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  • CeBIT: Overclocked RAMs + Thermalright =???

    Team group has some impressive enthusiast RAMs on display at CeBIT. Partnering with Thermalright, they have came up with this.

  • CeBIT : Art Labedev’s booth, Close up on Optimus Mini

    We had a chance to pop by Art Labedev’s booth at CeBIT, and took a close look at the Optimus Mini. The design of the booth, with the artist impression of the Optimus Prime as the backdrop. As you guys already know, the Optimus Prime is already on pre order and estimated time of shipping

  • Intel CEO’s Views On AMD Quad-Core Barcelona

    CRN has an interview with Intel CEO Paul Otellini during Intel Solutions Summit in San Diego. It gets pretty interesting when they asked about how he feels about AMD quad-core Barcelona delivering at least 40% improvement over Intel quad-core offerings. Otellini answered that Intel hasn’t seen them yet so does everyone else and there have

  • LG awarded highest recognition at red dot Design Awards 2007

    LG Electronics (LG), a leader in consumer electronics and mobile communications, was again lauded this year by the red dot Design Awards committee at this year’s red dot Design Awards 2007, as it took home over two dozen awards, including the event’s highest recognition.

  • CeBIT : Retail R600XTX Pictured & Benchmarked

    We saw some R600 cards at CeBIT but any form of photography is restricted as AMD is keeping a close watch making sure nothing is leaked outside. Nevertheless, we still managed to get some shots on the retail R600XTX (Radeon X2900 XTX) card. Next, we got hold of some preliminary benchmarks figures of the R600 XTX

  • GeForce 8950; NVIDIA’s Answer To R600

    INQ has an interesting find today on the water-cooling kit for the upcoming GeForce 8950 GX2, a dual card SLI solution. Indeed, over at VR-Zone, we have heard about the weapon against ATi R600 from NVIDIA, not the GeForce 8800 Ultra but the GeForce 8950 series. However, we are unsure if it is a GX2

  • CeBIT: A-Data SSDs, Mickey Mouse & other Disney Thumbdrives xD

    A-Data has some pretty interesting flash-based devices on display at CeBIT, including some flash drives with Disney Cartoon Characters.

  • Gigabyte Ultra Durable 2 Series; Cooler & More Stable

    Last year, Gigabyte set the pace by using All-Solid Capacitors on their motherboards and very soon the rest of the board manufacturers follow suit. This time round, Gigabyte comes out with a new concept using Ferrite Core Chokes and Low RDS(on) MOSFETs for their upcoming products like P35 series. According to Gigabyte, Ultra Durable 2

  • R600 Card Uses Theater 200 Video Decoder Chip

    The R600 card has adapted the Theater 200 video decoder chip from the previous All-in-Wonder multimedia family since AIW 9600XT to provide all the audio and video functionalities. Theater 200 can capture signals from composite, S-Video and component video inputs and the dual 12-bit ADCs will maintain the quality of the captured videos. It also

  • CeBIT : 65nm R600 Suffers Poor Yield [Rumor]

    Over at CeBIT, we overheard some production problems with R600. The yield at 65nm is very low at this point of time. It is projected by middle of April, AMD is only able to churn out some 20,000 Radeon X2900 XTX graphics cards and XT SKU might not even make it for the launch in

  • CeBIT : EVGA & Innovatek Team Up To Release ‘Black Pearl’ Board + Watercooling Combo

    We have gotten wind that EVGA and Innovatek will be bundling their Nvidia 680i mainboards and various waterblocks together. The combo is dubbed “Black Pearl and will be available after ceBIT.

  • CeBIT: Latest products by Thermaltake

    Thermaltake has all their new products on display, including a 1.5KW PSU and a lot of new coolers. More picture in the article.

  • CeBIT : Wide Range of New Chassis by Lian Li

    Lian Li has quite a few desktop and Tower cases on display at CeBIT. Take a look at this article to see more.

  • CeBIT: Latest Coolers and 3D Monitors by Zalman

    Zalman displayed their latest VGA and CPU coolers the CNPS 8700, 7500 and VF1000. At the same time, Zalman showcased their latest 3D Monitors and their latest Reserator XT. Do pop in and take a look.

  • CeBIT : Thermaltake Waterblock For R600

    Thermaltake has specially designed a waterblock for Radeon X2900 series graphics cards with their latest TMG AT4. Previously they has done for the GeForce 8800 GTX with TMG ND4. AT4 shares some similarities but the cooling concept is different. For AT4, the water flow through the copper waterblocks for GDDR3 memories to the copper waterblock

  • CeBIT: Silverstone New Cases

    Silverstone has quite a few HTPC and one tower cases on display at CeBIT, as well as a 5 Hard Drive Desktop RAID enclosure on display. Their upcoming Olympia 1.2KW PSU is on display too. Check out this article for more pictures.

  • CeBIT : ELSA Remains Professional In Graphics

    ELSA is well known for the professional workstation graphics cards throughout their years of establishment. Not forgetting, they have a range of graphics cards for the enthusiasts and mainstream market too and they are trying hard to regain some leadership here. Recently, ELSA decided to try something different with their coolers and chose to use

  • CeBIT : Origen AE HTPC HasTouch Screen TFT

    OrigenAE has their latest S21T HTPC aluminium chassis on display at their booth that features a motorized 12.1″ touch panel TFT and the support for up to 10 hard drives. The 12.1″ TFT is able to slide out with a touch of a button and is able to support up to 1920×1080 max resolution. There

  • CeBIT : Best LCD Displays of CeBIT 2007

    Four LCD displays we feel stole the CeBIT limelight; 30″ LED BLU LCD monitor from Samsung, 42″ 3D LCD from NEC, 42″ Weather Proof LCD from Sanyo and lastly world’s largest 108″ LCD from Sharp. Samsung SyncMaster XL30 incorporates LED as backlight source for richer colors. It also sports features such as 3,000:1 dynamic contrast

  • CeBIT : CeBIT ’07 Turns Into A Car Show (Updated)

    Seems like CeBIT has turned into a car show where manufacturers are using expensive cars to gain attention and prestige. ASUS with Lamborghini, aigo with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, CarTFT with GTR Avalanche Evo Orange?, Lenovo with F1 Williams BMW racing car, HP with F1 Ferrari, EA with a car from Need for Speed Carbon game.