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  • Creative Gigaworks T3 Review

    Creative’s latest desktop entertainment speaker offering comes packed with a punch and may just live up to the product slogan, “Defining audio precision in style”. We take a listen to the Gigaworks T3 in the most stylish yet meticulous way possible.

  • First Look: Foxconn Blood Rage

    We give you a peek at Foxconn’s take on the X58 chipset – the top-end Blood Rage motherboard.

  • PNY Quadro FX4800 & FX5800 Cards Available

    PNY announces the availability of two new graphics boards: NVIDIA Quadro FX4800 and Quadro FX5800. Quadro FX4800 has 192 cores and 1.5GB memories while FX5800 has 240 cores and 4GB graphics memories. Quadro FX4800 : 1569€ VAT exc. and Quadro FX5800 : 2859€ VAT exc.

  • Nvidia MCP79 Based Atom Nettop First Look

    VR-Zone now provides you a glimpse of the Nvidia reference design of their nettop platform based on the MCP79 chipset. This chipset is single chip package and contains MCH, GPU and ICH functionalities so as to remove the needs for cables and offer more IO capabilities than the current Pico standard. This nettop has a

  • GIGABYTE’s Latest Mobile Internet Device M528

    GIGABYTE recently announced a new Mobile Internet Device (MID), the M528 which is set for official launch. The stylish M528 will be available in Taiwan, though we hope the manufacturer will make it available worldwide as well.

  • Nvidia Loses XFX To AMD – No Longer Exclusive

    PINE today announced that its graphics division, XFX, is partnering with AMD. The collaboration will incorporate the award-winning ATI Radeon™ HD 4000 series GPUs into XFX’s already impressive line of extreme performance graphics cards. XFX will debut its first ATI Radeon™ HD 4000 series-based cards in early 2009.

  • Chaintech Releases APOGEE GT Triple-Channel DDR3 Kits

    Walton Chaintech introduces its new APOGEE GT Triple-Channel DDR3 Memory Module Kits (DDR3-1333, DDR3-1600 & DDR3-1866 ) specifically for the Intel® Core™ i7 processor / Intel® X58 Express Chipset. All series of APOGEE GT Triple-Channel DDR3 Memory Module Kits are made of 8-layer PCB and chips of famous memory manufacturer, which are well known for their outstanding

  • OCZ Flex EX Water-Cooled Ready Memories Available

    OCZ today unveiled the Flex EX memory series encompasses the needs of enthusiasts, power users, and gamers with incredible frequencies up to DDR3-2000, and DDR2-1200 as the fastest DDR2 4GB kit available. Each Flex EX memory module features the integrated liquid injection system design which originated in the OCZ Flex XLC (Xtreme Liquid Convection) Series.

  • A White HTC Touch Diamond for X’mas

      While there won’t be white Christmas in Singapore, you can always have a white HTC Touch Diamond if you don’t exactly like the black one. But do note that it still carries the SGD $1,098 price tag regardless of its colour.

  • Thermaltake Unveils Tai-Chi S Passive Notebook Cooler

    Tai-Chi S, latest passive notebook cooler invention from Thermaltake, was designed base on the concept of chimney effect (Tunnel Effect). Through the hollow aluminum extrusion tunnels, the cold air is guided inward. Relatively, the hot air exhausts through the holes on top of Tai-Chi S, effectively dissipate heat without the usage of fan.

  • DFI LP JR X58-T3H6 MicroATX Board Details

    DFI is preparing a microATX board based on Intel X58 chipset slated for release in January 2009. The PCB is black in colour and has 6 layers measuring at 245x245mm size. With 6 phase digital PWM design, it supports the LGA1366 processors from 4.8 to 6.4GT/s QPI. There are 6 DIMM slots on the board to

  • GeForce GTX 295 vs HD 4870 X2 Benchmarks

    Seems like more GeForce GTX 295 card photos and details have surfaced today along with several benchmarks done internally by Nvidia. The specs remains the same of what we have reported earlier. According to the graph, the GTX 295 card is faster than HD 4870 X2 in the recent games but no details on the settings and drivers used so

  • Nvidia Chipset For Intel Atom Supports SLI

    VR-Zone has learned that Nvidia is preparing a special version of their MCP7A chipset to support Intel Atom processors. More interestingly, the chipset offers support for SLI technology by offering two PCIe x8 links. The MCP7A chipset can support up to 4 DIMM slots with DDR2-533/667/800 memories. Other features include HD Audio, 6 SATA ports, 12 USB 2.0 ports,

  • Sapphire 4830, 4870, 4870 Toxic, 4850X2 (Part 2)

    Part 2 of the Sapphire graphic cards comparison testing. We cover game benchmarking and give final thoughts and conclusion.  

  • NIGHT EFFECT, the new Emporio Armani Samsung Mobile phone

    If you adore Giorgio Armani products, you might just like their latest mobile phone that is oozing with style and sophistication. Yes, it has the Armani signature label at the back and is retailing at SGD668 (without contract) at authorized outlets.

  • Western Digital’s WD TV HD Media Player Review

    Western Digital’s latest media player did a great job of consolidating the information on the external hard drive; finding photos, songs and video clips, and the on-screen result was fantastic. However, not everything was peachy… Let’s check out the good, and the bad.


    ECS sent us a huge box, 9800GTX+ HYDRA EDITION! We put the system to a series of benchmarking tests, temperature monitoring and also attempt to overclocking the GPUs.

  • OCZ Gold Series SDHC Cards For Professional Photographers

    OCZ announced the launch of its new Gold Series SDHC flash memory cards, ideal for the latest D-SLRs and HD video cameras. With a blazing Speed Class 6 at 150X write rate and available in 16GB capacities, the Gold Series is designed and optimized for HD video enthusiasts and photography professionals capturing large volumes of

  • Does Your nForce Board Supports 45nm Phenom CPUs?

    Here’s a chart to show you which nForce chipset supports the new 45nm cores (Deneb, Heka, Regor). Basically, MCP68 based boards will not support the new processors while MCP61, MCP72 and MCP78 will be able to support. You can head over here to check the list of motherboard models that support the new CPUs.

  • AMD 880G Chipset Details

    AMD AM3 processors (Athlon X4, Phenom II X3, Phenom II X4) will get a new 55nm chipset by Q3 next year. AMD 880G chipset will form part of the AMD Live! “Pisces” platform. AMD 880G will feature a integrated Radeon HD 3450 (RV620) DX10.1 graphics core, DDR3 support, HyperTransport 3.0, Universal Video Decoder 2 (UVD 2), Hybrid Crossfire with a discrete Radeon