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  • Phenom 8400 & 8600 Triple-Core On DFI 790FX

    We took 2 screenshots of the Phenom 8600 and 8400 Triple-Core processors running on the DFI 790FX board. The Triple core processors are slated for launch in Q1 this year and will be based on B2 stepping initially.

  • Nvidia & AMD To Start Next Gen. GPU War In Q2

    Commercial Times talked about Nvidia and AMD introducing their next generation GPUs in Q2 this year, developed to support dual-core processors from Intel and AMD. The article mentioned that they have completed tape-out of the chips and will farm out productions of the chips to TSMC in March. Nvidia plans to introduce next-generation chip dubbed

  • DFI Unveiled LANParty DK X38-T2R

    DFI LANParty DK X38-T2R features Intel’s X38 and ICH9R chipset, and FSB supports the process at 1333MHz. Further, DK X38’s DDR2 memory can supports up to 1066 and FSB also works at 1333MHz too. LANParty DK X38-T2R also incorporates a total of 4-phase digital PWM, 8-channel high definition audio and many high performance features too

  • OCZ PC2-8000 Platinum Edition 4GB Dual Channel Kit

    OCZ today announced the PC2-8000 Platinum Edition 4GB dual channel kit, designed to boost the performance of mainstream gaming systems. These new 2GB modules are the ultimate upgrade for entry-level enthusiasts seeking an exceptional overclocking kit at a price point that suits all budgets. At a blistering 1000MHz, the 4GB Platinum Edition runs at faster

  • Gigabyte Officially Launched DES Boards

    GIGABYTE today is pleased to announce the launch of their full range of Dynamic Energy Saver motherboards, including X48, X38 and P35-based motherboards, delivering unparalleled power savings of up to 70% and up to 20% improved power efficiency with the simple click of a button. “With more than one year of intensive design and testing,

  • MSI Launched X48 Series Boards

    MSI) today launched its latest X48 Series motherboards based on Intel® X48 Express chipset. In order to provide the most stable environment for overclocking, MSI X48 Series comes with a revolutionary “Dual-Channel PWM”. The new MSI X48 Series is equipped with enhanced fanless cooling design “Circu-Pipe” and water-cooling revision in the future. The new MSI

  • Intel Mobile CPUs Pricing For Montevina Platform

    • Core 2 Extreme QX9300 will launch in Q4 ’08 while X9100, T9600, T9400, P9500, P8600, P8400 will launch in June • SP9400, SP9300, SL9400, SL9300, SU9300, U3300, 723 will launch in Q3 ’08

  • Intel Desktop CPUs Price Cut Schedule

    • Core 2 Quad Q9650/Q9400 and Core 2 Duo E8600 will be available in Q3 ’08. • Core 2 Quad Q6700/Q6600, Core 2 Duo E4600/E2200/E2180 price cut on 20-Apr • Core 2 Duo E4700 launch on 2-Mar • Core 2 Duo E8300 and E2220 launch on 20-Apr • New 45nm E7200 and Celeron Dual-Core E1400

  • Galaxy Goes Passive w/ 8600GT Silent HeatPipe

    Galaxy launched their first passive cooled graphics card based on GeForce 8600 GT. It is clocked at 540MHz core and 1400MHz GDDR3 memory. The cooling solution is provided by Coolermaster.

  • Razer Lachesis – Mousey Insanity?

    Think that the G9′s 3,200DPI is fast? Think again. Razer has just upped the ante with the latest addition to their family of gaming mice – the Lachesis. Sporting a 4,000DPI Laser sensor, Razer has taken the crown back from Logitech once more. Read on to find out if things are really as rosy as

  • Coolermaster Centurion 590; Vintage & Performance

    Coolermaster will launch a new model, Centurion 590 for the mainstream market. It can accommodate up to eight 120mm fans instead of 7 on the Centurion 690 and has additional ventilation holes on the top panel. You can also convert 5.25″ drive bays into HDD racks so you can put up to 12 HDDs with

  • Coolermaster COSMOS S; Lighter & Stormier

    Coolermaster COSMOS S a.k.a COSMOS 1100 has caused quite a stir over at the recent CES show with its cool look and superior cooling system. It is essentially an enhanced version of the successful COSMOS 1000 which we had reviewed a while back. It will be available in March for US$ 249.

  • Sharkoon Hard Drive Enclosure w/ RFID Encryption

    In order to offer customers the best possible protection against data thieves, Sharkoon is expanding its Swift-Case line up of external hard drive enclosures by adding a model with RFID access control. Customers will find the Sharkoon Swift-Case Securita available from authorized retailers for the suggested retail price of 34 euros.

  • Intel GMA X4500HD, X4500 & 4500 Info

    Intel plans to launch the G45 and G43 Express chipsets in Q2 ’08 and a value G41 chipset in Q1 ’09. Intel G45 chipset supports up to DDR3-1333 and 4 DIMM slots/16GB max memory while G43 and G41 only supports up DDR3-1066 and 2 DIMM slots/8GB max memory. The G45 chipset comes with X4500HD GMA

  • GeForce 7600 & 7300 Reached EOL

    Nvidia informed their partners that GeForce 7600 GT, 7600 GS and 7300 GT have reached EOL and the last shipment is March 28th 2008. This is to make way for the upcoming GeForce 9600 GT (G94) and GeForce 8400 GS (G98) launching on February 14th.

  • Shuttle SP35P2 Pro Earns Energy Star 4.0

    The leading brand of SFF, Shuttle Inc. continually develops the energy-efficient product to meet ENERGY STAR specification and make efforts on providing green solutions. Shuttle SP35P2 Pro proves it the qualifications. 80 PLUS certified power supply means it meets at least 80% energy-efficiency, which is over 33% efficient than standard power supply. That is the

  • ELSA Unveiled Gladiac 880GT Power Whale

    ELSA has unveiled a special edition of their 8800GT card and they called it Power Whale. Indeed, the cooler looks like a whale and is the made by ZEROtherm. ELSA claimed a hefty 26oC lower in temperature over the Nvidia reference cooler. The card is clocked at 650MHz core and 1GHz for the memory. Availability

  • Transcend Unveiled 2.5″ SSD Products

    Transcend’s Solid State Disk product line includes notebook-sized 2.5-inch SATA / IDE as well as ExpressCard™/34 format SSDs. Transcend’s SSDs deliver sustained read / write speeds of up to 30MB / 28MB per second and are also backed by a two-year warranty. Transcend plans to release its competitively priced 64GB and larger capacity SSDs in

  • ASUS World’s First OC Version for EN8800GS w/ Glaciator Fansink

    ASUS, producer of top quality graphic solutions has today introduced the new ASUS EN8800GS TOP/HTDP/384M and EN8800GS/HTDP/384M graphic cards. The ASUS EN8800GS TOP/HTDP/384M is the world¡¯s first overclocking version of the GeForce 8800GS chipset ¨C allowing users to enjoy 8% improvements in gaming experiences. Additionally, both models come equipped with the newest thermal solution ¨C