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  • Everglide DKTBoard Powered By Razer

    Razer announced the newest product under the ‘Powered by Razer’ initiative, the Everglide™ DKTBoard. “The Everglide DKTBoard joins an exciting circle of product luminaries. Other products part of the ‘Powered by Razer’ initiative include the Microsoft Habu gaming mouse, the Microsoft Reclusa gaming keyboard and the Belkin n52te speedpad. The DKTBoard will bear the ‘Powered

  • NVIDIA unveils new version of award-winning CUDA software development tools

    NVIDIA is demonstrating the latest version of its awardwinning C-compiler for GPU programming, CUDA 1.1, at the SuperComputing 2007 show. This latest version of the CUDA software suite includes support for 64-bit Windows XP and starting with the release of CUDA 1.1, NVIDIA’s standard display drivers will include the CUDA driver, eliminating the need to

  • GeCube Released HD3850 OC Series

    GECUBE has now taken the design of its popular X-Turbo II a step further to come up with the new X-Turbo III silent fan. The superb low-noise turbine design and dual heatpipes ensure perfect heat dissipation and superb performance. Thanks to this industry-leading design from GECUBE, users can enjoy high performance and quality without worrying

  • Palit Self-Designed HD 3850 Card

    Palit has a self-designed Radeon HD 3850 card that has a custom cooler, 512MB of GDDR3 memories and a native HDMI out. The cooler is silent at 31.55db compared to 43.65db and has better thermal at 79.8oC compared to 83oC on the reference 3850 card. However, due to the cooler, the card took up two

  • AMD Radeon HD3850 and HD3870 – AMD’s salvation?

    Barely 3 weeks after NVIDIA launched their 8800GT, ATI responds with their RV670 based Radeon HD3850 & HD3870 cards. Positioned at the same price point, we shall take these two cards for a spin and pit them against the acclaimed G92 8800GT.

  • 3-way SLI Tested On nForce 790i SLI Board

    As Nvidia is preparing 3-way SLI technology for launch soon, we had some initial testing results from the 3-way SLI configuration made up of C73 DDR3 (nForce 790i SLI) reference board with 3 x GeForce 8800 Ultra cards and a Core 2 Duo E6750. Using the Forceware 167.10 3-way SLI beta drivers on Windows Vista,

  • SteelSeries 7G Keyboard For Hardcore Gamers

    The SteelSeries 7G sets a new industry standard for gaming keyboards by allowing users to perform a new level of detailed and advanced key combinations. By utilizing the most powerful PS/2 buffer-system ever created for a gaming keyboard, the 7G redefines “anti-ghosting” by supporting as many simultaneous key press commands as there are keys on

  • 7 new Webcams by Creative Technology

    SINGAPORE – November 13, 2007 – Creative Technology Ltd, a worldwide leader in digital entertainment products, today introduced the best of Creative Live!® Cam series webcams to date with advanced technology, unsurpassed image quality and winning features. Showcasing enhanced image quality that is sharper, clearer and more vibrant than ever before, the new Creative Live!

  • Cooler Master Unveils COSMO ESA Chassis

    With immediate worldwide availability of the COSMOS ESA – an updated version of the company’s flagship chassis – ESA certified power supplies and water cooling units will be available from Cooler Master shortly after the launch. COSMOS ESA looks almost identical to the original COSMOS chassis. The ESA edition includes an additional thermal control board

  • Marvell Qdeo Video Processing Receives Prestigious Home Theater Technology Award

    Asia Pacific (November 12, 2007) — Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL) today announced that its Qdeo™ technology has received the prestigious “Best of 2007 Video Processing Technology” award from the Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity. One of the premiere Web sites for in-depth reviews of electronics components for the home theater, the Secrets of Home

  • Asus launches 3 new notebooks F8P, U3S & U6S

    Today, Asus introduced three notebooks into the market, namely the F8P, U3S and the U6S. The laptops are 14.1″, 13.3″ and 12.1″ respectively and and are priced at SGD$ 2,998, $ 2,698 and $ 3,098 respctively. Click on this piece of news to check out the prices and features!

  • Galaxy Own Designed 8800GT w/ 3 Phase Power

    Galaxy Technology prepared one of the first non reference products based on G92 chipset on the market. There were major modifications made to push the card to the limits and adjust the construction to be overclocking friendly. PCB has been changed to dissipate the heat in split second, GPU power management has been redone to

  • Point of View GeForce 8600 GT

    We have something slightly refreshing in the market now – low profile cards that have HDMI output, making them a great choice for HTPC setups. We took the PoV 8600 GT for a quick spin to find out more about it.

  • OCZ Announced ReaperX Memory Series

    OCZ today announced the ReaperX memory series, an innovative memory solution that utilizes highly effective heat transfer technology. Re-engineering the Reaper HPC (Heat Pipe Conduit) design, the DDR2 PC2-6400 ReaperX uses a dual metal heatpipe formation to effectively offload heat and increase stability of memory modules. The unique ReaperX heatspreader is designed to deliver superior

  • Lenovo Launches G400 Notebook, Offering Mobility on a Budget

    Lenovo today introduced its G400 notebook – a new notebook offering mobility on a budget to value-conscious consumers who are looking to make the transition from desktops to notebooks. The Lenovo 3000 G Series notebook has a stylish form factor and impressive feature set to offer a compelling choice for users seeking performance at an

  • Creative Unveils Gigaworks & Inspire 2.0 Speakers

    Creative today announced a premium range of 2.0 stereo speakers featuring innovative technology, premium components and compact designs. Backed by engineering breakthroughs such as BasXPort™ technology and use of premium components which give truly outstanding bass without the need of a subwoofer, making these speakers smaller and more powerful than previously possible. Encompassing audiophile-grade drivers

  • Biostar T-Series TA770 A2+ For Phenom

    BIOSTAR has launched T-Series TA770 A2+, based on the latest AMD 770 Chipset. The model supports the upcoming AMD Phenom™ series multi-core processors, which support Dual Channel DDR2-1066, bigger L3 cache and offer optimized overclocking ability. TA770 A2+ is designed for performance, scalability, and personalization, which are coupled with innovative and efficient design incorporating brand

  • Eubiq Power Outlet System Promotion for VR-Zone Members!

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  • Creative Released PCIe X-Fi Xtreme Audio

    Creative today announced the PCIe Sound Blaster X-Fi® Xtreme Audio card that is designed to make music and movies sound way better. It features the award-winning X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity™ audio technologies which enhance audio playback and deliver virtual surround sound effects. The Creative PCIe Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio will be available in end November

  • Qimonda Delivered GDDR5 Samples To Customers

    Qimonda today announced as first DRAM manufacturer the availability of GDDR5 samples. Qimonda started shipping of the first 512Mb GDDR5 samples to customers. “We are pleased that we can support the GDDR5 activities of our customers with this first sample shipment, which is a major step to ensure the fast introduction of GDDR5 into the