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  • Aeneon by Qimonda introduces DDR3 SO-DIMMs High Performance Memory for notebooks

    Aeneon by Qimonda, the channel and retail brand of Qimonda, announced its new DDR3 SO-DIMMs (Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Modules) which provide power saving and high performance to the industry’s first DDR3 notebooks based on the Intel(r) Centrino(r) 2 processor technology. Aeneon is among the first retail memory brands to offer 1GB and 2GB

  • iRadioPOP USB Internet Radio Player and Recorder

    Ever thought of listening to all the world’s radio stations with just a click of your finger? Now it is possible with iRadioPOP! Follow us on our listening journey to the different radio stations today.

  • Graphics Slugfest: ATI Radeon HD 4850 CF, HD 4870, HD 4870 CF vs. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260, GTX 280

    NVIDIA has been sitting at the top for a little too long without much competition. That resulted in the somewhat disappointing G92 and GT200 designs, which allowed AMD/ATI to launch a surprise attack on the green camp. Does the GT200 actually have enough to hold back the ATI resurgence led by their new RV770?

  • Sapphire Released 4850 TOXIC Edition

    Delivering higher performance to the enthusiast for only a small price premium over the standard model, the SAPPHIRE HD 4850 TOXIC Edition has been designed by SAPPHIRE to run significantly faster – shipping with core clock speeds of 675MHz and fitted with 512MB of high speed memory operating at 1100MHz. It also features a Zalman

  • Creative Announces EP-630i In-Ear Headset for iPhone & iPod

    Creative today announced the Creative EP-630i In-Ear Stereo Headset exclusively designed for the iPhone and iPod. Powered by 9mm Neodymium magnet drivers, Creative EP-630i In-Ear Stereo Headset offers excellent bass with crystal clear speech. The Creative EP-630i In-Ear Stereo Headset will be available in Singapore in early September 2008 for the suggested retail price of

  • Lenovo Unveiled New ThinkPad & IdeaPad Notebooks

    Lenovo today unveiled a complete computing solution for small-to-medium business (SMB) users that includes the new SL series of ThinkPad notebooks, value-added software and unique new services. Lenovo also announced an additional six new ThinkPad notebooks and four new IdeaPad notebooks for consumers, allowing them to express themselves with more choices of color, including Indigo

  • Sony Singapore Unveils New BRAVIA LCD TVs

    Bearing in mind the needs of the modern consumers who want their LCD displays to deliver unparalleled audio and visual quality while making an impactful lifestyle statement, Sony Singapore unveils today new additions to its wide range of BRAVIA LCD TV series. Besides stylish designs, pristine visual quality and stunning sounds, exclusive BRAVIA technologies have

  • Palm Centro™ Smartphone In Onyx Black

    Palm today unveiled the phenomenally successful Palm® Centro™ smartphone in a new stylish onyx black. The onyx black Centro will be available from 19 July. The recommended retail price of the Palm Centro without an operator plan is S$ 598. Centro is available at all StarHub shops, M1 shops, and major IT retailers.

  • Arigo Mobile Power – Mobile power bank on the go

    Recharging your portable electronic devices while on the road has never gotten easier with Arigo’s Mobile Power. Let us take a look at what Arigo has to offer.

  • NVIDIA Brings SLI Support To X58 Chipset

    PC enthusiasts, manufacturers, and developers around the world have a lot to be excited about today with NVIDIA’s announcement that it will be bringing the power and performance of its SLI® multi-GPU technology to Intel’s upcoming line of Bloomfield CPUs. New SLI motherboards will feature the NVIDIA nForce® 200 SLI processor, Intel Bloomfield CPUs, and

  • OCZ Unveiled Centrino 2 DIY Gaming Notebook

    OCZ introduced a new whitebook solution powered by the long awaited Intel® Centrino® 2 (“Montevina”) platform. This state-of-the-art platform technology provides a breakthrough in mobile computing for higher performance, advanced connectivity, and longer battery life. In addition, the new OCZ whitebooks are built for superior on-the-go gaming by harnessing the world’s highest-performing mobile processor, the

  • OCZ Announced Elixir Gaming Keyboard

    OCZ announced the expansion of its gaming peripherals under a new “Alchemy” line, with the introduction of the Elixir keyboard series for highly advanced functionality in game-play. The Elixir is a high-quality keyboard featuring the necessary features such as 10 tri-mode programmable macro keys, mode selection, a pop-up menu shortcut, and Windows® Media Players optical

  • LG Notebook Duo – P300 & E300

    VR-Zone takes a look at a couple of LG’s latest notebooks today, the P300 Slim and the E300. Targeted at different segments of the market while maintaining a similar 13.3″ form factor, how will LG entice users in terms of features? We’ll check it out for you right now.

  • Creative rolls out ZEN X-Fi Digital Audio Player with Wireless LAN

    We’ve managed to find some time off our busy schedule to attend the launch of Creative’s latest audio whiz, the Creative Zen X-Fi. Equipped with wireless LAN capabilities for you to stream music from your home server and share music with other Zen X-Fi users, the Zen X-Fi comes with Instant Messaging features built in

  • Albatron Unveiled PCI Graphics Cards

    Albatron recently unveiled three new “PCI” graphics cards at Computex 2008. You read it right – “PCI” and not “PCI Express”! The PCI8600GT-256X, the PCI8500GT-256X and the PCI8400GS-256 are all VGAs that retrofit recent GeForce 8 Series graphics onto older PCI technology. These cards all offer a significant graphics boost along with dual monitor capabilities

  • ASUS G70; The $ 5K Gaming Notebook

    ASUS has acquired a “Multi Dual-Engine” architecture in designing the G70 with a duplex structure in its major system components, including dual graphics engine, dual hard drive bays and dual fan systems. Together with high-definition visual and audio capabilities, the G70 sets a new standard of mobile gaming, at the level of extreme performance, offering

  • HTC Touch Diamond Review

    Unlike what its name implies, the HTC Touch Diamond does not have any embedded diamonds. However, its stylish design and multitude of features may win over users who want alternatives to the iPhone. How bright will this Diamond shine? Let’s take a look.

  • Palit Launched GeForce 9800 GTX+

    Palit today announces Palit GeForce® 9800 GTX+. The Palit GeForce® 9800 GTX+ features a core speed of 738MHz, a 1836MHz shader clock and 2,200 MHz on its 512 MB of GDDR3 memory with a 256bit interface, supports for the latest NVIDIA PhysX® technology enables real-time physics simulations in leading edge PC and console games.

  • Thermaltake Released Bigwater 770 Liquid Cooling Unit

    Keeping the easy installation and space saving advantages of Bigwater 760i, Bigwater 770 also allows extremely easy installation process using the front 5.25” expansion bays and intelligent interconnect for tubes. Bigwater 770 has included the all cooper waterblock design with the best heat conductivity that is also suitable for high temperature welding.

  • Accelero TWIN TURBO For Radeon HD 4870 & 4850

    ARCTIC COOLING announced the launch of the dual-fan Accelero TWIN TURBO, featuring 4 heat pipes, 30 fins and 2 PWM fans. The Accelero TWIN TURBO optimises airflow to 40 CFM, and achieves up to 120 Watt cooling capacity. The Accelero TWIN TURBO is available in July 2008. The MSRP is US$ 34.95 and 22.95€ (excl