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  • NVIDIA 8600GTS Overclocking!

    The 8600GTS is about to come upon us. It turned out to be a huge surprise for the overclockers… 1GHz Core with just air-cooling! Let’s see how to get there!

  • Abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI 650i Motherboard

    Abit has been pushing their MAX series of motherboards hard and heavily, evident during their recent CEBIT booth where they had Greek Overclocking Legend Hipro5 down to prove that boys only become men with a MAX board, ultra cooling, and some decent skills. Even so, as hard as they are pushing these costly motherboards, they

  • Intel Paints Nehalem Picture

    Intel today revealed some details on their 45nm Nehalem processors but we will tell you more later about Nehalem-based desktop processors that is not discussed during the press briefing. Here’s what we understand from the briefing : 1. Nehalem is on native 45nm Hi-K and is on track for 2008 release 2. 4-issue Core Architecture

  • Intel Revealed More Penryn Details

    Intel revealed today that 45nm Penryn clocked above 3GHz, a higher FSB, new SSE4 and delivers more IPC than the current 65nm Merom. Micro-tweaks that reduce CPU latency on the Penryn includes a faster divider technique called Radix-16 divider that enables 4 bits per cycle compared to 2 bits on the Merom and a shuffle

  • Intel & AMD Price War Starting In April

    On April 22, Intel is slated to announce a 40 percent price cut on its current quad-core processors and significant drop on Core 2 Duos. AMD plans to launch its first quad-core processors, developed under the code name Barcelona, in mid-2007. Intel plans price cuts on its Core 2 Duo E6300, E6400, E6420, E6000 and

  • Marvell TopDog WLAN Supports 802.11n Draft 2.0 Specification

    Marvell today announced that the Company’s TopDog WLAN solutions support the new IEEE 802.11n  Draft 2.0 specification as approved during the latest round of balloting by the IEEE 802.11 Working Group.  This ratification is proof of the increasing maturity of 802.11n technology and its growing momentum toward international standardization. “Marvell is very pleased that the

  • GeForce 8800 Ultra To Counter R600 In May

    During the NVIDIA’s Ngagement meeting today, they have briefed their partners on the upcoming GeForce 8800 Ultra cards to coincide with ATi R600 in May. NVIDIA is pretty confident that GeForce 8800 Ultra can beat Radeon X2900 XTX. We have revealed before that R600 is just performing pretty close to 8800 GTX on a set

  • G84 & G86 Firmed For April Launch

    GeForce 8600 GTS, 8600 GT and 8500 GT are all firmed for April 17th launch and card makers have already received revision A2 GPUs from NVIDIA for mass production. We can expect cards to reach distributors and retailers in 2 weeks time ready for mass availability in the market. The performance of the G84 and

  • NVIDIA expands Designed by NVIDIA product portfolio

    Designed by NVIDIA” motherboards are designed by NVIDIA engineers to deliver optimal performance for NVIDIA nForce media and communication processors (MCPs) and GeForce graphics processing units (GPUs). All hardware, software, drivers, and BIOSes are designed by NVIDIA. This complete kit is brought to market worldwide under partner brands including EVGA, XFX, BFG, Colorful Technology, and

  • ASUS Xonar D2/X Sound Card Details

    We first broke the news about ASUS making sound cards over at CeBIT and DigiTimes followed up with an article yesterday stating Xonar D2X is using CMedia sound chips instead of ADI we initially heard. If that the case, Xonar D2/X is most probably based off C-Media Oxygen HD CMI8788 sound chip according to the

  • AMD SIMFIRE Interoperable Tools For DASH

    Working to free the industry from the constraints of proprietary architectures and making it easier than ever for customers to manage today’s increasingly diverse IT environments, AMD today announced new interoperability testing tools, codenamed “SIMFIRE,” to help speed the adoption of the recently announced Desktop and mobile Architecture for System Hardware (“DASH”) specification. Addressing the

  • AMD says Intel Fab in China is good

    According to Chinabyte, AMD made an interesting remark on Intel plans to set up a fab in China. AMD spokesman commented that Intel to build a fab in China is a good thing as it will propel China IT industry development and beneficial to the consumers. It will also boost the overall market competitiveness.

  • Qimonda Prepares GDDR5 Memory Chips

    For R700, G90 & Larrabee Qimonda plans to skip the GDDR4 graphics memory technology generation in favor of GDDR5. With the move, the company seeks to address the high end of the market. In 2011 the mainstream memory technology in this segment will be GDDR5 – not GDDR4. Most customers will move from GDDR3 directly

  • ASUS To Ship 500K Xonar D2X Sound Cards

    ASUS plans to ship 500,000 Xonar D2X audio cards which adopt C-Media’s solutions in 2007 after seeing satisfactory sales following the card’s introduction at CeBIT 2007. The audio card, which will primarily target the gaming market, features 3D sound processing and supports Dolby Digital Live, DTS and 5.1 surround sound. C-Media is reported to earn

  • Water-Cooled X2900 XTX Card Pictured

    We seen enough of retail X2900 XTX card photos over the past few days and this time round we will bring you the water-cooled version of the R600 card to enjoy over the weekend. This cooling solution is probably provided by Aavid Thermalloy and coincidentally Aavid is touting their Turbo Tube cold plates with mass

  • ASUS TS-8 Slim Chassis Series

    ASUS has introduced the new TS-8 slim chassis series to accommodate users who want a stable and flexible chassis solution. With its compact dimensions and the ability to dissipate heat efficiently, the TS-8 is a perfect mini PC addition to smaller homes and offices. Venting holes located on the side panel draws cool air into

  • NVIDIA Upcoming Mobile G80 GPUs

    NVIDIA will be launching GeForce Go 8800 GS in May and GeForce Go 8800 GTX in July and will compete against ATi’s mobile DX10 M76XT GPU. GeForce Go GS is pretty interesting as we don’t see it on the desktop SKUs yet. Looking at the Device IDs for the desktop G80 SKUs, we saw 0×0191

  • IBM Unveils Super Conductive Thermal Paste

    IBM researchers unveiled details of a new technique to significantly increase capabilities to cool computer chips. The technique, developed by a team of scientists at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory in cooperation with Momentive Performance Materials, formerly GE Advanced Materials, overcomes a barrier in chip cooling by improving the application of the “glue” that binds

  • Morphable CPU Beats Intel Quad-Core Xeon by 10X

    Saw an interesting article over at INQ regarding a CPU architecture can be morphed into different forms to suit the different demands of the applications. Dubbed MONARCH (Morphable Networked Micro-Architecture) and developed to address the large data volume of sensor systems as well as their signal and data processing throughput requirements, it is the most

  • CeBIT 2008 May Lose ASUS & Gigabyte

    According to DigiTimes, CeBIT 2008 may lose ASUS and Gigabyte. With the number of companies participating at the CeBIT IT trade show declining every year and visitors becoming more localized, ASUS and Gigabyte both stated they are considering whether or not to attend CeBIT in 2008. The cost to attend CeBIT is large, but with