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  • Intel 45nm Menlow Low Power IA Core

    Intel low power IA core is called Menlow and both Silverthorne and Tolapai belongs to the Menlow core. In Q2 2008,  Intel revealed the codename for SFF platform as Embedded Menlow which is made up of 45nm Silverthorne processor with single-chip Poulsbo chipset w/ integrated graphics. For SoC platform, there is a Tolapai Platform made

  • Intel Plans to Launch Xeon MP 7300 Series on Sep 2

    Intel plans to lower Xeon DP (Clovertown QuadCore) processors pricing on July 29th, introduce 2 new processors, X5365 and L5335 on Aug 12th and launch the quad core Tigerton Xeon MP 7300 series on Sept 2nd.

  • Intel New Mobile CPUs & Price Cut On Sept 2nd

    Intel plans to lower the mobile processors pricing and introduce some new processors on Sept 2nd. On this date, 7 new processors will be launched and they are X7900, T7800, T7250, L7700, U2200, U2100, 550.

  • Intel Expands E4000 Series w/ E4600 In Q4

    Intel plans to continue the cheap Core 2 E4000 series with a higher speed E4600 (2.4Ghz) processor in Q4 this year while its counterparts, E4500 (2.2Ghz) and E4400 (2.0Ghz) will be launched on Jul 22nd with a price tag of $ 133 and $ 113 respectively. E4600 will take over the E4500 pricing in Q4

  • Thecus Technology Introduces the N5200PRO

    Thecus brought NAS storage to the home with the two-bay N2100, and powerful, flexible NAS storage to SMB’s with the N5200. Today, Thecus introduces its latest NAS device – the N5200PRO. With unparalleled performance and a bevy of useful features, the N5200PRO brings together Thecus’ latest and greatest storage technologies for a NAS device. Designed

  • Sparkle Calibre P850LV Card w/ Temperature Display

    SPARKLE today announces Calibre P850LV graphic card with elaborate designed daughter card to entry level market. It can show real-time GPU temperature or real-time PCB temperature on Graphics Display Port (GDP) with 3bit digital tube display. User can manually switch between real-time GPU temperature shown and real-time GPU temperature shown. User can also manually set

  • ELSA Unveils Epee Workstation Barebones

    ELSA has officially announced their workstation barebone series at Computex which are equipped with NVIDIA Quadro series graphics cards. Marco Chen, the general manager of ELSA revealed that they are upbeat about their workstation barebone series and are currently working closely with NVIDIA on providing the Quadro solutions as well as Gigabyte on providing the

  • Marvell WLAN SoC Receives INSIGHT Award

    Marvell announced that the Marvell 88W8686 ultra-low-power 90 nanometer (nm) WLAN System-on-a-Chip (SoC) solution has received the 2007 INSIGHT award for most innovative RF IC transceiver. The award, sponsored by Semiconductor Insights (SI) in conjunction with Semico and EETimes, recognizes corporate and individual feats in technology. Selected devices undergo a complete relevant analysis by SI

  • EVGA GeForce 8800 Ultra Superclocked Review

    There is no denying that the GeForce 8800 Ultra is a rich man’s toy. Selling for a price tag of between USD$ 700-800, this video card is the ultimate satisfaction for the frame rate hungry. Even at the tip of this pyramid, there is distinction among the top cards, and today we take a look

  • Creative X-Mod Wireless Dissected!

    We managed to get some Creative Xmod Wireless goodness before we flew off to Computex, and now it’s time for us to tear it apart and take a look at its sexy innards…

  • GeForce 8400 & 8300 GS Cards Info

    GeForce 8400 GS will be available for retail while 8300 GS is an OEM part. Apparently, both 8400 GS and 8300 GS will be clocked at 450MHz core / 800MHz GDDR2 memory with 64-bit memory interface. The only difference is that 8400 GS has 16 shader processors while 8300 GS has 8 shader processors. The

  • Kingston Factory Sneak Peek

    Today, we bring you a sneak peek of Taiwan’s Kingston Factory. Just a little glimpse of how your memories are prepared and shipped.

  • Some Updates from CoolerMaster at Computex

    Here are some updates from CoolerMaster at Computex including their new 1250w Power Supply and Cosmos Case.

  • Some Updates from Zotac at Computex

    Here are some Updates from Zotac at Computex, including 8400GS Video Cards.

  • 55nm R680, RV660/670, RV635 & RV620 In Q4 2007

    According to the latest AMD desktop graphics roadmap VR-Zone has seen, all next generation GPUs will be 55nm based even for the highest end GPU supporting DX10 Unified Shaders, Crossfire, HDMI, HDCP, UVD and PCI Express 2.0. R680 will be the successor to R600 for the enthusiast segment slated for launch in end of Q4

  • Computex 07: Shuttle VIP Lounge @ New York New York

    VR-Zone took a walk down to New York New York, a shopping center beside World Trade Center Hall 2 where Computex 2007 is held just to drop by Shuttle’s VIP lounge. Let’s take a look at some of the exclusive products showcased.

  • Computex 07: Day 3 – Babes

    More Girls from Computex 2007 on Day 3!

  • Computex 07: Day 2 Updates

    Time for the news feed again from Taipei, @ Computex 2007!

  • AMD Lasso; External 2900XT Crossfire Pictured

    While we thought this Computex is the most uninteresting year for graphics cards where there are no very interesting stuffs being showcased but luckily Lasso save the day. Lasso is a codename for AMD external graphics technology and the latest revision is able to support Crossfire on the Radeon HD 2000 series. In the current

  • Heatsink the Size of your Case?

    Check out Scythe’s exxxtravagent cooling… the size of your case, and more right here.