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  • Sapphire AM2 HDMI MicroATX Board

    SAPPHIRE has just introduced a new addition to its acclaimed line of AMD-based mainboards featuring HDMI output, on-board VistaTM Premium ready graphics, HD 8-channel Dolby Digital Live sound and a host of features to make it the ideal choice in compact and multimedia systems. SAPPHIRE’s new PURE Innovation HDMI model uniquely implements the full feature

  • CeBIT : AMD Might Opt 65nm For R600

    wombat reported from our forums that ATi might opted for 65nm process technology for R600. According to the source article with some translation over at Rage3D mentioned that senior officials from AMD informing their partners that AMD-ATi Tech Day for R600 will be held 16 days from now. R600 will be formally announced in six

  • CeBIT : Scythe Mini Ninja & Kama Cross

    Scythe latest cooler designs; Mini Ninja and Kama Cross. Pics first, more details later.

  • CeBIT : Stardom Storage Solutions Lineup

    Stardom has an impressive showcase of NAS and SAN. A must for storage freaks to check them out.

  • CeBIT : Coolermaster New Cases, PSUs, Coolers

    Coolermaster has some interesting stuff showcased at their booth as we saw a Cosmo case, RealPower Pro Series, e-SATA HDD Casings, CoolViva Z1 and Pro2 VGA coolers, Hyper TX 2 and 3 CPU Coolers, Aquagate S1 and even keyboards.

  • CeBIT : Meizu Music Card Insight

    Meizu has recently made some headlines to come out with design that look pretty much like an Apple iPhone but comes with very decent features too. Meizu didn’t managed to showcase Mini One at CeBIT but nonetheless their sleek looking Music Card caught our eyes. The 2GB edition will come later this month and the

  • CeBIT : Sapphire Quad Crossfire Demo

    Sapphire has a Quad Crossfire demo up at their booth using two X1950PRO Dual cards. There is another demo rig without graphics card probably reserved for R600 later.

  • CeBIT : Enermax eSATA Case & Detachable Fan Blades

    Enermax has a new case with e-SATA ports along side with the usual USB ports. Certainly the popularity of eSATA has picked up pretty much that motherboard makers are making provision for more eSATA ports on their back multi-IO panel. In the future, we will start seeing cases with more eSATA ports. Enermax also has

  • CeBIT : OCZ Demo Uses Brain Waves To Play Games

    OCZ has a pretty interesting technology product showcase called Neural Impulse Actuator (NIA) where they described it as an input device that uses brain waves signals and convert into some commands to control the PC. NIA can be used in solutions that address PC productivity and gaming applications. OCZ said they will release an affordable

  • CeBIT : OCZ Rally 2 Firewire Flash Drives

    OCZ has two new flash drives based on Firewire interface. The top one is the dual Firewire 400 interface flash drive where one side is Firewire 6pin and the other side is Firewire 4pin. The bottom one is the Firewire-800 counterpart and it should be really fast. Even for Firewire-400, it will perform slightly faster

  • CeBIT : EVGA Displays nForce 680i LT SLI Board

    EVGA has displayed their nForce 680i LT SLI board at CeBIT. You may check out our earlier article for more information on this chipset.

  • CeBIT : MSI 8600 GT & 8500 GT Cards w/ HDMI

    MSI has displayed some DX10 G84 and G86 mainstream cards with HDMI from NVIDIA over at their booth. Although G84 and G86 has no native HDMI support yet but MSI added a Silicon Image chip to their cards to provide HDMI feature. MSI chose to design the cards themselves instead of using the NVIDIA reference

  • CeBIT : ASUS Makes Sound Cards Now Using ADI Chips

    It seems that ASUS has decided to enter into the audio segment with their latest Xonar D2 and D2K sound cards. The difference between Xonar D2 and D2K is the interface where D2 is on PCI and D2K is on PCI Express x1. We aren’t sure what sound chips are on those cards at this

  • ASUS Upcoming Notebooks For Singapore

    W5Fe is a compact 12″ wide notebook with cutting-edge SideShow, external auxiliary display on the LCD cover, offers high mobility with quick and easy data access convenience. Known for its strong engineering strength, ASUS once again takes the lead into the new Vista era. RSP: S$ 3,298 (GST Included) and availability: End April. S6Fm is

  • ASUS Upcoming P735 3G & P526 GPS PDA Phones

    ASUS revealed two upcoming PDA phones; P735 3G and P526 GPS for the Singapore market. The P735 allows users to make full use of its 3G capabilities and integrates network connectivity, video conferencing, multimedia applications and many other business functions. Its RSP is at S$ 1,298 (GST Included) and availability in April. P526 Windows Mobile

  • ASUS Releases M2A-VM HDMI Board

    To offer users the best video and audio performance from their original media sources, ASUS has released the new range of HDMI Interfaced motherboards with HDCP compliancy – the ASUS M2A-VM HDMI motherboard. The ASUS M2A-VM HDMI motherboard also supports High-Bandwidth Digital-Content Protection (HDCP). The ASUS M2A-VM HDMI motherboard also provides support for with multiple

  • CeBIT : ASUS Sauternes P965 Board Spotted

    The LN2 demo rig is actually a prototype board called Sauternes which the ASUS R.O.G team has developed based on Intel 965P chipset. It is an improved version of Commando P965 board with an additional thermal module for better cooling. However, it won’t be going into mass production as it is just an experimental project

  • CeBIT : Bearlake Live Demos Spotted

    So far, we saw 2 live demos of the P35 boards today; one is from Foxconn and the other is from Gigabyte. Foxconn is running a P357AA-8EKRS2H board using OXCCO DDR-II 667 memories while Gigabyte is running a GA-P35T-DS3 board using Infineon DDR3 memories. Intel allows motherboard makers to display Bearlake boards during CeBIT but

  • CeBIT : Lamborghini Spotted @ ASUS Booth

    Some interesting sightings over at ASUS booth where they literally drive a Lamborghini in to show the prestige of their Lamborghini notebooks. Check out our Pre-CeBIT coverage for more photos and details.

  • Pre-CeBIT Coverage Part II

    For the Part II of our Pre-CeBIT coverage, we bring you the memory makers, the cooler guys, the chassis/PSU guys, the graphics cards makers as well as some others. Watch out for our Day 1 CeBIT coverage tomorrow!