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  • Dell Launched Inspiron Mini 9 In Singapore

    Dell today officially unveiled the Inspiron Mini 9 in Singapore and is available now locally through Dell’s affiliated retail stores starting from S$ 599 in Obsidian Black or Alpine White colour. It weighs 2.28 lbs and comes with 8.9 inch glossy LED display (1024×600), SSD storage, Wi-Fi, Webcam, Bluetooth etc.

  • ASUS P6T Deluxe X58 Board First Look

    While Intel is gearing up for Core i7 launch in November, ASUS is probably one of the first manufacturer to get their X58 boards ready for the market. The ASUS P6T Deluxe boards have already started making way into hands of the reviewers and overclockers around the world so here are some eye candies first

  • Cheap HD4550 & 4350 Cards From TUL

    TUL introduces value segment VGAs, HD4550 and HD4350 Series. With all the latest features, the new series delivers superior high-definition experience to a new level at home, work and gaming. PowerColor HD4550 clocks at 600MHz core speed and 900MHz memory speed while HD4350 clocks at 600MHz and 400MHz respectively.

  • Computing in the F1 with Lenovo

    Lenovo powered Nico Rosberg’s Formula One car to a second place finish at the debut of the first night race at the Singapore Grand Prix.

  • Radeon HD 4830 Gaming Performance vs GeForce 9800 GT

    AMD has prepared a slide on the Radeon HD 4830 performance vs the GeForce 9800 GT with 6 games benchmarks. No words on the system configuration or drivers used for these tests. AMD is banking heavily on this card to outperform and to outsell the GeForce 9800 GT at the same price point. In another

  • OCZ Unveiled HydroFlow CPU Waterblock

    OCZ unveiled the “HydroFlow” HF-MK1 Waterblock for superior CPU watercooling. The triangular fins in the HF-MK1 provide the volume to surface ratio of any geometric shape for best dissipation possible, and this design also creates sufficient turbulence to eliminate the “skin” effect caused by laminar flow. The base block of the HydroFlow increases center contact

  • Glacialtech Launched HTPC Chassis

    GlacialTech announced the launch of Altair A381 HTPC chassis in India. The brand new Glacialtech Altair A381 HTPC is an aluminum base HTPC chassis with remote control, available in black and white colors and supporting Microsoft Vista media centre applications, is provided along with the Altair 381 to manage all existing home theatre components including

  • ASUS Launched Bamboo Series Notebooks

    ASUS today launched the ASUS Bamboo Series notebook, a groundbreaking bamboo-clad product that is truly green throughout every phase of its life – from its conception, production and use to its eventual recycling and disposal. The ultra slim ASUS Bamboo Series notebook is currently available in two versions: a 12.1” model that weighs 1.57kg and

  • Palit New HD4870 Card Comes With OC Switch

    Palit announces Palit Radeon™ HD 4870 1GB Sonic Dual Edition with pre-overclocked 750 MHz core speed and 3.8 GHz memory speed. This innovative Sonic Dual Edition card features the overclocking friendly “Smart Switch” allowing users to easily turbocharge the card to 775 MHz core and 4GHz memory speed. Furthermore, Palit HD 4870 1GB Sonic Edition

  • Radeon HD 4830 (RV770LE) Launch In October

    AMD is preparing to launch the RV770LE card in October and it will be officially known as Radeon HD 4830. This card will be built by AIBs themselves and it is targeted at the GeForce 9800GT and 9600GT segment. RV770LE is known to have 480 stream processors and expected to be clocked differently by each

  • Thermaltake Readied Phase Change Cooling PC

    Thermaltake has finally got XPRESSAR ready for the market, utilizing the world’s first DC inverter type micro refrigeration cooling system. XPRESSAR, world first DC inverter type micro refrigeration cooling system customized for PC chassis, has minimized the compressor widely applied in air conditioners and refrigerators and placed it inside the computer case to cool the

  • ASUS Unveiled N Series Notebooks

    Each N Series notebook comes with innovative technological developments such as the highly-efficient Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) which automatically allocates power, preserving battery life up to 35%; the built-in Express Gate operating system that allows users to access their most commonly-used programs in 8 seconds*; and the SmartLogon facial recognition system that recognizes users´ facial

  • ZOTAC GeForce Synergy Editions For Budget Consumers

    ZOTAC unleashes its new GeForce Synergy Edition graphics card lineup, the GeForce 9800GT Synergy Edition and GeForce 9600GT Synergy Edition for budget-minded gamers and enthusiasts. "Previously you had to purchase an expensive add-in card to experience PhysX technology. Our ZOTAC GeForce Synergy Editions allow gamers to take advantage of PhysX technology without having to purchase

  • Creative Launches New X-Fi Notebook Soundcard

    “…like diamond tipped needles are for vinyl records, X-Fi is for compressed audio…” -Craig McHugh, President Creative Labs Inc.

  • Rotatable 14cm Fan Grill Design PSU From JSP

    JSP Tech has unveiled a patented power supply unit that comes with a 140mm cooling fan and a rotatable fan grill. According to them, the rotatable fan grill design helps in lowering noise and temperature opposed to the conventional fan grill design. We asked for some technical data but they are unable to provide at

  • Creative Unveiled X-Fi Sound Card For Notebooks

    Creative today announced the new Creative Sound Blaster® X-Fi® Notebook sound card, designed to make all of your iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster and MP3 music, movies and games on your notebook PC sound better. It fits easily into the ExpressCard slot to upgrade the latest notebook PCs to premium sound systems with award-winning X-Fi audio technology.

  • NETGEAR ReadyNAS Duo

    Designed for home users, the NETGEAR ReadyNAS Duo offers many powerful features, performance and hardware flexibility to cater to even the savviest users storage needs.

  • Intel Put 6-Core Into New 45nm Xeon 7400 Series

    Intel has extended its lead in the high-end server segment, setting new standards in virtualization performance with the launch of seven 45 nm manufactured Intel® Xeon® Processor 7400 Series products. These products offer frequencies up to 2.66 GHz and power levels down to 50 watts, including the first 6-core, x86 compatible 65-watt version which translates

  • de-ZEPTO-con Nox A15

    NOX /Nitrous Oxide/ A gas when used as an additive to boost the performance of a standard gasoline combustion engine. The performance level of this Zepto is gassed up with the Montenvina CPU and nVidia 9600GT 512MB DDR3 graphics card. Also, sometimes referred to as laughing gas…this is no notebook to be laughed at.