• SLS Walkabout – 19th October 2007

    Yet another Sim Lim Square walkabout, featuring some old-new Microsoft stuff, Santa Rosa Meroms and Solid State Drives!

  • Do you have an old Gigabyte Motherboard or Graphics Card stashed up somewhere in your storeroom?

    Click on the picture above to find out more!!!

  • Canon EOS 40D

    With a whole new list of features packed in the EOS 40D, will the 40D be a worthy upgrade to the EOS 30D? Or will it be a slightly disappointing case like when the EOS 30D was released to replace the EOS 20D? Will the EOS 40D be the...

  • RV670 is Radeon HD 3800 Series

    VR-Zone has learned that the official marketing name for RV670 will be Radeon HD 3800 series. Previously, they are known as Radeon HD 2950 series. Earlier, AMD has made changes to the naming of the Phenom processors and now the changes are being made to the graphics cards too....

  • The PSP Slim – secrets revealed!

    We went down to a Sony’s press conference yesterday, and here’s some latest feeds on the PSP!

  • New DSLR by Olyumpus – The E3

    Ruggedly constructed from lightweight, rigid magnesium alloy to withstand the most severe operating conditions, the dust- and splash-proof E-3 boasts substantial improvements in performance that include the world’s fastest AF*1 with an 11-point-full twin cross AF sensor system, high-speed sequential shooting capability at 5 frames/sec., and a high-speed shutter...

  • The Asus Silent Knight II – Where the metal meets the might

    Today we bring you to take a closer look at the 2nd coming of Asus’s full copper CPU cooler – the Silent Knight II !

  • 6GHz Yorkfield w/ Foxconn Quantum Force Board

    Our OC guru, Shamino has broke 6GHz clock speed using Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 on a modded Foxconn Quantum Force board. Check out his achievements here

  • Core 2 Extreme QX9775 Price Tops $ 1499

  • ASUS Eee PC Skin Design Competition

    ASUS invites entries for an open competition to participate in ASUS Eee PC skin design competition. Entries are invited from the School and General Public category. Entrants can participate in this design competition either as an individual or as a team. Winners will receive a unit of ASUS Eee...

  • Transcend AxeRAM DDR2 1066MHz 2GB Kit

    We’ve seen many enthusiast RAMs in the market now like the Crucial Ballistix, Corsair Dominators, Kingston HyperX etc. Today, we will be introducing Transcend’s rendition, the AxeRAM DDR-II 1066 kit, based on the Micron D9GMH!

  • Weekends Bazaar at SMU

  • Acronis® Appoints New Distributor for South East Asia, releases Acronis True Image 11 Home Edition

    Acronis, a global provider of affordable, scalable storage management and disaster recovery software today announce the appointment of the New Era Group of Companies as the distributor for its entire range of home products for the South East Asia region covering countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines...

  • SLS Walkabout – 13th October 2007

    Once again our regular SLS walkabout brings you on a a small trip around the wondrous Sim Lim Square, where the latest tech gadgets and bargains can be found!

  • Acronis Collaborated w/ AMD on Better Data Recovery

    ASIA PACIFIC; October 12, 2007 Acronis, Inc. (http://www.acronis.com), a provider of affordable, scalable storage management and disaster recovery software, has collaborated with Advanced Micro Devices® Inc. (NYSE: AMD) to help its customers more effectively recover their information on servers and personal computers running on AMD processors.

  • Palm Treo 500v Smartphone Available @ M1 Shops

    Palm and M1 today announced the new Palm® TreoTM 500v smartphone on the MobileOne network in Singapore. The new smartphone combines multiple forms of communication and multimedia capabilities with high-speed 3G/UMTS mobile Internet capabilities, allowing users to access popular websites, such as Facebook, Windows Mobile Live Spaces and eBay,...

  • 112 SP 8800 GTS Works w/ 96 SP 8800 GTS In SLI

    Nvidia has send out a notice to their AICs making clear to them not to market the new GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB as a card featuring 112 SPs although this should be quite a good selling point. Instead, card partners can brand the card as special edition or OC...

  • AMD RV670 To Launch On Nov 15th

    NDA product announcement of the RV670 is scheduled for Nov 15, 2007 (12:01 am Eastern Daylight Saving Time) AMD has informed their AIB partners that RV670 launch date is brought forward from Nov 19th to 15th and the official marketing name will be determined by next week so Radeon...

  • ATi Crossfire X Logo & Performance Scaling

    CJ showed us how the ATi Crossfire X logo looks like and boards will use this logo if they are certified for multi-GPU (Tripod or Quad). AMD revealed the performance scaling for Crossfire X as below : 1 GPU = 1 x performance 2 GPU = 1.8x performance 3...

  • Budget Bliss – the MSI P6NGM featuring the MCP73PV chipset

    We take a look at the upcoming MCP73 chipset from Nvidia , that leverages on the Intel Core processor family. This is the first time an Nvidia IGP board is offered for Intel users!