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  • Dassault Systèmes endorses first 3DVIA Virtools

    Dassault Systèmes today announced its endorsement of the first 3DVIA Virtools course in Singapore. New York University Tisch School of the Arts Asia will be offering the “3D Interactive Studio Using Virtools” workshop from March 24 to 28. The five-day course is aimed at training the growing community of Dassault Systèmes’ 3DVIA Virtools users in

  • MSI VR430

    MSI has introduced yet another notebook to its V-series lineup. The new VR430 boasts AMD Turion X2 (or choice of Sempron) mobile processor, up to 4GB memory, 14.1-inch LCD display and weighs 2.2kg.

  • Buffalo Announces Stylish External 2.5inch HDD Made for Women

    (Akihabara News) Seems like Buffalo is trying to attract the female consumers. Recently announced by Buffalo is the new HD-PEU2-RD 2.5″ external hard disk with capacities ranging from 250GB to 500GB. Now ladies, are you attracted by the slick design?

  • New Apple Ipod Shuffle Gets Smaller Physically, Bigger In Storage

    Doubling in capacity to 4GB but getting smaller in physical size, Engadget reports that the new Ipod Shuffle has got smaller in size, keeps the clip and ditches the wheel. Also a new feature known as the VoiceOver is being added.

  • Kingston Technology Boosts Memory Shipments in 2008

    Kingston announced that in 2008, it achieved a record 41-percent increase in total memory units shipped over 2007 volume. Despite the drop in overall revenue, Kingston posted substantial increases in unit volume in all product lines: Flash memory, Branded memory, ValueRAM® industry-standard memory and HyperX® for gamers and enthusiasts. To sustain the increasing market demands,

  • A-DATA Debuts New SSD with Improved Performance

    Engadget reports that A-DATA has announced a new 2.5″ SATA II SSD 300 Plus, a next generation Solid State Drive with increased performance. By how much you say ? Lets check it out.

  • MSI unveils VX600 value+performance notebook PC

    MSI has a new addition to its line of notebook PCs, in the form of VX600 that offers performance at great value for the users. It features 15.4-inch LCD display, 1.3-megapixel webcam and internal mic, 4-in-1 card reader and embedded ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD3410 graphic card with DDR2 512MB VRAM.

  • Galaxy Preparing a Self Designed GTX 285 2GB Card

    GALAXY is preparing its new custom design addition to the GTX285 series: GTX285 2GB. It features a core speed of 648MHz on its 0.8ns GDDR3 memory with a 512bit interface. The cooling system is equipped with Arctic Cooling with 5 heat pipes and 3 PWM fans at 2000 RPM. The card comes with a digital

  • USB 3.0 Test Spec to Be Released in June 2009

    Tech-On Japan reports that USB 3.0 will be formulated as early as the first half of 2009. Compatibility tests will begin as early as the second half of 2009 and USB 3.0-compatible end products certified by USB-IF are expected to debut in 2010.

  • Sharkoon FireGlider Gaming Mouse Unveiled

    Sharkoon has added a new laser mouse to its Rush series. The FireGlider Gaming Mouse has a glossy flame design featuring 6 programmable buttons, weight tuning system, non-slip black thumb pad and Teflon mouse feet. Its ADNS-6010 sensor has a maximum resolution of 3600 DPI (7080 fps) and can handle acceleration speeds of up to 20 Gs. Available immediately from authorized retailers for

  • InFocus partners Icron to enhance USB connectivity of projectors

    InFocus has announced the partnership with Icron Technologies to enhance users’ connectivity options for InFocus’ DisplayLink™-enabled projectors. With the new DisplayLink Extender modules, you can have your DisplayLink™-enabled projectors installed at up to 100 meters away from your PC or MAC.

  • Software Upgrade for Sony Ericsson C905

    Great news for existing Sony Ericsson C905 owners. The manufacturer has provided a free C905 Cyber-shot™ software upgrade to provide new features for your phone, including Smile Shutter™ and YouTube.

  • Solidata’s P2, a 2.5″ SSD with IDE interface

    (Impress) Solidata has launched their new “P2″ – a 2.5″ Flash SSD that comes with an IDE interface. The current lineup models are of 64GB and 32GB versions. A quick look at the specifications reveal the following.

  • AMD, Seagate Demonstrate 6-Gbit/s SATA interface

    Extremetech reports that AMD and Seagate will demonstrate a next-generation 6-Gbit/s SATA interface on Monday. Here are some of the interesting features that the new interface will bring.

  • LG’s Latest 3G Phones- Cookie

    Akibahara News report LG’s latest 3G phone – Cooky (LG-SU910/KU9100/LU9100) comes packed with many interesting features which even includes a popular game – “Cooking Mama”.

  • Thanko’s Headphone MP3 Player

    (Akibahara News) This stylish headphones by Thanko is not just your normal headphones but rather, it comes with a built in MP3 player. Versatile and compact, no more worries of your mp3 player dropping out of your pockets or having an uneasy feeling of a strapped player while running. Lets look at the specifications.

  • Galaxy has a Low Profile, Low Power 9600GT for HTPC

    Something interesting for HTPC enthusiasts that we missed out. Galaxy has a special 9600GT Low Profile Low Power 9600GT card that consumes less than 60W and doesn’t requires external 6-pin power connector. It is based on the 9600 GT Green Edition GPU where we have been talking about lately. This card has 8-layer PCB which is 203.2mm

  • Japanese ‘Mimi Switch’ allows remote control through facial expression

    Kazuhiro Taniguchi of Osaka University has invented a earphones-like gadget that allows users to remote control their electronic devices with just that facial expression. How cool is that?

  • Ultra Durable VGA Geforce 9600 GT by Gigabyte

    Akiba Kakau reports of a interesting find in Akiba – Gigabyte’s Geforce 9600 GT. Wait…A GeForce 9600 ?! Yes, You ain’t hearing it wrong. Here is what that makes it “unique”.

  • Onkyo rolls out Sotec-branded E702A9 media PC

    (Engdaget)  Onkyo rolled out the Sotec branded E702A9 Media PC which comes with a 21.5″ display at a 1080p resolution, a Core 2 Duo E7400 processor, 2GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive, a 4x Blu-ray drive, a built-in TV tuner, an included iPod dock as well.Price is sweet – 178,000 yen (~S$ 2800)