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First retail GEFORCE GTX 680 pixelated

The first images of a retail GTX 680 have appeared online thanks to Overclock.net forum member "ironman86" - a lucky lad who managed to get hold of a GIGABYTE model, box and all. The card with a designated model name of GV-N680D5-2GD-B strictly follows NVIDIA's reference design apart from some

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HP let slip a three Ivy Bridge notebook models

Despite not being expected to launch until June after Intel pushed back the date for its upcoming Ivy Bridge processors, HP has revealed three new notebook models featuring the new processors. Two of the models feature the same quad core Core i7-3610QM processor with the third sporting a Core i7-3720QM,

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Xbox 360 Review: The Darkness II

"The Darkness 2" is the sequel to the first-person shooter game that was launched in 2007. And the plot continues from the main protagonist, Jackie Estacado, who is struggling with the power of the Darkness and the death of his girlfriend. So is the "The Darkness 2" as good as the first one? Read on.

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