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  • Sapphire, PowerColor HD2600XT & Xpertvision HD2600Pro

    Despite a recent spate of events leading to its parent company, AMD, seeing red in losses over the last two quarters of the year, ATI has pulled through & managed to put another range of cards to add some flavour to the mid range graphics sector potpourri- the HD2600 Series. A departure from the previous

  • Palit Unveils Its First Board : 945GC1066

    Palit today announces its first motherboard art piece: Palit 945GC1066. It supports 45nm / 65nm Intel Core 2 Duo processors with 1066MHz FSB, DDRII 667 memory module, GMA 950, 7.1 channel HD audio, 10/100 fast Ethernet, PCI-E x16 graphics slot.

  • Auzentech X-Fi Prelude Preview!

    We managed to lay our hands on the Auzentech X-FI Prelude, and that’s another exclusive preview for the day!

  • SanDisk Launched ExpressCard Adapter

    SanDisk today launched the SanDisk Multi Card ExpressCard(TM) Adapter, offering fast transfer speeds from memory cards to notebook computers without the need to carry cables or external card readers. The new adapter fits into the ExpressCard slot now found in most new notebook computers, and accepts six card formats: SD, SDHC, MMC, MMCplus, Memory Stick

  • AMD Leads Intel In Server Power Tests

    Recent tests by Neal Nelson & Associates, an independent computer performance consulting firm, have reported that in 36 of the 57 cases tested an AMD Opteron based server delivered better power efficiency than a comparably configured Intel Xeon based server. The tests were performed on servers configured with 2, 4, 6 and 8 gigabytes of

  • Showgirls @Comex 2007 Singapore

    Check this article out for our take on the showgirls @ Comex 2007 Singapore!

  • Palit Enters Motherboard Business

    Today, Palit officially announces its entry into motherboard market; this information must shock the industry. Palit now announces to extend its product portfolio to include motherboards at full product line from AMD and Intel.

  • AMD Unveils SSE5 For Bulldozer Core In 2009

    AMD today announced further plans to innovate the x86 architecture by introducing SSE5, a new extension of the x86 instruction set that is designed to allow software developers to simplify code and achieve greater efficiency for the most performance-hungry applications. The SSE5 specification, which is being made available to the developer community today at,

  • CPUZ 1.41 Detects Phenom X4 Correctly

    Using the latest CPUZ 1.41 beta, we are able to detect Phenom X4 more correctly this time round. The package, process technology, multiplier and bus information are now available. The CPU revision is revealed as DR-B0. More importantly, the 4 cores of the Agena are now detected.

  • 256-bit G92 To Launch On Nov 12th

    We first told you that G92 is 65nm based with 256-bit memory interface back in June and seems that HKEPC agrees with us now. Lots of confusion on the discussion forums that G92 has 512-bit memory interface and is the highest end GPU from NVIDIA which, in fact is not. HKEPC revealed that G92 will

  • Intel Calpella Platform To Fight AMD Fusion In 2009

    Intel is preparing a new Centrino mobile platform in 2009 to compete against mobile AMD Fusion platform codenamed “Eagle”. Calpella, the successor to Montevina platform comprises of the 45nm Gilo mobile processor which is based on Nehalem architecture. There will be dual and quad core versions of the Gilo processor and support HyperThreading. On the

  • AMD Phenom X4 Tested On RD790 Board

    VR-Zone has captured a CPUZ screenshot of the quad core Agena (Phenom X4) processor running on ATi RD790 board. Agena is 65nm, AM2+ based with 4x512KB L2 and 2MB shared L3 cache. This Agena processor is clocked at 1.8GHz and is B-0 revision which is an EVT sample for SVID testing only. However, we can

  • Coolermaster Cosmos 1000 Chassis

    A steel and aluminum hybrid enclosure, the Cosmos 1000 Chassis is positioned to be the successor of the classic Stacker series. Coolermaster dropped us a one of these cases a while back, and it’s time for us to get our screwdrivers, tear it apart and give you guys a piece of our mind.

  • Creative Gigaworks T40 Sneak Preview!

    VR-Zone managed to get an exclusive sneak peak at Creative’s latest 2.0 speakers, the Gigaworks T40! Check out this article for more pictures.

  • ATi Catalyst Roadmap; Tripod/Quad Crossfire Soon

    CJ sent along this piece of info on the upcoming ATi Catalyst releases. Seems like AMD is stepping up effort on Crossfire support especially when RD790 chipset is around the corner. We can expect to see Single Connector Crossfire in Radeon display driver 8.41 next month, Software Crossfire in 8.42 release by October and Crossfire

  • Sparkle Goes Passive with GeForce 8000 Series

    SPARKLE today delivers unmatched silent DX10 operation with announcing SPARKLE series passive cooling GeForce 8 Graphic Cards, which bring breakthrough silent working environment for DX10 pc gamers. "As GeForce 8 graphic cards approached and DirectX 10 games approaching, pc gamers who want higher graphics performance must use whiney GPU coolers, or add water cooling to

  • Digital Imaging 2007 Contest : Vote n Win Prizes!

    Check out official microsite for more details.

  • 1600FSB Harpertown To Counter Barcelona In Q4 ’07

    Intel is going to launch two new Harpertown processors with a faster1600MHz FSB in Q4 2007 to further boost up the Xeon 5000 series performance against AMD Barcelona. The two Harpertown processors, E5472 and E5462 will be clocked at 3.0GHz and 2.8GHz respectively with 80W TDP. There is also a 1600FSB Wolfdale-DP launched in the

  • Intel Plans Shrink-Down Penryn For SFF

    Intel is set to significantly shrink down their Montevina SFF platform comprises of Penryn SFF processor, Cantiga GS chipset and ICH9M SFF Enhanced in Q3 2008. Intel will be making a special package for Penryn SFF processor that is only around 40% the size of a mobile Penryn. The total package area for Montevina SFF

  • Intel Adds 25W Penryn CPUs

    Intel has added a new mobile segment for Montevina platform in Q2 2008 with the new 25W Penryn processors. The 25W Penry enables slimmer and smaller form factors notebooks but with mainstream performance. Battery life is enhanced too. Therefore it is easier to design cooler and quieter notebooks. The 25W Penryn has 1066FSB and 3MB