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  • ATi R600 Card Is Long & Hot

    Since we have to go quiet for the G80 now, we will focus our attention on the ATi next generation R600. We got to know that R600 is a 300W beast built on 80nm process technology. To cool off that beast, you need a 4 heatpipes cooling solution. The R600 card is long from what

  • NVIDIA Releases Next Gen. Performance Tools

    NVIDIA today announced NVPerfKit 2.1, a comprehensive suite of next-generation performance tools for the debugging and profiling of OpenGL and Direct3D software applications for Windows and Linux. Developers using NVPerfHUD 4 experience an average performance improvement of 35%, and find an average of 11 rendering bugs. By offering access to low-level performance counters inside the

  • Intel Centrino Pro Technology

    Intel will upgrade its Centrino technology to Centrino Pro, with the launch to come with the availability of Microsoft Windows Vista OS. Similar to the chip giant’s marketing investment in Centrino, a total of US$ 300 million will be injected into Intel’s worldwide sales promotion of Centrino Pro. Part of Santa Rosa platform, Centrino Pro

  • Samsung 50nm DDR2 DRAM

    Samsung has developed the industry’s first 50nm DDR2 DRAM chip, which will increase production efficiency from the 60nm level by 55%. The new 1Gbit DRAM incorporates advanced technologies such as three-dimensional (3D) transistor design and multi-layered dielectric technology, which greatly enhance performance and data storage capabilities. Samsung’s new 50nm process technology can be applied to

  • ATi Radeon X1950PRO Launch Party

    ATi launched their Radeon X1950 Pro graphics card at Taipei today together with their close AIB partners like ASUS, GeCube, Gigabyte, HIS, PowerColor and Sapphire. Radeon X1950 Pro uses the new Crossfire bridge interconnect cables without need for a Crossfire master card and the dongle. Check out each manufacturer’s solution here!

  • GeCube FZ1950PRO On TEC Cooling

    GeCube announced the arrival of the FZ Cool overclocked ATI RADEON 1950PRO graphics card with thermoelectric cooling. With the heat dissipation significantly boosted to offer superb overclockability, this limited edition card is now being released world-wide. GeCube’s FZ Cool graphics card takes cooling solutions for X1950PRO overclocking to the next level by being the first

  • ASUS Launches WL-700gE Wireless Storage Center

    ASUS today introduced the WL-700gE, which is a multifunctional broadband wireless storage router. It’s also a digital home media center, as well as a user-friendly network storage. The WL-700ge is an excellent offering that integrated a 3.5-inch hard drive. It enables convenient downloads through http, ftp and BT protocols, and is able to operate independently

  • Intel Bearlake Official Naming Unveiled

    Six variants of Bearlake are expected in the form of Bearlake-Q, Bearlake-QF, Bearlake-X, Bearlake-P, Bearlake-G+ and Bearlake-G. Intel’s upcoming Bearlake series has been named the “3 Series.” On the vPro side of things, Bearlake-Q and Bearlake-QF have been named Intel Q35 and Q33 Express respectively. Consumer high end chipsets Bearlake-X and Bearlake-P will receive the

  • Intel Earnings Down But Beats Forecast

    Intel posted third quarter net income of $ 1.3 billion, up 47 percent sequentially but down 35 percent year-to-year. Intel posted third quarter revenue of $ 8.7 billion, up 9 percent sequentially compared with the second quarter, but down 12 percent year-to-year compared with the third quarter of 2005. Intel is pleased with the results

  • OCZ PC2-6400 Gold Rev.2 GX DDR2

    OCZ announced the addition of PC2-6400 Gold Rev.2 GX DDR2 to the popular gaming oriented Gold XTC series. OCZ Technology now offers a complete line of gamer-grade XTC DDR2 solutions ranging from DDR2-533 to DDR2-1100 to pair perfectly with the latest high performance AMD and Intel based motherboards. The PC2-6400 Gold Rev. 2 XTC memory

