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  • Elpida Unveiled Fastest DRAM @ 4.8GHz

    Elpida and Rambus today introduced the industry’s fastest DRAM, the 512Mb, 4.8GHz XDR™ DRAM, based on Rambus’ XDR memory architecture. With a 9.6GB/s data transfer rate delivers six times the peak bandwidth of industry-standard DDR2-800 memory devices. The 4.8GHz XDR device is manufactured using Elpida’s 70 nm process technology and is available in a 104-ball

  • Kingston Released 4GB microSDHC Card

    Kingston today announced it is releasing microSD High-Capacity (SDHC™) Flash memory cards, starting with a 4GB microSDHC card in a Class 4 speed rating. Providing speed and capacity increases in the smallest footprint available, Kingston® microSDHC cards are perfect to meet the rising communication and multimedia demands of mobile phones and digital devices able to

  • Nvidia N100 SLI Chip For Intel Chipsets Boards

    Fudzilla revealed that Nvidia has a chip called N100 for notebook makers to bring SLI to Intel mobile platforms since they didn’t have any notebook chipsets for Intel. This same chip will also bring SLI to the high end enthusiasts gaming platform codenamed Skulltrail. Motherboard makers might even employ this N100 chip on their boards

  • The World Gamemaster Tournament – 2007 Edition!

    An event organised annually by Asus, a world leader in motherboard and graphics solutions, the World Gamemaster Tournament also takes place in Singapore, right here at Funan Digitalife mall. VR-Zone brings you closer to the gaming action!

  • Nvidia Plans New GeForce 8800 GTS SKU

    It seems that Nvidia is planning another GeForce 8800 GTS SKU with more stream processors. This is to widen the performance gap between the upcoming 8800 GT and 8800 GTS as 8800 GT is coming too close and it might hurt the sales of 8800 GTS. As such, the number of stream processors is increased

  • Radeon HD 2950PRO (RV670) Launch on Nov 19

    Earlier we told you that RV670 will launch in mid Nov and now DigiTimes has the exact date, which is November 19th. According to them, AMD has recently notified graphics card makers that DVT samples will be sent out at the beginning of this month and AMD will start producing a batch of 1.5 million

  • Intel Prepares DX48BT Board For Q1 2008

    Intel will have an updated version of their DX38BT board using the X48 chipset and we heard it is likely to be called DX48BT or DX38BT2. Intel X48 is essentially X38 chipset but cherry picked so overclockability can be further enhanced. X48 will also officially support FSB1600. More importantly, X48 is to fix the EIST

  • Keep Fit with Kingston: Street Soccer Tournament

    On the 29th of September 2007, Soccer fanatics from all over Singapore got together to take part in Street Soccer Tournament of the year – Keep Fit with Kingston Competition, sponsored by Kingston! Check out their intense matches here!

  • Sparkle Introduced Super Clock Technology (SCT)

    SPARKLE today announced SPARKLE Super Clock Technology (SCT). Through this new SCT, users will immediately get additional 3D power for their favorite games out of box. GeForce 8 Graphic cards with higher shader clock out of box will deliver more smooth DirectX10 gaming experience with same retail prices. Instead of simply raising core speed and

  • New Harpertown Model & Pricing Updated

    Two additional 120W Harpertown SKUs added; X5472 and X5450 at 3.0GHz Pulled in Harpertown low voltage L5420 SKU to Q1 ’08 and removed L5430 Pulled in the L5250 (3.16 GHz/ 6MB L2 / 40W) from Q2’08 to Q1’08

  • Nvidia G92 is GeForce 8800 GT

    Nvidia has decided to change the marketing name of G92 (D8P) from GeForce 8700 GTS to GeForce 8800 GT instead. The 8800 GT card is 9-inch long, has 8-10 layer PCB and equipped with 1ns GDDR3 memories clocked at 900MHz. There will be 2 SKUs; GeForce 8800 GT 256MB and GeForce 8800 GT 512MB priced

  • AMD Plans To Launch RV670 By Mid Nov

    AMD has been very successful with RV670 so far with performance above expectation. There will be 2 SKUs; Revival and Gladiator as we have mentioned before and the TDP for Revival is 104W and Gladiator is 132W. AIB partners have already received the Revival sample cards and design kit so we can expect to see

  • Radeon HD 2900 GT Launch on Oct 8th for US$ 199

    AMD plans to launch Radeon HD 2900 GT on October 8th at US$ 199 while HD 2900 Pro continues to be in limited supply at US$ 249. The existence of these 2 cards are just to get rid of the R600 stock that didn’t attained XT speeds before RV670 comes along in November. However, HD

  • SLS Walkabout 27th September 2007

    Once again, VR-Zone brings you another installment of the SLS walkabout. This week, we’ve got the AMD 6400+ Black edition, the Silverstone TJ10 and more!

  • Sharkoon CPU Cooler w/ Golf Ball Fan

    Sharkoon introduces a new CPU-Cooler for AMD (939) and Intel (775) systems. The Sharkoon Silent Eagle CPU Cooler consists of a heatpipe cooling design with a preinstalled Sharkoon Silent Eagle 2000 Fan. The highly awarded Silent Eagle Fan distinguishes itself through the unique, golf ball design of its fan blades. Many small, round dimples on

  • Win $ 1,000 in EVGA Mod Rig Contest

    Post your system on EVGA’s Mods Rigs web program ( and win a chance for EVGA to sponsor your system with $ 1000 in product. For every 200 systems that meet the criteria below EVGA will sponsor another user with $ 1000 in product. If your system is included in a random drawing and you

  • Mobile Penryn Pricing Unveiled

    X9000, T9500, T9300, T8300 and T8100 based on 45nm Penryn which is part of the Santa Rosa Refresh line-up will launch in Jan ’08

  • Pentium Dual Core E2200 On Dec 2nd

    Higher clocked Pentium E2200 to launch on Dec 2nd at $ 84 Pentium E2180 and E2160 have their prices cut by $ 10 in Jan ’08 Pentium 4 631 price cut and 2nd gen. integrated board solution launch on Oct 21st

  • LG Continues to Shine with Sophistication

    LG Electronics, a worldwide technology leader in mobile communications, has launched the latest versions of its phenomenally successful Black Label Series handset, the LG Shine in Singapore.

  • EVGA’s New Affordable nForce IGP Motherboards

    Here’s something cool: 3+ Year Warranty and Up To 10X Faster Graphics Than Competitors: The GeForce / nForce experience is now more affordable than with the EVGA GeForce 7 series motherboard GPU. With support for the full range of Intel CPU’s, DDR2 800MHz memory and integrated HDMI/DVI display output, GeForce 7 series motherboard GPU’s deliver