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  • Intel Outlines Notebook and Netbook Plans For H2 2009

    Seems like Intel is at it and we won’t be seeing anything much of a big difference in the netbook sector although Intel recently outlined its plans for traditional notebook, CULV-based ultra-thin notebook which might be a lil interesting for you.

  • Apple’s three more advertisements on why Mac is better than PC

    Last month, Apple introduced four “Get a Mac” advertisements to show why Mac is superior than a PC. And the maker has did it again with three new advertisements – “PC Choice Chat”, “Elimination” and “Customer Care”.

  • Sanyo LP-WXU700 Wi-Fi WXGA Projector

    This Sanyo LP-WXU700 claims to be the first 802.11n Wi-Fi projector that can stream video wirelessly. Other features include Wide XGA resolution, 1.6x optical zoom lens, 3,800 lumens brightness and supports MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, and WMV videos.

  • Sony BRAVIA Z-Series LCD TVs

    Sony Electronics Asia Pacific has announced the latest BRAVIA Z-series LCD TVs which boasts Motionflow 200Hz technology as well as eco-friendly features including Ambient Light Sensor and Energy Saving Switch.

  • Rumor: Next iPhone To Feature 600Mhz CPU and More!

    It is a totally unverified rumor but a picture of the next iphone model has surfaced on a Chinese forum, while credibility is low, it will be exciting to know if the specs are ever true. Read on to find out more

  • Microsoft’s latest advertisement – iTunes is way too expensive

    No, this time its not about laptop hunters looking for affordable laptops. The latest Microsoft advertisement talks about music downloads. According to Wes Moss, Certified Financial Planner, it will cost a user USD30,000 to fill up 120GB iPod from iTunes. And a cheaper alternative is simply to use Microsoft Zune Pass.

  • GALAXY Adds Another Self-Designed GTS 250 Card

    GALAXY has once again released a new GTS250 into its line-up. This self-designed GTS250 adopts a 5 phase power supply with a GALAXY own-design new 3D style cooler which is touted to cool up to 5 degrees cooler. It also sports Dual BIOS, PWM fan etc, native HDMI output. The usage of high speed 0.8ns GDDR3

  • Windows 7 To Ship In Holiday Season This Year

    After months of waiting and all the hype around Windows 7 operating system, we get to see a shed of light that Windows 7 might be coming as early as October, if not at least the holiday season this year. Getting excited are you?

  • Dell Reveals Della, Shopping Experience Targeted At Ladies

    In a recent change to Dell’s US website is Della, a website targeted at ladies for a unique online shopping experience. Well, the one section that caught our eyes – Seven Unexpected Ways a Netbook Can Change Your Life: Use your mini to track calories, carbs and protein with ease, watch online fitness videos, map your

  • Thanko Offers USB To HDMI and DVI Output Adaptor

    Thanko Japan announces their latest innovation – a USB -> HDMI&DVI video output adaptor. At a price of 9800 yen and available now, it offers users without HDMI or DVI output with the capability of video output. Read on to find out the details

  • Blackberry “Onyx” Spotted ?

    It appears that Engadget has obtained pictures of Blackberry new baby, “Onyx”. It is 3G enabled GSM device that looks smaller than a Bold while appearing slim and cool.

  • Sharp unleashes new Aquos LCD TV

    Sharp has introduced 10 new models of their Aquos D series LCD TVs which boasts high energy efficiency and exceptional picture quality. On top of that, the new LCD TVs are also compatible with online video content services that users can receive multi-channel broadcasts and video-on-demand easily.

  • Sony Ericsson: Playstation Phone A Possibility

    I bet I might laugh my guts out if it is gonna be named p-Phone but nonetheless, Sony Ericsson president – Hideki Komiyama have given the reply when mentioning about the possibility of a Playstation Phone. “If we do not adapt to this new technology or new market environment, we’re going to lose,” A possibility?

  • New Sony Alpha DSLRs Photos Leaked ?

    It appears that Sony Russia had leaked their upcoming Sony Alpha DSLR cameras. According to source, these shots of the new Alpha series: 230, 330, and 380 went up briefly on Sony’s Russian website earlier today.

  • Harmon Kardon Introduces New Blu-ray Player

    Harmon Kardon is no new player in the audio market and has decided to jump into the Blu-ray market as well. Introducing the BDP10, it got all the features you know and love in Blu-ray — BD-Live and Bonus View capabilities for online content, advanced audio codec support.

  • MSI Announces Syren Series Audio Products

    MSI has announced a new series of audio products for the audiophiles, under the name “Syren”. The Syren series, at press time, includes a high-end sound card, professional gaming headphone, and Mini-Q speaker.

  • ASUS Unveils K Series Notebook PCs

    ASUS has announced their new K series notebook PCs designed to provide amazing multimedia performance and computing versatility. Equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB DDR2 memory and 250GB SATA hard disk, the K series notebook PC will be available from mid May. 

  • LG Arena Now Available in Singapore

    Today, LG announced the availability of their latest LG Arena (LG-KM900) in Singapore. The phone boasts superb multimedia features and audio and video experience for mobile users. The Arena also offers 3D S-Class User Interface for faster and easier access to all the phone’s features.

  • AMD New Operation Model Announced

    (Impress, AMD) AMD has announced in their latest press release of their new operating model which see a reorganization around four specific areas: products, future techology, marketing, and customer relations. This new structure is designed to better optimize AMD’s operations to drive industry-leading performance graphics and microprocessors and further integrate the company’s x86 processor and graphics

  • Intel’s Core i7 965 EE, 940 To See EOL in September

    (Impress, Intel) Intel has confirmed in the latest product change notifications (PCN) that both Core i7 965 Extreme Edition and 940 will see their last order in 4th September this year.