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  • ASUS World’s First OC Version for EN8800GS w/ Glaciator Fansink

    ASUS, producer of top quality graphic solutions has today introduced the new ASUS EN8800GS TOP/HTDP/384M and EN8800GS/HTDP/384M graphic cards. The ASUS EN8800GS TOP/HTDP/384M is the world¡¯s first overclocking version of the GeForce 8800GS chipset ¨C allowing users to enjoy 8% improvements in gaming experiences. Additionally, both models come equipped with the newest thermal solution ¨C

  • DFI Launched LANParty DK 790FX-M2RS

    At the very beginning of 2008, DFI has launched the most excellent C/P ratio, but highest performance AMD quad-core platform, the LANParty DK 790FX-M2RS. The DK 790FX entirely supports AMD’s latest Quad-core processor, the Phenom (FX) series. The AMD’s 790FX, which is a tailor-made gear for enthusiast and aimed at providing the cutting edge performance

  • NVIDIA Forceware Vista Beta Drivers Preview

    We’ve dug up a couple of copies of NVIDIA Forceware Vista drivers. We ran it against the WHQL 169.25 to see how things go on a single 8800GTS 512MB.

  • XFX 8800GTS Alpha Dog Overclocking Adventure

    The NVIDIA G92 has been causing a stir in the overclocking community. Notable is the well executed process change. We look at how the average enthusiast gets to squeeze their dollar with some elbow grease.

  • Motorola Q9H

    Motorola. Were you thinking of the StarTac, Moto KRZR or the V3 when you saw that? Well, you might be surprised that Motorola is capable of a lot more than just what those few phones achieved. If you’re thinking of getting a new phone for the New Year, read on and you might find another

  • Nvidia G92 based Quadro FX 3700

    NVIDIA announced Quadro® FX 3700, a high-end graphics board capable of delivering a performance increase of up to 2X as compared to the previous generation of product. The Quadro FX 3700 graphics board offers high throughput for interactive visualization, and with 112 parallel processors, 512 MB of onboard graphics memory, and a 256-bit memory interface,

  • Nvidia MCP7A To Counter Intel G45 In Apri

    DigiTimes revealed that the MCP7A to be launched April will have two IGP versions, the MCP7A-U and MCP7A-S, both of which will support Intel 1333MHz FSB, DirectX 10, HDMI, DVI, HDCP, and PureVideo HD. Nvidia is also developing a MCP7A-H part that does not have a built-in graphics core slated for launch in August.. The

  • Razer Destructor, Mousing Surface For The Gamers

    Razer unveiled the Razer Destructor™, the optimal gaming-grade mousing surface made for optical and laser mice at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at the Las Vegas Convention Center at booth number 5733 North. In response to the gaming communities search for improvements in mousing technologies, Razer has co-developed the Razer Destructor with some of the

  • Nvidia Announced Hybrid SLI Technology

    NVIDIA announced the industry’s first hybrid technology for PC platforms—Hybrid SLI™—that addresses two critical issues: increasing graphics performance and reducing power consumption. NVIDIA Hybrid SLI technology will be incorporated into a wide variety of graphics and motherboard desktop and notebook products that the Company is rolling out for both AMD and Intel desktop and notebook

  • Creative Introduced New ZEN Stone, MuVo & Xdock HD

    Creative today announced two new micro boom boxes to its award-winning MP3 player family: the Creative ZEN™ Stone and Creative ZEN Stone Plus with Built-in Speaker which will be available this month in a 2GB model priced at S$ 79.00 (US$ 49.99) and S$ 99.00 (US$ 59.99) respectively. Creative also introduced the Creative MuVo® T200,

  • Marvell Qdeo Chip Powers Onida Xaria LCD-TV

    Marvel today announced that its award-winning Qdeo™ video processing is a featured technology of the Onida 42” Xaria LCD-TV, developed for the emerging markets of India and the Gulf countries. Part of the Marvell® 88DE2710 digital video format converter, Qdeo delivers quiet, natural video free of artifacts and noise, enhances the color, and intelligently scales

  • XpertVision 8800GT Sonic w/ Thermalright HR-03GT

    NVIDIA has been spoon feeding their partners in graphics accelerator design for a fair while. Today, we see how XpertVision breaks from the mold to offer their one-of-a-kind 8800GT. Includes a mini HR-03 GT review too!

  • Thermaltake DuOrb CPU Cooler Sneak Peek

    The DuOrb CPU universal cooler has followed the design concept that made the great DuOrb VGA cooler. With two independent heat radiating area, this twin fan cooler cools twice as fast and efficient than the ordinary CPU coolers. Moreover, the Dual-flow created by the fans not only take the heat away from the CPU, but

  • Sapphire Released HD 3850 AGP Card

    SAPPHIRE has just announced support for legacy PC systems using the AGP graphics bus with a new product in its HD 3000 series which brings the latest graphics architectures and features to this industry standard platform.The SAPPHIRE HD 3850 AGP is available with 512MB of GDDR3 memory, running at 846MHz (1.7GHz effective) and has a

  • First DisplayPort Graphics Card From Sparkle

    SPARKLE today announced the World’s First Display Port Graphics Card Sample, the world’s first graphics card with DisplayPort support. Along with this simple connectivity, the audio/video signals on PC will be correspondingly transmitted to LCD or Plasma TV for users. In addition, the SPARKLE GeForce 8800 GT DisplayPort Graphics Card has stunning 3D rendering horsepower,

  • Kingston Healthy Lifestyle – Bowling Finale!!!

    The bunch of Kingston health enthusiast gathered once again at Safra Mount Faber for another round of action. This time, we have more than 40 Kingston supporters joining us for some bowling action…

  • Seagate Christmas Affair @ SLS

    Christmas is the time of giving and we gathered the geeks for a little adventure when Santa and his elves were busy. Having a Seagate Christmas Affair beats having Monica Lewinsky as long as you Get IT @ Sim Lim Square!

  • ARCTIC COOLING Offers MX-2 In 30g Pack

    ARCTIC COOLING now offers the performance leading thermal compound MX-2 also in a 30 gram packaging. MX-2 30g will be available by the mid of Jan 2008. The MSRP is USD 39.95 and Euro 28,95 (excl VAT).

  • Cooler Master Giving Car Away For Green Effort

    Cooler Master launches the Green Guard Program in an effort to bring focus to PC power supplies and the environmental effects of modern desktop computing. To encourage participation, Cooler Master is giving away a BRAND NEW 2008 TOYOTA PRIUS! Green Guard Program details:

  • Walton Chaintech rolls out DDR-3 2Ghz Modules

    Walton Chaintech officially announces their latest addition to their enthusiast memory line, the Apogee GT DDR3 2Ghz Modules. Clocked at DDR3 2Ghz, the Apogee GT DDR3 Modules are rated at PC3-16000 with latencies of CL-9-8-8-24, which allows users to bring their latest Intel Yorkfield and Wolfdale processors to greater heights.