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  • CeBIT : Best LCD Displays of CeBIT 2007

    Four LCD displays we feel stole the CeBIT limelight; 30″ LED BLU LCD monitor from Samsung, 42″ 3D LCD from NEC, 42″ Weather Proof LCD from Sanyo and lastly world’s largest 108″ LCD from Sharp. Samsung SyncMaster XL30 incorporates LED as backlight source for richer colors. It also sports features such as 3,000:1 dynamic contrast

  • CeBIT : CeBIT ’07 Turns Into A Car Show (Updated)

    Seems like CeBIT has turned into a car show where manufacturers are using expensive cars to gain attention and prestige. ASUS with Lamborghini, aigo with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, CarTFT with GTR Avalanche Evo Orange?, Lenovo with F1 Williams BMW racing car, HP with F1 Ferrari, EA with a car from Need for Speed Carbon game.

  • CeBIT : AMD 690G DTX Board Pictured

    We saw a very interesting board today at Silverstone’s booth, an AMD 690G board codenamed Diamond Mech Board 2 based on the new DTX form factor. AMD has announced the new DTX form factor for Small Form Factors back in January. DTX motherboards are made backward compatible with ATX chassis but case makers are expected

  • CeBIT : Scythe Watercooled Ninja

    Scythe has a redesigned Ninja on display at their booth, where one of the heatpipes is “emptied” and watercooling barbs are attached to it. Very innovative design by Scythe.

  • CeBIT : Chaintech Apogee to use Elpida Chips

    We had a talk with the guys over at Chaintech and more details about the Chaintech Apogee Enthusiast RAMs were revealed to us; the Apogee will be using Elpida chips and will be released in 1000Mhz and 1066Mhz CL5 variants, and it will be quite impossible to run these RAMs at CL4 and below or

  • CeBIT : Silentflux closed loop liquid bubble pump cooler

    Silentflux has a pretty innovative liquid bubble pump cooler on display at their booth in CeBIT. the Silentflux coolers makes use of convection and a special liquid with a low boiling point to circulate liquid within the cooler. Check this piece of news out for more pictures.

  • CeBIT: HD-DVD’s Impressive Lineup

    HD-DVD has a pretty impressive booth with many up and coming gadgets with HD-DVD drives on display. Do read on to find out more on what HD-DVD has in store for you this year.

  • CeBIT : Sharp Put Largest LCD TV On Display

    Sharp has two new Aquos LCD TVs in 46″ and 52″ sizes and they support Full HD in 1080p resolution with in-built video recorder. Other features includes picture refresh rate at 100Hz, 4ms response time, and a contrast ratio of 3000:1. Sharp also has put the world’s largest LCD TV topping at 108″.

  • CeBIT : Blu-Ray Duplicator Machine Sighted

    We saw a Blu-Ray duplicator machine over at Rimage booth for those high-definition video producers and software developers. It is called Producer III 8100N, has an embedded PC inside with software. It contains four Blu-ray recorders at 4x speed and support up to 300 Blu-Ray discs in the feeding bin. Images can even be printed

  • CeBIT : ASUS Makes Radios, No Kidding

    ASUS is getting pretty aggressive these days and is releasing any products that can possibly brand themselves and distinguish from the rest. It is probably due their future company direction to split into ASUS up into OEM and Brand business so they got to really build up their brand in order to excel in the

  • CeBIT : OCZ Unveils Hybrid Cooler w/ Carbon Base

    OCZ has a prototype hybrid cooler that combines air and water cooling techniques to cool down the carbon based core. This new cooler is called Hydrojet, a hexagon shaped cooler that uses WayCool thermal management technology from Onscreen. OCZ Hydrojet is 100% self contained liquid cooling system. There is a silent fan near the base

  • CeBIT : VR-Zone Extreme Memory Chiller Demo @ GSkill

    If you guys haven’t seen this, please pop by GSkill booth and check out the VR-Zone Extreme Memory Chiller, built by Shamino of course. Catch hold of him around there

  • CeBIT : Sparkle Prefers Self-Designed Graphics Cards

    Sparkle booth is pretty interesting with display of several self-designed cards as well as special cooling implementation. Apart from the Calibre P880+ GeForce 8800 GTX cooled by TEC active cooler system from MACS Technology, we also saw a self designed GeForce 8800 GTS card without the need for additional power. We were told that Sparkle

  • CeBIT : Tyan Demo Opteron Personal Supercomputer

    Tyan recently announced a new addition to their TyanPSC using AMD Opteron processors on top of the current Xeon powered TyanPSC. They have two live running demo on gridMathmatica 2.1 for both Intel and AMD platforms. T-540 DX is powered by 10 Opteron 2218HE processors and has a total of 20GB DDR2 memories. There is

  • CeBIT : Samsung 32GB SSD & 80GB Hybrid HDD

    Samsung has displayed two interesting storage products over at their booth where one is the 1.8″ 32GB SSD and the other is their 80GB Hybrid HDD.

  • CeBIT : Transcend 32GB ExpressCard SSD For Notebooks

    Transcend has a slew of flash based products on display like CompactFlash, SecureDigital, MMCmicro, MMCplus and MMCmobile, Expresscard SSD, IDE Flash Disk etc. We saw 8GB CompactFlash at 266X, 512MB MMCmicro card, 2GB SD at 150X, 32GB ExpressCard SSD, 8GB IDE Flash Disk for 2.5", 1.8" and even 1.0". There is also a very small

  • CeBIT : Hiper PSUs Charge Mobile Phones Too

    Hiper power supplies features a powered USB hub and one dedicated 1.0a usb port to charge mobile phones. Charging connectors for various brands of mobile phones are included in the package.

  • CeBIT : Clevo D900C Supports GeForce Go 8800 GTX SLI

    Clevo has showcased two very powerful Santa Rosa laptops where the D900C served as a desktop replacement while M570RU is a gaming laptop. Cleovo D900C can support Core 2 Duo and even Core 2 Extreme but Core 2 Quad support is unknown yet. Interestingly, D900C can support NVIDIA GeForce Go 8800 graphics series in SLI

  • CeBIT : Arctic Cooling Massive Cooler For R600

    Arctic Cooling has displayed an impressive cooler for G80 and R600 with three 80mm fans, 5 heatpipes and a total of 107 fins! Even the hot voltage regulators are taken care of. It will be available in May when R600 is launched.

  • CeBIT : NVIDIA G84 & G86 On MXM

    MSI has displayed two MXM Modules based on NVIDIA DX10 mainstream GPUs; G84 and G86. MSI certainly has an impressive range of NVIDIA DX10 graphics series on display at CeBIT.