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  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 285

    VR-Zone checks out the GTX 285, a slightly higher clocked version of the GTX 280. Just how much difference can a dieshrink make to this 1.4 billion transistor monster of a GPU?

  • MSI Unveils AMD 790FX/GX AM3 Boards

    MSI today unveils its AMD AM3 motherboard 790FX-GD70 and 790GX-G65. It supports AMD Phenom™ II processor, DDR3 memory, 5 Phase power design and APS (Active Phase Switching) technology, OC Dial and MAX FSB overclocking technologies, as well as M-Flash BIOS update mechanism protection. 790FX-GD70 board provides supports for up to 4 graphics cards while 790GX-G65 comes with built-in Radeon™ HD3300 GPU

  • Apple Continues Winning Streak While Others Suffer

    Apple has a surprisingly strong quarterly profit that beats the analysts’ estimates back by good iPod and Mac sales during the holiday season. Certainly, Apple and IBM are the darlings of the tech industry right now each reporting better than expected results. However, it is too early to celebrate now as we should be expecting not-so-rosy results from other

  • Creative Reports Further Loss – Needs Some Zii Miracle

    Creative has announced a net loss of US$32.4M ending last quarter while the revenue is slightly higher at $155.7M compared to $141.2M the previous quarter. The loss is expected and the COO of Creative has hinted on more difficult times ahead of the company. Looking at the balance sheet in details, Personal Digital Entertainment business still contributes more than

  • Nvidia Releases Low Profile Dual GPU Card For SFF

    Nvidia releases Quadro® NVS 420, the industry’s only low profile professional graphics solution designed for maximum display real estate with a SFF computer. It provides support for four 30-inch displays at 2560×1600 high resolutions. Quadro NVS 420 is G98 based and has 16 shader processors per GPU. In total, this card has 512MB of memories on 2×64-bit memory interface and

  • Futuremark Launches Mirada Automotive Display Benchmark

    Futuremark today launched Mirada™, a new benchmark to measure the performance of 3D graphical display systems used in the automotive industry. Mirada benchmarks a car’s graphical display system by simulating the needs of tomorrow’s dashboard designs and the requirements of instrumentation, infotainment and navigation as well as many of the features found in smart devices

  • Intel Might Post First Ever Quarterly Loss In 22 Years

    According to Bloomberg report, Intel raised the possibility of reporting a loss this quarter, ending its more than 21-year profit making streak. “We are not going to wake up in six months with everything rosy again,” Chief Executive Officer Paul Otellini told employees last week in an internal memo obtained by Bloomberg News. After 87 quarters

  • SANYO’s New Xacti Dual Cameras

    SANYO has announced their new line-up of Xacti Dual Cameras which are designed as a combination of digital still cameras and camcorders for users to take both photos and videos separately. Featuring a small and compact form factor, the cameras are extremely portable and easy to hold for filming and shooting anytime, anywhere.

  • Elpida Produces World’s Fastest 7.2GHz XDR DRAM

    Elpida Memory today introduced the industry’s first 1-Gigabit XDR DRAM using Elpida’s 65nm process technology and utilizes a 1.5V low voltage operation and an x32-bit interface. The new XDR product features the industry’s fastest ultra-high speed of 7.2GHz, which is faster than any GDDR5 memory chip, and provides a data transfer rate of 28.8 Gigabytes

  • Biostar TA760G mATX Board Announced

    BIOSTAR today announced the BIOSTAR TA760G M2+ / A760G M2+, powered by ATI’s latest IGP-based chipset, the AM2-compatible 760G. 760G, a value-conscious alternative to the impressive 780G, is paired with AMD’s SB710 south bridge and offers integrated Radeon 3000-series graphics.

  • Intel Put Graphics Into Pineview Atom CPUs

    Intel is planning to launch the successor to the current Atom lineup in Q4 2009 with 45nm Pineview dual core processor based on Lincroft architecture. The single core version will come along a quarter later in Q1 2010. Intel is planning to integrate northbridge functions such as the memory controller and graphics core into the CPU to reduce the footprint

  • Kingston Shipping Out Intel Based SSDNow E & M Series

    Kingston is shipping the first two products in its SSDNow line of solid-state drives (SSD) with the SSDNow E Series and SSDNow M Series. The Kingston SSDNow E and M Series use Intel’s solid-state drives, which are the best-performing drives on the market.

  • Thermaltake Releases MeOrb Cooler For HTPC

    Thermaltake releases a new low profile cooler, MeOrb. It is only 47mm in height and can fit in your HTPC chassis. MeOrb is equipped with two heatpipes and mirror coating copper base. Also it can automatically adjust the fan speed between 800 and 1700 RPM according to the CPU temperature.

  • Acer TravelMate 6593 and TravelMate 6493

    The TravelMate 6593 and 6493 are the latest Acer notebook PCs aimed at corporate and small-to-medium (SMB) business professionals. Powered by Intel Centrino® 2 with vPro™ technology and equipped with Intel® integrated 3D Graphics Media Accelerator X4500MHD, both the TravelMate 6593 and 6493 promise superb graphic performance and video processing.

  • Lenovo Announces 3 new desktop PCs

    Lenovo has introduced three new desktop PCs for the consumer market – the all-rounder performer IdeaCentre K220, high performance IdeaCentre K230 and low cost, high-value Lenovo H200.

  • Albatron Unveils Optical Touch Monitor

    Albatron has announced its new Optical Touch Monitor (OTM), on course with a new era of Multi Touch Panel monitors.  The difference between an Optical Touch Panel and a traditional touch panel lie in the sensing material, that make up the screen itself.  In Albatron’s OTM, movement is all tracked with infrared light, optical sensors and reflection

  • ARCTIC COOLING Releases VGA Cooler For GTX 260/280/285

    ARCTIC COOLING today announced the launch of the Accelero XTREME GTX 280 equipped with three 92mm PWM fans that run from 1,000 to 2,000 RPM. Together with five heatpipes, the Accelero XTREME GTX 280 achieves 250 Watt cooling capacity – 31°C lower th an the stock cooler. It will be available in March 2009. The

  • Sapphire Equipped HD 4670 With GDDR4 Memories

    SAPPHIRE is now shipping a new version of the SAPPHIRE HD 4670 equipped with GDDR4 memory. Clock speeds are 750MHz for the core and 1100MHz (2.2GHz effective) for the memory making this the fastest HD 4670 card available. The card is cooled by a new large diameter fan based cooler which keeps noise levels to the

  • Sharkoon Furious Chassis w/ Perpendicular Hard Drive Cage

    Sharkoon Furious: midi-ATX tower made with 1mm SECC steel / features a hard drive cage that is perpendicular to the case / locking front bezel and side panel / includes two 120mm fans / MSRP 80 euros.