• HD 2900XT liquid cooled overclocking video

    Check out this video from CoolIT where they overclock the new ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT with their new Reference Series liquid cooling system.

  • Computex 07: Shuttle VIP Lounge @ New York New York

    VR-Zone took a walk down to New York New York, a shopping center beside World Trade Center Hall 2 where Computex 2007 is held just to drop by Shuttle’s VIP lounge. Let’s take a look at some of the exclusive products showcased.

  • Computex 07: Day 3 – Babes

    More Girls from Computex 2007 on Day 3!

  • Computex 07: Day 2 Updates

    Time for the news feed again from Taipei, @ Computex 2007!

  • AMD Lasso; External 2900XT Crossfire Pictured

    While we thought this Computex is the most uninteresting year for graphics cards where there are no very interesting stuffs being showcased but luckily Lasso save the day. Lasso is a codename for AMD external graphics technology and the latest revision is able to support Crossfire on the Radeon...

  • Heatsink the Size of your Case?

    Check out Scythe’s exxxtravagent cooling… the size of your case, and more right here.

  • Silverstone unveils Temjin TJ-10, Zeus 1.2kW and others!

    We managed to catch a glimpse of Silverstone latest enthusiast offerings including the Temjin TJ-10 and Olympia 1200. Check this news out for more pictures.

  • Computex 07: Memory

    VR-Zone brings you on a tour of the various memory brands and manufacturers’ booths at Computex 2007!

  • XFX Launched 8600 GT Fatal1ty

    XFX today launched their 8600 GT Fatal1ty card over at Computex with the best known gamer,  Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendell as the official spokesman. The 8600 GT Fatal1ty comes with 256MB DDR3 at 620MHz memory clock. It is also equipped with silent heatpipe cooling system but yet one of the...

  • Computex 07: Motherboards

    Check out the latest motherboards on display at Computex 2007, brought to you by VR-Zone!

  • Computex 07: NVIDIA Press Tour

    NVIDIA held a Tour for the Press on the first day of Computex. Basically much talk by the speaker was about the emerging importance of GPU acceleration in applications that extend to many areas improving life’s conveniences, instead of the weather-beaten Vista motivation. Nothing much new was learnt, except...

  • AMD Unveils New CPU Model Naming & AM2+ Phenom FX

    Leslie Sobon – Director, Desktop Business, AMD provided us some updates on Phenom today. According to her, there is no special meaning for G, S and L. G stands for Premium where Phenom X4 will compete against Kentsfield and Phenom X2 will compete against Conroe. S stands for Intermediate...

  • Computex 07: Graphics

    After checking out the showbabes, take a look at some of the real deal: Graphics cards found in Computex 2007. If you think your rig smashes the speed barrier, take a look here!

  • Computex 07: Cooling, Chassis & PSUs

    VR-Zone takes a look at the coolers, power supplies and chassis seen at Computex so far…

  • Asus solders DDR3 memory on motherboard and presents integrated heatpipe memory cooling

    This year, the first booth we visited at Computex was Asus as we’ve heard that they will be displaying some interesting mainboards this year. True enough, we came by some very unique mainboards… Asus actually have a mainboard model that has integrated DDR3 memory onboard! Pop in to read...

  • Computex 07: Day 1 – Babes Part 2

    We know that everyone is waiting for the hardware, but we just had to show you the babes first. =o

  • Computex 07: Day 1 – Babes Part 1

    Here at Computex 2007, we see all kinds of new hardware not available to the market yet, but that isn’t the point! We now present to you a peak of all the showbabes of day 1 in Computex.

  • ASUS Xonar D2 Live Demo @ Computex

    ASUS has unveiled their Xonar D2 series at CeBIT previously and now for the first time, they are going to have a live demo of their Xonar D2 sound card at Computex. Check out what ASUS has to say about their solution vs the Creative X-Fi Elite Pro.

  • ECS Rolls Out P35 Boards w/ Intel SRT

    ECS is set to unveil the latest Motherboard series at this year’s Computex exhibition. The new series from ECS which includes the new P35T-A and G33T-M2 motherboards is based on the latest technology from Intel® 3 series chipsets. The latest motherboards equipped with Intel® System Recovery Tool (Intel® SRT),...

  • Biostar Releases TP35D3-A7 Deluxe Board

    BIOSTAR releases TP35D3-A7 Deluxe – the top of the line solution for LGA 775 socket. PCs based on the combination of the Intel® Core™2 processor family and Biostar T-series TP35D3-A7 Deluxe. The TP35D3-A7 Deluxe is based on a special 8 phase voltage regulator power design then can significantly lower...