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  • For The Win: Kingston K-Pex 100 & HyperX DDR2

    For The Win: One Kingston K-Pex 100 & One pair of Kingston HyperX DDR2. Simple Online Contest which lets you work your Creative Juices!

  • NVIDIA Shares Surge on Acquisition Speculation

    NVIDIA shares rose $ 2.32 to $ 30.62 in afternoon Nasdaq trade. Some 20 million shares changed hands, about double the three-month daily average. Investors have been speculating that Nvidia might be acquired since July, when AMD agreed to buy ATI Technologies for $ 5.4 billion. Rumors of such a transaction resurfaced on Wednesday, spreading

  • GeForce 8800GTX & GTS Details

    DailyTech has gotten some juicy details on the GeForce 8 flagship products and it has confirmed some of the leaked specs earlier on. We have mentioned about G80 being unified back in July 2005. Expect GeForce 8800GTX and 8800GTS products to launch the second week of November 2006. GeForce 8800GTX : 575MHz core clock, 900MHz

  • ASUS P5B Deluxe w/ QX6700 On X1950 Crossfire!

    Tests are underway for ASUS P5B Deluxe on Core 2 Extreme QX6700 and X1950 Crossfire setup. Drop us a note on what benchmarks you would like to see!

  • X1 vs X2: Who’s Badder?

    Before the Motherboard makers had their Core 2 Duo Motherboars ready, the Intel D975XBX Bad Axe was a popular choice among enthusiasts who were lucky enough to obtain samples of Core 2 Duo. With the impending launch of Core 2 Quad in November, Intel unveils the D975XBX2, Bad Axe 2. This is Intel’s most liberal

  • ASUS PG191 LCD Monitor

    ASUS is proud to introduce the PG191 LCD monitor, which incorporates Power Bass System and 2ms gray-to-gray response time to deliver the audio and video performance demanded by hardcore gamers. Gaming in the 21st is more than just entertainment. It’s an attitude. Hardcore players need the best system setup, and it’s not just about computer

  • Quad Core Battle : Intel Yorkfield vs AMD Altair

    Yorkfield Extreme Edition based on the 45nm Penry core architecture will meet heads-on with AMD Altair based on the 65nm K8L core in Q3 2007. Both are quad core offerings but AMD touted theirs to be a native quad-core with dedicated 512KB L2 cache for each core and an additional 2MB L3 cache for the

  • Intel To Employ PowerVR GFX Cores

    Imagination Technologies Group has reached a new major collaboration agreement with Intel which extends the licensing and deployment of its graphics and video IP cores for use with Intel’s PC, mobile computing and consumer architectures in certain segments. Imagination also announces an investment by Intel Capital, the venture capital arm of Intel. Arvind Sodhani, President

  • Creative Xmod – External X-Fi Device

    Creative has invented the Creative Xmod, a device based upon its X-Fi® Xtreme Fidelity™ audio platform that improves music playback quality for MP3, WMA, iTunes or AAC songs to beyond the original CD quality. The Creative Xmod is a small device just about the size of a candy bar. It connects between stereo speakers or

  • AMD Quad Core Altair On Socket AM2+

    AMD’s first quad-core K8L desktop processor, the Altair, originally set to utilize the Socket AM3 connector, will be resident in Socket AM2+. Socket AM2+ adopts HyperTransport 3.0. Socket AM3 CPUs can only be compatible with Socket AM2- and Socket AM3-based motherboards, but Socket AM3-based motherboards cannot support any previous-generation processors. AMD has decided to postpone

  • PowerColor X1650 PRO as Official VGA Card for WCG 2006

    Tul Corporation today announced that the PowerColor X1650 PRO has been selected by the World Cyber Games (WCG) to be the official graphics card for the finals on October 18-22. 700 top gamers from 70 countries will be at the Autodromo Nazionale of Monza, in Italy to compete for titles in FIFA Soccer 06, Need

  • Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watch

    Sony Ericsson’s unique MBW-100 Bluetooth watch, designed in partnership with watch maker Fossil, lets one be discrete while handling calls, Dick Tracy style. When a call comes in, the caller’s name or number is displayed on the OLED display beneath the watch face. If you can’t take the call, just press a key on the

  • Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 Preview

    Come November, Intel will officially launch their Quad-Core processors based on the Kentsfield core. They are essentially based on the Core Architecture that is gaining popularity and recognition these few months through the Intel Core 2 Duo Processors. Simply put, the Kentsfield CPU is putting 2 of the Core 2 Duo cores onto a single

  • POV 7900GTX Wrongly Advertised with 1.1ns Memory

    Our forum member MaReNoStRuM has informed us that the Point-Of-View 7900GTX currently selling are bearing 1.2ns GDDR3 Memory instead of the 1.1ns advertised on their main site. We have emailed them and POV has been informed of this discreprancy but has not replied nor updated their main site with the correct information. Even though the

  • Seagate Plans For New Plant In Singapore

    Seagate unveiled plans this week to spend $ 818 million over the next four years on a new hard-drive media plant here. Work on the new facility would begin in late 2006 and that manufacturing would start by mid-2008. Seagate initially plans to hire around 1,000 new employees to staff the plant, but said it

  • Swiftech MCW-Ramcool VGA Memory Liquid Cooling Solution

    Swiftech™ today announced the release of the MCW-Ramcool VGA memory water-block for nVidia® GeForce™ graphics cards. "The design concept was to physically separate the memory cooling from the GPU cooling solution in order to get the best possible thermal joint and therefore superior overclocking performance; universal compatibility was also a must, so we had to

  • ATi Push For Stream Computing

    Today ATI announced that it is pioneering a new technology known as Stream Computing, that has the potential to dramatically impact almost every sector of the market. Along with leading companies and academic institutions worldwide, ATI is working to build a stream computing ecosystem, one that delivers the performance, applications, software and tools necessary to

  • G80 Card Pics Surfaced

    A resourceful guy in our forum has spotted some pics of the G80 card. There appears to be 2 types of cooling employed; air or hybrid water/air cooling but both took up 2 slots. There are 2 power connectors on the card and has 1GB of GDDR4 memories onboard. We have heard that the hybrid

  • Creative ZEN V Plus 8GB

    Creative today introduced the Creative ZENTM V Plus MP3, photo and video player with built-in FM radio in a higher capacity of 8GB. Retaining its amazingly small and lightweight features, the Creative ZEN V Plus 8GB lets you enjoy even more music, photos and video at your fingertips. Available in glossy black with a new

  • C55+MCP55, a killer chipset for Intel

    C55+ MCP55 is clearly the chipset that many Intel Enthusiasts is waiting for since NVIDIA scrapped the nForce 590 SLI chipset plans. It gonna be excellent for overclocking from what we heard and retail boards are coming in by end November. We can see clearly that NVIDIA is pushing it hard for November availability/launch, a