  • BFG Announces Availability of 1000 Watt and 800 Watt Power Supplies

    BFG Technologies, supplier of advanced 3D graphics cards, motherboards, power supplies and other PC enthusiast products, announced today that the BFG 1000 Watt and BFG 800 Watt power supplies backed by BFG’s famous lifetime warranty will be immediately available at leading retailers and e-tailers in North America. “We continue to see a trend for PC’s

  • Futuremark releases OpenGL ES 2.0 benchmark: SimulationMark ES2.0

    Futuremark Corporation today announced SimulationMark ES2.0, an innovative new approach to benchmarking. The benchmark allows mobile device chipmakers and manufacturers to test and compare simulated 3D graphics performance in OpenGL(r) ES 2.0 chip designs prior to the fabrication of silicon based hardware implementations. SimulationMark ES2.0 will enable users to calculate reliable estimated performance data during

  • Gigabyte GV-RX195P256D-RH

    GIGABYTE GV-RX195P256D-RH, the world’s first 80nm graphic card featuring the ATI Radeon® X1950 Pro with 36 pixel shader processors and the all new Compositing CrossFire™ Engine. Combining ultra-stable performance, blistering 3D graphic rendering, and longer component lifespan with the usage of ultra-low ESR solid capacitors, the GV-RX195P256D-RH comes equipped with the Zalman VF700 aluminum copper

  • PowerColor Introduces X1950 PRO equipped with ARCTIC COOLING

    TUL Corporation today announced the PowerColor X1950 PRO 256/512MB with ARCTIC COOLING. The X1950 PRO features the first-ever GPU manufactured at 80nm fabrication process and to feature the new CrossFire Bridge Interconnect. PowerColor has also included the excellent ARCTIC COOLING Accelero X2 . “Gamers have longed for a graphics card that runs graphic-intensive games with

  • IDF : Intel QuickData Technology

    Intel unveiled QuickData Technology at IDF Taipei today, a data acceleration engine that enables other networking and server vendors to increase the throughput of server data traffic. Key supporters of Intel QuickData Technology include Broadcom, Fujitsu-Siemens, IBM, Mellanox, Microsoft and VMWare. Introduced as part of I/OAT with Intel Xeon 5100 series earlier this year, the

  • Interview with Mr Shai Schiller, CEO Axis Mobile

    VR-Zone was honored to be given the chance to interview Mr Shai Schiller, CEO of Axis Mobile at the 3GSM Conference held @ Suntec City, Singapore. Throughout the interview, we discussed the various trends that the consumer mobile market is heading, and Axis Mobile’s Simple Mail mobile email application, a revolutionary application that will bring


    The AW9D-MAX is proving itself the world over with innovative features and functionality. Taking advantage of the latest and greatest processors from the Intel camp, providing the end user a high end, high performance experience with dual PCI-e X16 graphics capabilities, dual GbE LAN, 1066MHz FSB, and a host of other features. Not to mention

  • IDF : Intel Excited About Penryn

    Mooly Eden, VP and GM of Intel Mobile Platforms Group gave an interesting insight into the next generation architecture in a press briefing at IDF Taipei today. He talked about the Tick-Tock Model where there will be a major architectural change alternate with a die shrink every 2 years. It is to reduce the risks

  • IDF : Tyan Unveils Typhoon Cluster Server On Clovertowns

    Tyan has unveiled their latest Typhoon cluster server running of 10 Quad-core Xeon 5300 processors at IDF Taipei today. There are 5 nodes altogether and each node has 2 sockets. It can perform at 45Tflops and consume less than 15KW power. This server will cost around $ 50K set to launch on Nov 14th. Tyan

  • IDF : Intel Shipped 5M Core 2 Duo

    Intel today at IDF Taipei mentioned that they have shipped 5 million Core 2 Duo processors within 60 days of its debut on July 27th and expect no general shortage in the market. Intel is set to announce its Q3 earnings report on Oct 17th and investors seem to be upbeat about Intel prospects. Intel