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  • GeForce 9800 GTX+ To Fight Radeon HD 4850

    Nvidia has informed their partners of a new GeForce 9800 GTX+ graphics card that will offer better competition against the ATI Radeon HD 4850 graphics card. GeForce 9800 GTX+ will be clocked at 738MHz core and 1836MHz shader compared to 675/1688MHz for the current 9800 GTX card. It will be priced at $ 229 while

  • Super Talent Signs on SIMMS as UK Distributor

    Super Talent has signed a distribution agreement with Simms International PLC as a distribution partner in the UK. Simms will carry Super Talent’s full range of award-winning Flash and DRAM products. Alex Tatham, Managing Director of Simms, commented, “We’re very confident that Super Talent’s leading-edge SSDs, USB drives and DRAM products will be well received

  • CommunicAsia 2008: LG Secret Travels the Globe to Asia Pacific

      June 17, 2008, Singapore – LG Electronics, a worldwide technology and design leader in mobile communications, announced the launch of LG Secret (Model: LG-KF750) in Asia Pacific at CommunicAsia 2008 on June 17th, 2008. Following the success of LG Chocolate and LG Shine that sold over 25 million units globally, the third model from

  • T2K Supercomputer Features Tyan & Quad Core Opteron

    The 31st edition of the TOP500 list was released today in Dresden, Germany. The T2K Open Supercomputer Systems featuring Quad-Core AMD Opteron?processors, TYAN 4-socket server platforms, and developed by the University of Tokyo is ranked No. 16 on the Top 500 list worldwide, and also is the No.1 top ranked supercomputer in Japan.

  • BFG & EVGA Launched Water Cooled GTX 280 Cards

    BFG and EVGA both announced their water cooled GTX 280 cards today. BFG GeForce GTX 280 H2OC™ 1GB card is cooled by their ThermoIntelligence water cooling solution while EVGA GeForce GTX 280 HC is cooled by Hydro Copper 16 Waterblock. BFG clocked their card at 680MHz core, 1458MHz shader and 2450MHz memory while EVGA clocked

  • CommunicAsia ’08 Coverage

    We’ve stormed the grounds and brought you coverage on the latest phones by Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, Garmin & NTTDocomo, not forgetting the babes on display as well!

  • Sony Ericsson rolls out C905 Cybershot Mobile Phone

    The press was treated to a nice lunch at Singapore Flyer this afternoon by Sony Ericsson. At the same time, SE took the chance to introduce to us their latest mobile phone lineup. The Sony Cybershot C905 Camera Mobile was one of the flagship product by SE, featuring a stunning 8.1MP Camera with Image stabilizing

  • Play Crysis On Eee PC & Ebox

    StreamMyGame which enables games to be played remotely, has released today a new version of its software targeted at the highly popular Eee PC and Ebox from ASUS and over 100 UMPCs from other manufacturers. StreamMyGame’s new software runs at full screen resolution on both Windows and Linux versions of the Eee PC and many

  • Various Brands Of GTX 280 & 260 Cards Roundup

    We have rounded up various brands of GTX 280 and 260 cards from BFG, ASUS, Leadtek, MSI, POV, ZOTAC, Inno3D, XpertVision, XFX. More to come! So far, we are impressed with ASUS GTX 280 TOP edition with a good game bundle with Alone in the Dark and a 670MHz core clock and also ZOTAC GTX

  • SandDisk Launched New Flash Products @ CommunicAsia

    SanDisk today announced the availability of SanDisk Mobile Ultra, microSD, microSDHC and Memory Stick Micro (M2) flash mobile memory cards, which are available in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB* capacities – the industry’s first premium mobile phone storage cards. As part of SingTel’s Great Singapore Sale promotion, there will be a storewide 15% discount on all

  • Sony Unveils Products To Drive HD Adoption

    Sony reinforces its commitment to drive the high-definition (HD) wave in the region by showcasing its suite of products and solutions tailored to address HD content from broadcast studios to the home. Broadcast Asia 2008 marks the South East Asia debut of new products from the solid-state XDCAM EX™ camcorder and deck, the new HKSR-5804

  • Yahoo! Further Strengthens Mobile Presence in Asia

    Yahoo! today announced several new mobile initiatives for the Asia Pacific region, including five new Yahoo! oneSearch partnerships with leading mobile operators. Additionally, Yahoo! announced localized versions of Yahoo! Go 3.0 for India, Australia and Southeast Asia, including a local language version for Indonesia, and an English version of Yahoo! oneSearch with voice that recognizes

  • Nokia & Industry Leaders To Boost Wireless@SG Access

    Nokia, in close collaboration with broad industry representation comprising Singapore’s Infocomm Development Authority (IDA), SingTel, QMax and iCELL have today agreed to further enhance Wireless@SG, Singapore’s award-winning public Wi-Fi network. The initiative, named Wireless@SG Seamless and Secure Access (SSA) will focus on improving usability and security as well as the convergence of Wireless@SG and Singapore’s

  • Samsung unveils Omnia i-900 in Singapore a day before CommunicAsia ’08

    A day prior to CommunicAsia 08, Samsung held its Omnia press launch at Theater works situated at Mohd Sultan. The Omnia is a definitive competitor to the Apple iPhone 3G but packs a heavier punch than its competitor, with features like HSDPA 7.2mbps, a 5MP AF camera with smile detection and multi-video codec support such

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 VGPU Modifications

    240 Shader Pixels ain’t no shadin’ till you’ve bumped them all the way up. Overclocking allows you to do just that. In case you need a little boost with this new toy, here’s some help.

  • MSI Unveils GTX 280 & 260 Cards

    Utilizing the highest built-in multi-cores enhanced graphics processors in the history, N280GTX-T2D1G has 240 processor cores with 1GB graphics memory and N260GTX-T2D896 has 192 processor cores and 896MB graphics memory. Beyond the field of play, the MSI N200GTX series seamlessly shifts intense processing tasks from the CPU to the GPU, like transcoding video to a

  • POV Intros GeForce GTX 260 & 280 Cards

    POINT OF VIEW is launching today the first graphics cards in the brand new graphics cards GeForce GTX 200 series, the GeForce GTX 260 and GeForce GTX 280.

  • ASUS Bundles ENGTX280 TOP w/ Alone In The Dark

    ASUS today introduced the world’s first overclocking version of the latest generation of NVIDIA GPUs – the GeForce™ GTX 280 and GeForce™ GTX 260 chipset; with the ENGTX280 TOP and ENGTX260 TOP graphic cards. This powerful series of graphics cards provides 12% improvements in gaming experiences with the ENGTX280 TOP/HTDP/1G. Additionally, the ASUS ENGTX280/G/HTDP/1G and

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 Preview

    We’ve managed to get our grubby hands on NVIDIA’s latest graphics card, the GeForce GTX 280. Not only did we take it apart, we are going to provide you with some preliminary results.

  • Nvidia Prepares MCP7A-D-SLI; An Affordable SLI Board

    MCP7A chipset is the next flagship product from NVIDIA supporting Intel processors which will compete against Intel G45 chipset. It is single chip and comes with integrated DX10 capable graphics core. Nvidia has planned out 9 different SKUs of the MCP7A and all except one supports Hybrid SLI. This particular model, MC7A-D-SLI is newly planned