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  • Creative Released Vado HD Pocket Video Cam

    Creative announced the Creative Vado™ HD Pocket Video Cam, small enough to fit easily in a pocket, purse or the palm of your hand, and it captures video in 720p high-definition quality with just the touch of a button. Available now in December 2008 at a suggested retail price of S$349.00.

  • NVIDIA Desktop & Mobile GPUs Renaming

    It appears Nvidia is carrying out the rebranding of their GPUs on both desktop and mobile front as VR-Zone has learned from the recent releases of the Forceware drivers. On the desktop front, there are GeForce GTS 150 based on G92, GeForce GT 130 based on G94, GeForce GT 120 based on G96 and GeForce G100

  • ASUS Rampage II Extreme & P6T Deluxe

    VR-Zone checks out two premium X58-based motherboards by ASUS, the P6T Deluxe and the Rampage II Extreme. Are they both worthy of the new Core i7?

  • SITEX 2008: Your Digital Playground – The Coverage

    We bring you coverage of SITEX 2008 (27th – 30th November) held at Singapore Expo. Come on in to find out what’s there at SITEX, including the awesome Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR…

  • SITEX 2008 Early Bird Watch

    SITEX 2008 (27 to 30th November) promises to be a bargain hunters paradise. With the current economic conditions and less consumer spending, expect the manufacturers and retailers to reduce prices just so they can move inventory. We bring the specials to your screen without the hustle and bustle of the crowds.

  • SITEX 2008: The Preview

    Not sure what to expect at the show? Join us on a tour of the SITEX 2008 exhibition grounds!

  • Coolermaster Black Cosmos Photos (Updated)

    You can see almost the entire case with the all black outside and inside. A noticeable difference is the side panel, which now has a window to show off the goodies inside. It’s still a bit difficult to see where the 1 of 500 serial number is shown, but it should be visible somewhere. On

  • HP’s portable entertainment machine – Pavilion dv7t

    We take a look at HP’s latest entertainment machine, the dv7t. Sporting a large 17-inch display, the latest Intel Centrino 2 technology, and discrete graphics by NVIDIA, this desktop-replacment machine sure packs a punch!

  • Sapphire 4830, 4870, 4870Toxic, 4850×2

    Ever wonder what the difference is between graphic cards of the same chipset, in this case AMD/ATI, and how they differ in benchmark performance? Well look no further, Alpha1Ma puts Sapphire’s HD4830 (512MB), HD 4870 (512MB), HD 4870 Toxic (overclocked edition 512MB), and Sapphire HD 4850×2 (2GB) to the test.  

  • Sparkle Calibre P980X+ Graphics Card Announced

    SPARKLE today announced the Calibre P980X+ Graphics Card that comes with Calibre Dual Fly Fan and SPA Tune OC software.

  • Sharkoon Released X-Tatic: Dolby Surround Headset 3rd Edition

    Sharkoon today introduced the third edition of its X-Tatic Dolby certified 5.1 headset. This new model has a new design, an improved microphone mount and enhanced functionality. End customers will find the Sharkoon X-Tatic available at the beginning of December from authorized retailers. Suggested retail prices are as follows: harkoon X-Tatic Digital: 109,99 euros, X-Tatic Analog: 64,90

  • Creative Announces GigaWorks T3 Speaker System

    Creative today (18 Nov 2008) showcased their GigaWorks T3 speaker system to the media. The speakers were designed to deliver quality sound and sound accuracy (clarity). Creative’s goal was to be able to reproduce that of a S$5,000 reference system. Read more and see live pics of the event inside.

  • GELID Silent

    The WING UV Blue series (fans size in 80, 92 and 120 mm available) for gamers and modders features a unique Nanoflux bearing whose motor bearing is not only water – and dustproof but also allows the impeller to be removed for cleaning. WING 8 UV Blue, WING 9 UV Blue and WING 12 UV

  • Coolermaster Black Cosmos Special Edition Sneak Peek

    Coolermaster decided to get a little fun and sneaky this time by providing us some details on their upcoming limited edition bundle of their Cosmos case. The official launch date is set on 11th of December with limited availability of 500 sets worldwide in selected countries only. No further plans on future production to keep it even

  • NVIDIA Tesla Powers 29th Most Powerful Supercomputer in the World

    The Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) today announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to use NVIDIA® Tesla™ GPUs to boost the computational horsepower of its TSUBAME supercomputer. Through the addition of 170 Tesla S1070 1U systems, the TSUBAME supercomputer now delivers nearly 170 TFLOPS of theoretical peak performance, as well as 77.48 TFLOPS of measured

  • Mathematica Gets GPU Accelerated

    At SC08, Wolfram Research will demonstrate a new version of Mathematica, the world’s most powerful general computational software, that integrates CUDA®, NVIDIA’s parallel GPU computing architecture. This new version is expected to give Mathematica users an unprecedented performance increase of 10-100X in numerical computing, modeling, simulation and visual computations, without the need to learn or

  • Intel Launches Core i7 in Singapore

    Intel officially launched its Core i7 processor in Singapore on Tuesday evening. VR-Zone gives you the heads up…

  • How much RAM do you need for your Core i7 gaming PC?

    Before you head out to grab a Core i7 system loaded with 6GB or 12GB of memories for your gaming needs today, we will check out if you really need that much and if it is better to invest your money to get a more powerful graphics card. This article is suited for those who will be

  • Biostar TPower X58 Board Unveiled

    BIOSTAR TPower X58  design is based on previous TPower Series Tech top features like 100%XDC (extreme durable capacitor), Space-Pipe Thermal Design…etc. Furthermore, BIOSTAR TPower X58 adds in 12 Phase power design and Green Power Utility function.    The TPower X58 is further equipped to support ATI CrossFireX™ and NVIDIA SLI Technology with triple PCI-E 2.0 (x16, x8,

  • Asetek LCLC Liquid Cooling Solution For Core i7

    Asetek announced today the immediate availability of its OEM-ready, LCLC liquid cooling solution for Intel’s new Core i7 family of extreme processors and motherboards. Asetek’s highly integrated liquid cooling solution provides a new retention ring and back plate that makes the LCLC fully compatible with Intel’s latest 1366-socketed motherboard architecture. Easy to install, the self-contained