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  • Vista License Limits Benchmarking

    License transfers aren’t the only thing the EULA for Microsoft’s Windows Vista OS limits. The license also puts restrictions on how benchmarks of certain components of the OS can be published, another issue that is raising eyebrows as Microsoft still has not clarified how changes will specifically affect users. According to the Vista EULA, because

  • Creative Live!® Cam Optia Webcam

    Creative today introduced the Creative Live!® Cam Optia webcam its first USB Video Class webcam with state-of-the-art technology for instant Plug-n-Play and requires no driver installation for PC systems using Windows XP Service Pack 2 and above. The Plug-n-Play feature offers hassle free setup which enables users to video chat over the Internet in just

  • Vantec Piano 101 Review

    NoteBook Cooling Solutions are one of the least explored area, mainly because of the necessity of it (Notebooks shouldn’t really get too hot!), and the extent of it, due to the heat producers being so internally woven withn the Notebook shell itself. Therefore, to improve the value of such an accessory, Vantec’s Piano 101 integrates

  • Samsung Developed 16-chip Multi-chip Package For Memory

    Samsung has developed the industry’s first process to enable innovative production of a 16-chip multi-chip package (MCP) of memory. The new MCP technology supports the industry-wide demand for small form factors and high-densities that will accommodate multimedia-intensive user applications. Samsung’s new 16-chip MCP technology, when applied to 8Gb NAND flash chips, can enable up to

  • ASUS S6F Digital Leather Notebook Dons New Shade

    ASUS Technology offers luxury computing options with a leather bound notebook this holiday season. The 1.1-inch widescreen compact S6F Leather Collection brings a wide aspect visual satisfaction with the exceptional compact mobility and is now available in fabulous pink – only for a limited number! The unconventional choice of material stands as the testimonial to

  • ASUS EAX1650XT(CF)

    ASUS introduce EAX1650XT(CF) graphics card, which is powered by ATI’s Radeon X1650XT GPU. The card come with GTI Racing, one of the hottest racing games in the market and offers a 26% performance enhancement from competing solutions that settled with the reference design, providing smooth video not only for GTI Racing, but other popular games

  • Kingston Unveils 2-GB ValueRAM SO-DIMMs

    Kingston is first to offer a full production launch of 2-GB 533 MHz and 667 MHz ValueRAM® SO-DIMMs concurrent with the release of new 800 MHz ValueRAM SO-DIMMs. The new larger capacity, high-performance memory modules are designed to meet the growing demands of notebook computers and miniPCs; the faster speed SO-DIMMs are in preparation for

  • Intel Advances In Server, AMD In Notebooks

    AMD had been making strides in the server market for several quarters, while Intel dominated the notebook market. But momentum swung the other way in the third quarter, with Intel regaining market share in server processors while AMD’s notebook processor shipments surged, said Dean McCarron, an analyst with Mercury Research. Overall, Intel shipped 76.1 percent

  • Seagate DriveTrust Technology

    Seagate is introducing a powerful new security platform that delivers a simple, cost- effective way to deploy the highest levels of security for computing systems, computer electronics and mobile devices by protecting data where it lives — on the hard disc drive. DriveTrust Technology works by encasing the security operations in the hard drive, making

  • GeCube RX1650XT Card

    By taking full advantage of the sparkling ATI RV560 80nm chip, the RX1650XT series from GeCube achieves even better performance-per-watt at a remarkably modest price, and it also supports the latest Native CrossFire Technology, bringing you even richer visual effects. This RX1650XT built in 256MB GDDR3 high-speed memory.

  • GE Invests In DFI

    US-based General Electric (GE) has invested NT$ 347.13 million (US$ 10.44 million) for a 5.26% stake in DFI, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of industrial PCs (IPCs), in an attempt to enhance the Asia-Pacific marketing of GE Industrial, one of the six business groups of GE. Related to the investment, GE Fanuc, a joint venture of GE

  • PowerColor Radeon X1650 XT In PCI-E & AGP

    TUL announced the PowerColor X1650 XT. The X1650 XT is the 2nd graphics card to include a chipset manufactured at 80nm fabrication process and to feature the new CrossFireTM Bridge Interconnect. PowerColor’s X1650 XT clocks at 600MHz, with memory at 700MHz (1400MHz effective) 256MB DDR3 RAM and 24 pixel processors. This board is also HDCP

  • PowerColor X1950PRO 256MB With Arctic Cooling

    Just about a week ago, ATi officially launched the Radeon X1950PRO graphics accelerator with her partners. These X1950PRO graphics accelerators literally came in all shapes and sizes (“reference” is becoming a taboo these days). If you want to find out more about the launch, you can check out this article. =D The X1950PRO graphics accelerator

  • Fujitsu LifeBook C1410 Notebook Review

    Our last took at a Fujitsu Notebook is the Fujitsu S7110 LifeBook from the ” Sophisticated “series aimed at lightweight and portability. This time round, we take a look at one model from the C series, Fujitsu LifeBook C1410, an entry level Notebook aimed at the budget-conscious.

  • IBM Next-Gen Chip-Cooling Technologies

    IBM researchers presented an innovative approach for improving the cooling of computer chips, an increasingly urgent need given the large amount of heat released by today’s more powerful processors and the additional energy required for removing that heat. The technique, called "high thermal conductivity interface technology," allows a twofold improvement in heat removal over current

  • ZEROTherm BTF80 & BTF90 CPU Coolers Review

    ZEROTherm may not be enjoying the same world-wide exposure fellow Korean Cooler Company Zalman is enjoying, but it has a strong backing from parent Company APACK. APACK is a heatpipe technology based thermal solution provider which provides customized designing and engineering solutions and, ultimately, provides best-of breed thermal solutions. We take a look at ZEROTherm

  • Sparkle Calibre P795+ Graphics Card

    SPARKLE redefined performance expectations for graphics cards with Calibre P795+ graphic card. It brings screaming performance and cranks up the graphics horsepower with a whopping 512MB frame buffer and a 585MHz core.Designed for hard-core gamers and helped with strong over clocking ability, Calibre P795+ graphic card natively pushes the newest DirectX 9 game’s frame rates

  • Shuttle Energy Star Compliant XPCs

    Shuttle announced today that XPC systems are now Energy Star compliant. With Energy Star compliance, Shuttle XPC systems consume 70% less electricity than comparable non-Energy Star compliant systems. Shuttle Energy star compliant systems include the XPC M2000 with Intel Viiv technology, the extremely small XPC X100 at 2 inches tall, G5 3600 multimedia system and

  • AMD CPU/GPU Merge Design In 2008

    AMD plans to create a new class of x86 processor that integrates the CPU and GPU at the silicon level with a broad set of design initiatives collectively codenamed “Fusion.” AMD intends to design Fusion processors to provide step-function increases in performance-per-watt relative to today’s CPU-only architectures, and to provide the best customer experience in

  • Single Core Battle : Intel Wolfdale-L vs AMD Spica

      Segment H1 2007 Q3 2007 Q4 2007 Intel Legacy Allendale (65nm, 2C/2T, 1066FSB, 2MB L2, 65W) E6400 – 2.13GHz E6300 – 1.86GHz   Wolfdale-M (45nm, 2C/2T, 1066FSB, 3MB L2, 54W) 3.4-3.7GHz Value Conroe-L (65nm, 1C/1T, 800FSB, 1MB L2, 65W) E1060 – 1.8GHz E1040 – 1.6GHz E1020 – 1.4GHz Conroe-L (65nm, 1C/1T, 533FSB, 512KB, 65W)