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  • OCZ Introduces ModXStream Pro Series

    OCZ announced the ModXStream Pro, a superior gaming-grade power supply series that offers consumers a combination of OCZ’s cutting-edge PSU architecture and an efficient modular cable management system. Designed for enthusiasts and gamers in 400W, 500W, 600W, and 700W configurations, the ModXStream Pro is built for unparalleled stability and will provide optimal high-performance power to

  • NVIDIA Die Package Problem Might Affect Desktop Parts

    NVIDIA has posted their first quarterly loss in 5 years and one of the underlying reason is the $ 200M charge for fixing the die packaging problem on the mobile GPUs. Apparently, this problem might affect certain desktop parts too as Nvidia has recently issued a PCN to their customers informing that they are changing

  • ASUS Offers Express Gate Feature For Notebooks

    Notebooks have become indispensable both at work and at home as Internet related activities take an increasingly important role in our daily life. With its continuous effort to provide the most advanced technology with the simplest usage experience, ASUS unveils the latest feature, Express Gate. This additional built-in operating system enables ultra fast boot up

  • Gainward Own Design HD4850 Golden Sample

    Gainward announced it’s own design graphics card of HD4850 chipset, the Gainward HD4850 graphics cards to the market. From performance point of view, the GAINWARD HD4850 Golden Sample brings a 700MHz core clock and 1100MHz memory clock, designed with higher efficiency heatpipe and special cover for better protection and air flow.

  • Dell Unveiled New Latitude Series

    Inspired by close collaboration with nearly 4,000 IT professionals and end users, Dell today announced a completely new line of Latitude and Dell Precision laptops, ranging from the lightest ultra-portable in the company’s history to the most powerful mobile workstation. Dell will offer colors for the first time on Latitude laptops. In addition to Mica-Brushed

  • Kingston Launched K-Blog Community Website

    A big congratulation to Kingston for their continuous efforts to bridge the gap between the end users and manufacturer by launching the Kingston Blog community website. We certainly hope through this website, interaction is closer and end users can feedback and contribute their ideas to make Kingston products even better. Join in the fun now

  • Elpida Developed Fastest DDR3 Chips

    Elpida had developed the world’s first 2.5Gbps1Gb DDR3 SDRAM. The new memory device has an optimized design based on a copper interconnect process and new circuit technology that not only enables faster speeds but also an ultra-low voltage operation of 1.2V while conforming to DDR3 specifications. It achieves data rates of 2.5Gbps at 1.5V and

  • NVIDIA Released GeForce Power Pack for PhysX Apps

    Available for free from, the PhysX-enabled content from this first GeForce Power Pack includes: • Warmonger—Full free game! Destroy walls, floors, and whole buildings to open up new paths or close existing ones. • Unreal Tournament 3 PhysX Mod Pack—includes three maps with amazing effects that fundamentally change the gameplay • A sneak peek

  • Swiftech GTZ Waterblocks for Core 2 & Core i7 CPUs

    Swiftech® today announced the release of their new flagship waterblock. The Apogee™ GTZ aims at capturing the world’s top performance crown thanks to an entirely new design which features a pin matrix composed of 225 µm (0.009″) micro structures, and a patent pending topographically mapped cold plate. MSRP: $ 69.95

  • World’s Smallest External Drive: Freecom Mobile Drive XXS

    With everything getting smaller and sleeker, Freecom has outdone other competitors by releasing the world’s smallest external hard drive. Will this small device achieve big things? Let’s see how well it fares.

  • Asetek Offers Liquid Cooling For HD 4870 X2

    Asetek’s LCLC liquid cooling solution is now available for AMD’s much anticipated multi-GPU cards, the ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 family of graphics cards (codenamed R700). Tests indicate that Asetek’s highly integrated, liquid cooling solution lowers the GPU temperatures found on the 4870 X2 by as much as 28 degrees.

  • Blizzard To Optimize Games For ATI Radeon Cards

    AMD today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Blizzard Entertainment® that will allow AMD to bundle Blizzard’s best games across all ATI Radeon™ graphics products, to deliver a superior gaming experience. As the exclusive graphics sponsor for BlizzCon™ 2008 in Anaheim, Oct. 10-11, AMD will treat gamers to the unparalleled graphics capabilities

  • Synology® Released Disk Station Manager 2.0 September Beta Targeting Brand New Business Features

    Synology® Inc. today officially released the Disk Station Manager 2.0 September Beta. Resuming earlier success, the Disk Station Manager 2.0 September Beta highlights a wide range of newly added business features, including RAID 6 volume type, built-in NFS, Link Aggregation, Virtual Host, as well as an extensive scope of function enhancements covering Download Station 2,

  • Various Brands Radeon HD 4870 X2 Roundup

    AMD has officially announced Radeon HD 4870 X2 graphics card today and VR-Zone has rounded up several partners’ offerings from HSI, MSI, ASUS, Palit, Sapphire, Club3D, PowerColor, GeCube, Force3D, Gainward

  • Sparkle Calibre Fly Cooling System For DIYer

    SPARKLE announced Calibre Fly Cooling System – an ultimate graphics cards cooling solution for mainstream and high-end DIYer who seek higher graphics performance and lower working temperatures. DIYer can buy and install the Calibre Fly cooling system by themselves. Calibre Fly Cooling System consists of copper or Copper-aluminum combination die-casting thermal base, high-efficient heat pipes

  • Intel Gives Nehalem Official Name; Core i7

        Intel announced desktop processors based on the company’s upcoming new microarchitecture (codenamed "Nehalem") will be formally branded "Intel® Core™ processor." The first products in this new family of processors, including an "Extreme Edition" version, will carry an "i7" identifier and will be formally branded as "Intel® Core™ i7 processor." This is the first of

  • GELID Launched Green WING Case Fans for Gamers

    GELID launches their first series of premium case fans in green color. The WING series (available in 8, 9 and 12cm) for gamers and modders features an unique Nanoflux bearing whose motor bearing is not only water – and dustproof but also allows the impeller to be removed for cleaning. The fan blades winglets were

  • Sapphire FirePSU 625W For Workstation

    Sapphire announced the compatibility, quality and Stability Powers supply –Sapphire FirePSU 625W. The PSU use the aluminum capacity to make sure the power output quality. FirePSU is fully 80 PLUS certified and offer users up to 88% power efficiency. Sapphire FirePSU provide 3 set of DC 12V output power up to 500W and DC 3.3V,

  • ASUS Announced P6T Boards For Core i7 Nehalem

    Specifically designed to provide outstanding performance that caters to increasing user needs, the ASUS P6T Deluxe motherboard will fully embrace the new Intel platform; and touches on several significant changes in terms of key components like the CPU socket, chipset and DIMM channels. ASUS P6T Deluxe will adopt the SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) controller to

  • NZXT Unleashes Avatar High Performance Gaming Mouse

    NZXT, a company built on realizing the dreams of gamers worldwide, is proud to announce the Avatar high performance gaming mouse. As with all of NZXT’s PC accessories, Avatar is designed to provide gamers with the ultimate crafted gaming armor to emerge victorious in the gaming arena of choice. Avatar provides extreme enhancements to gameplay