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  • OCZ Offers Mini-PCIe SSD For Netbooks

    OCZ today unveiled their first miniPCI-Express SSD Series for netbooks in 16 or 32GB capacity and will be available in both SATA and PATA interfaces. Notebook upgraders can choose either the SATA version that delivers 110 MB/s read and 51 MB/s write speed, or the PATA upgrade that features a 45MB/sec read and 35MB/sec write

  • Sony To Unveil OLED TVs With Larger Screens

    Eager to wait for a commercially retailing OLED TV ? It might just be it as a report on OLED-Info reveals that Sony maybe revealing larger screen OLED TVs in IFA. IFA is is a trade show which is focused more on market-ready technologies, which might be a hint to us that OLED TVs are possibly gonna be

  • NVIDIA Tesla C1060 Transforms Workstation Into Powerhouse

    (JohnRoach) Capable of transforming a workstation into something that outperforms a small cluster which is claimed to be faster and more energy-efficient than a shared cluster in the data center.

  • G.Skill Launches MLC-based Falcon SSD Series

    G.Skill today launches Falcon SATA II 2.5″ MLC-based Solid State Drive (SSD) Series based on the latest Indilink controller and comes with 64MB DRAM buffer. The Falcon series is available in capacities of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. The 64GB version is capable of a read/write performance of 230/135 MB/s while the 128 and 256-GB are capable of 230/190 MB/s.

  • VR Zone hands on experience with Samsung Omnia HD in Singapore

    No. The Omnia HD is not available in Singapore and the Samsung folks have mentioned they are unsure if the product will be made available here. However, VR Zone has the opportunity to have a brief hands-on session with an Omnia HD brought from Europe.

  • Piratebay Founders Sentenced To Jail

    (Engadget) The 4 Piratebay founders have been sentenced to the prison for 12 months as Swedish courts found the defendants guility of “providing a website with sophisticated search functions, simple download and storage capabilities, and a tracker linked to the website that helped users commit copyright violations” and not “hosting content illegally”

  • ASUS P835 WVGA PDA Phone

    ASUS has launched their latest PDA phone, P835, designed for business professionals. Powered by Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, the P835 supports HSUPA 7.2Mbps download speeds and features 3.5-inch TFT touchscreen display, 4GB internal storage, AGPS and 802.11b/g WLAN.

  • I-O Data Unveils Latest SSD Express Card

    Keen to get your hands on a SSD storage? Perhaps a SSD Express card might be of your fancy. I-O Data unveils its latest SSD Express Card storage that is expected to retail in May.

  • LG announced BD370 Blu-ray disc player

    LG has announced their latest BD370 Blu-ray disc player for users to watch their favorite Full HD movies. It supports BD Live which allows user to connect to the Internet and download movie trailers, stream videos from YouTube as well as enjoy some games.

  • BlackBerry Storm arrives in Singapore

    Even though the BlackBerry Storm was announced since last year, the smartphone only arrives in Singapore today, officially. The local media was invited to the product launch and had a chance to hands-on the world’s first “clickable” touchscreen smartphone.

  • Samsung Singapore introduces 50, 70 and LD Series LCD monitors

    Today, Samsung Singapore announced three new LCD displays which include the 50 Series, 70 Series and LD Series. The new models boasts slim and stylish designs and incorporate the latest Samsung technologies for superb viewing experiences.

  • Buffalo Japan Unveils Auto Encrypt External USB HDD

    Buffalo unveils a new model of USB external HDD (HDS-CU2) in a press release yesterday. The HDS-CU2 is available in both 500GB and 1TB sizes and targets the self employed office market segment with its feature to auto encrypt data and protects confidential and sensative data.

  • Dell To Offer Samsung Encrypted SSDs Soon

    (Engadget)  Available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB options, Dell will be offering Samsung encrypted SSDs as part of the arsenal. It is not know what encryption algorithm they are using but it might be a some 128 bit encryption standard. Prices are unspecified yet but they wont be coming cheap.

  • Hitachi launches GazoPa iPhone App

    Hitachi has introduced a new image search application for Apple iPhone users. Known as GazoPa, it allows users to search for similar images on the web by uploading any photo captured with camera on their iPhone.

  • MSI Announces X340 X-Slim Series

    The X340 are the latest additions to MSI X-Slim series notebook PC portfolio and claims to be the world’s lightest and slimmest 13-inch notebook. It measures 6mm at its thinnest, 19.8 mm at its widest, and the notebook weight a mere 1.3kg with battery.

  • 13.3 inch LCD TV with HDMI by CLAiR

    (CLAiR) With the war of LCD TVs going for bigger sizes and crystal clear display, CLAiR reveals its latest LCD TV in Japan. A 13.3 inch display that supports HDMI at a resolution of 1280×800.

  • Dell Vostro A90 Available in US For US$349

    (Engadget) Dell Vostro A90 has now hit stateside at a starting retai price of US$349 ad looks a lil alike to the Mini9. The Vostro A90 netbook sports the usual netbook specs, except the storage which bundles a 16GB SSD with it.

  • ASUS Adds Another ROG mATX Board : Maximus II GENE

    ASUS today releases a mATX board based on the Intel P45 Express Chipset, the Maximus II GENE targeting at gamers, case modders and enthusiasts. It comes with features such as CPU Level Up, an OC utility for easy overclocking as well as MemOK! that auto-load the failsafe settings to ensure a boot up.The board also bundled in a SupremeFX X-Fi soundcard.

  • Microsoft Releases A Budget SideWinder X3 Mouse

    Microsoft unveiled a cheaper version of the SideWinder series, the X3 Mouse to be retailed at $39.95. The mouse features a 2,000 dpi laser-tracking engine with on-the-fly dpi switching between high, medium and low sensitivity. It has five programmable main buttons that are customizable to gamers’ preferences and tested for extreme gaming, with the main button life

  • Sony unveils Walkman W Series MP3 player

    Today, Sony Singapore announces their latest W Series Walkman MP3 player which boasts a wireless headphone design that makes it ideal for users who want hands-free convenience while exercising or other activities.