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  • AMD Lowers Mid & Low End CPU Prices

    X2 5200+ saw a hefty cut from US$ 403 to US$ 295. The price of the single-core Athlon 64 3800+ also fell from US$ 108 to US$ 101, however, the price of the slower 3500+ remained unchanged. Pricing for Sempron processors also fell with the 3200+ being reduced from US$ 67 to US$ 51, and

  • Sapphire X1550 & X1050 Series

    Sapphire has just introduced two new families to its comprehensive product line bringing new performance options and value to customers. The SAPPHIRE X1550 Series is a range of cost effective cards featuring 4 pixel shader units, and operating with a core clock speed of 550MHz and a Memory clock speed of 800MHz. The SAPPHIRE X1050

  • Interview with Gigabyte United

    VR-Zone has a nice opportunity to talk to Rockson Chiang, the Technical Marketing Manager of newly formed Gigabyte United Inc. to learn about their direction for this year and the upcoming motherboards we can expect to see from them. Interesting information revealed inside.

  • Kingston Hyper-X PC9200 DDR2 1200MHz

    Today, I am going to introduce to you the latest top-end DDR2 Memory from Kingston’s premium Hyper-X range. The Memory kit in question is rated to run at DDR2 1200MHz (PC9200) at CAS Latency of CL5-5-5-16. This is performed under the specified voltage of 2.3-2.35v. This kit we have on hand is 512mb x 2

  • Sun Tape Out of “Rock” SPARC Processor

    Sun today announced two advances that demonstrate its continued leadership in chip multi-threading (CMT) and commitment to advancing the SPARC architecture. Sun successfully completed the tapeout (initial design completion for first fabrication) of its new “Rock” processor and announced that it’s enhancing the performance, expandability and performance per watt of its Sun Fire T2000 servers.

  • Palit Launches X1950Pro/GT Super 512MB

    Palit today released the most price competing and performance stunning ATI graphics: Palit X1950Pro Super 512MB and Palit X1950GT Super 512MB for PC enthusiasts and hard core gamers to enjoy the unprecedented image realism. Palit X1950Pro Super 512MB and PalitX1950GT Super 512MB are fully ready for Windows® Vista. Along with the enthusiast graphics: X1950Pro and

  • SPARKLE 7300 GT AGP Series

    SPARKLE today announces the SPARKLE 7300 GT AGP 256MB/512MB DDR2 graphics card in its new generation AGP graphics card series. Without a PC system upgrade, users now can take flight with SPARKLE 7300 GT AGP 256MB/512MB DDR2 graphics card in the most cost effective and performed way for the best gaming and high definition video

  • Corsair Flash Readout USB Drives

    Corsair, a worldwide leader in high performance computer products, today announced the immediate availability of the Corsair Flash Readout USB drive in new 4GB and 8GB capacities. The Corsair Flash Readout USB drive takes the benefits of USB Flash drives one step further by allowing users to label the drive with personal IDs and showing

  • HIS Launches X1050 & X1550 Series

    HIS launches the X1050 and X1550 series, which integrate with Windows Vista™ to create a premium visual experience and allow users to get more enjoyment out of movies, games and digital applications. The HIS X1050 series is available up to 400/500 MHz core/memory clock and up to 256MB/128Bit GDDR2, completely silent (0dB) by means of

  • Intel 80-core Chip Consumes Less Power Than Quad Core

    Intel’s researchers have produced an 80-core chip that uses less energy than a quad-core processor and has teraflop performance capabilities. The chip is just for research purposes and lacks some necessary functionality at this point but Intel will be able to produce a chip with 80 cores in five to eight years. The 80-core chip

  • Intel 45nm Penryn On Track

    Intel today announced Q4 revenue of $ 9.7 billion, operating income of $ 1.5 billion, net income of $ 1.5 billion and EPS of 26 cents. “Intel’s product and technology leadership yielded a strong fourth quarter with higher selling prices and record unit shipments in the fastest growing segments of the market,” said Intel President

  • PowerColor X1550 PCI-E, AGP & SCS Editions

    TUL Corporation, a leading provider of AMD/ATI graphic cards, today announced the PowerColor X1550 in PCI-E, AGP and Silent Cooling System (SCS) variations. These models replace the X1300 brand in an effort to re-emphasize the complete support of AMD/ATI-based graphic cards for Windows Vista platform; particularly for the entry level segment. PowerColor’s X1550 comes with

  • Kingmax World’s First 4GB & SD 2.0 microSDHC Card

    Kingmax Digital Inc, the leading Taiwan-based manufacturer of memory storage products, is the world’s first company to release a 4GB SD 2.0 compliant microSDHC memory card, which will be on display at 2007 International CES from January 8 to 11 in Las Vegas. With this product, Kingmax answers continued consumer demand for high capacity and

  • Transcend New Gaming SD Cards For PS3 & Wii

    Taipei, January 16, 2007 – Transcend information, (Transcend) a leading company in manufacturing flash memory products showcased its new SD?gaming cards designed specially for game consoles, such as Sony?PS3?and Nintendo?Wii? at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The growing popularity of game consoles has catapulted the need for higher performance and bigger

  • OCZ 1000W ProXStream PSU for Enthusiasts

    Sunnyvale, CA¡ªJanuary 15, 2007 ¡ª OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory and power supplies, today announced the launch of the ProXStream power supply series, a new high performance PSU that was first showcased at the recent 2007 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. OCZ engineered the

  • Futuremark Releases VGMark07, the OpenVG Benchmark

    Saratoga, CA – January 16th, 2007 – Futuremark, publishers of the world’s most acclaimed benchmarks for handhelds and PCs, announced today the release of VGMark07, the OpenVG(tm) Benchmark. This new benchmark will provide unbiased vector graphics performance data for handset manufacturers, ODMs, semiconductor companies and network operators within the handheld industry. VGMark07 is the first

  • PCI Express 2.0 Specs Finalized

    PCI-SIG today announced the availability of the PCI Express Base 2.0 specification. After a 60-day review of revision 0.9 of the specification in Fall 2006, members of the PCI-SIG finalized and released PCI Express (PCIe) 2.0, which doubles the interconnect bit rate from 2.5GT/s to 5GT/s to support high-bandwidth applications. The specification seamlessly extends the

  • Swiftech Apogee GT Waterblock Review

    Swiftech launches their new waterblock – Apogee GT loudly at CES in Las Vegas. It is confidently put across by Swiftech, and the Overclocking Legend among it’s crew, Eric Kronies Oppainter, to best every other block out in the streets. Especially designed for high heat loads, how well can this new dog tame an overclocked

  • Silverstone TJ09 Review

    PC Casings have evolved over time – Tall , slim, short, wide, spacious, compact, inverted, etc. Today, we’re here to review a pedigree, the Silverstone TJ09. This time, we make things a little more interesting, by pitting it against another pedigree of it’s time, the Silverstone TJ06. How will this fully aluminium beast fare against

  • No GeForce Go 8800 Series For Notebooks

    Those who are waiting for GeForce Go 8800 series to appear on notebooks are in for disappointment since there are no plans for that. Apparently, 90nm G80 proves too much for a notebook to handle. Therefore only mainstream G84 and value G86 will be available for notebooks, targeted for release in early Q2. Consumers will