the new mixture in 2008. The new material looked good in theory, but IBM engineers had to create simulations of different mixtures to avoid any

  • Chartered Extends Pact w/ IBM To 32nm

    Chartered announced the extension of its joint development efforts with IBM to include 32-nm bulk CMOS technology. The joint collaboration has enabled Chartered to accelerate its technology roadmap for leading-edge manufacturing solutions, spanning four major generations of advanced process technology, including 90nm, 65nm, 45nm and 32nm logic processes. As with previous nodes, 32nm development activities

  • TSMC May Produce AMD Fusion Processor

    DigiTimes is reporting that two teams are currently working on AMD next generation Fusion processor where Chartered Semiconductor is working on the SOI for the high end processors while TSMC is working on bulk processing for entry level processors. If AMD decides to launch only SOI-based processors then only Chartered Semiconductor will be the only

  • NVIDIA Releases World’s First Interactive DirectX 10 Application for Consumers

    NVIDIA Corporation has released the world’s first interactive Microsoft DirectX 10 application in the form of the NVIDIA Cascades demo. The NVIDIA Cascades demo will allow consumers with NVIDIA GeForce 8-series graphics cards and Windows Vista to experience stunning Direct X 10 graphics features on their computers for the first time. The NVIDIA Cascades demo

  • Arctic Cooling Accelero S2 Passive Cooler

    ARCTIC COOLING introduces a radically new passive cooling solution for main stream graphic cards. Without moving parts inside, Accelero S2 effectively helps the graphic card to remove heat and silently keeps the components cool. To provide the ultimate heat conductivity and larger surface area, Accelero S2 features dual thick copper heatpipes which extend directly from

  • AGEIA PPU Plans Revealed

    CHW has the opportunity to interview CEO of AGEIA and there are some interesting information revealed. In 2007 there will be several titles using the PPU. The ones to watch for and which use physics in a very compelling way in the immediate future are Cellfactor: Revolution and Warmonger: Operation Downtown Destruction. AGEIA plans to