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  • Intel unveils dual-core Itanium 2 processor

    After being delayed and seeing its front side bus and power management features cut down, Intel’s dual-core Itanium 2 processor has finally been released into the wild. Code-named Montecito, the new Itanium 2 is launching in six denominations as follows: Speed Cache Cores FSB Price Itanium 2 9050 1.6Ghz 24 MB 2 400/533Mhz $ 3692

  • Samsung finally ships their HL-S5679W LED DLP

    We’ve been waiting on this one for a good long while, but we’re pleased to say that if your chosen flavor of TV happens to be a 1080p, LED-based DLP set with 56-inches of screen real estate and a hard to remember model number, Samsung has just the display for you. Their HL-S5679W packs in

  • Intel adds one more ultra-low voltage ‘Yonah’

    Intel’s U2500 Core Duo Yonah processor was released just a few weeks ago. The chip marked Intel’s first attempt at a dual-core ultra low-wattage CPU, and has thus far made quite a splash in the x86 world. So much so that Intel has decided to release an even lower wattage version, the U2400.

  • Intel readies HDMI, ICH9 and picoBTX on latest ‘Bearlake’ Motherboard Lineup

    DailyTech previously reported on Intel’s upcoming Bearlake, the successor to the current Broadwater 965 chipset lineup. Intel’s latest Desktop Board roadmap reveals nearly a dozen upcoming motherboards based on the upcoming Bearlake chipset. The boards are still in early development stages but do reveal quite a bit of information about the upcoming chipset.

  • Vendors gear up for Sonoma notebook inventory clearance

    Notebook vendors, including Acer, Dell and Hewlett-Packard (HP), with each receiving hundreds of thousands of Dothan processors from Intel, expect to completely clear their inventory of Sonoma notebooks by the end of the third quarter, according to sources at Taiwan notebook makers. As reported on June 29, notebook makers were requested to help clear out

  • Gigabyte DS4 and DQ6 spotted in Bell!

    We’ve spotted some new Gigabyte boards available in Bell Electronics, the Gigabyte DS4 and DQ6.

  • Microsoft ‘Zune’ DMP info leaked

    For a product that Microsoft hasn’t even officially confirmed, there sure is a whole lot of Zune info to be getting on with. The latest leaks are from Digital Music News, who has been reviewing some of the presentation material that Microsoft shared with top-level execs of partner companies. The biggest detail that they’ve unveiled

  • Netac’s P210 multifunctional GPS receiver

    Engadget introduced this nifty GPS reciever by China-borne company Netac a while ago at their site. Preloaded with a complete Chinese map (well, maybe not complete- it seems that Taiwan is MIA), the P210 offers a 16.67 million-color, 3.5-inch touchscreen display, an FM transmitter for streaming MP3 tracks to your head unit, support for “millions”

  • Intel drops ATI’s chipset in latest Mainboard lineup

    ACCORDING to a recent Intel roadmap, there will be no more ATI based boards used in Intel desktop motherboards. The D102GGC2, also known as Grant County 2, is the last one that sits on Intel’s 2006/2007 roadmap. This board is the only integrated board that Intel offered in first half of 2006 that had a

  • Intel Santa Rosa to include Windigo

    NAPA’S LIFE as a notebook platform is assured until the second quarter of 2007, Intel told its partners last week. But when super duper Santa Rosa dawns in the second quarter of next year, it will now include WWAN technology dubbed “Windigo”. Intel’s “Merom” notebook chips which somewhat confusingly will also be called Core 2

  • Will Athlon 64 price cuts go deeper than expected?

    Last month, a leaked roadmap hinted that AMD was planning to slash prices pretty dramatically after the release of Intel’s Core 2 Duo processor. Reduced prices on the roadmap ranged from $ 169 for the Athlon 64 X2 3800+ to $ 403 for the Athlon 64 X2 5000+. However, a new price list snagged by

  • AMD strikes Intel with antitrust stick in Germany

    After hitting Intel with antitrust lawsuits in Japan and the United States last year, AMD has made Europe its latest battleground with a new antitrust complaint in Germany. In this new complaint, AMD alleges that Intel made anticompetitive and illegal deals with German retailers. Similarly, in Japan, AMD accused Intel of paying off Japanese PC

  • Roadmaps show Intel prepping two new Xeon lineups

    Documents appropriated by HKEPC last month suggest Intel will ditch its “desktop CPU on server” strategy and introduce a new Xeon lineup for single-processor servers. The Chinese site has found additional evidence to bolster this report in the form of a roadmap for single-processor Xeon 3000-series processors. The roadmap says the following chips are due

  • Intel to unveil five Merom CPUs in July, paper says

    Intel will unveil five models of its 65nm notebook-use Merom processors by the end of July, when the company will also launch its Core 2 Duo Conroe desktop CPUs, according to a July 17 report in the Chinese-language Commercial Times. However, despite the early launch, volume shipments of Merom CPUs are still expected to start

  • Toshiba Satelite M100 PSMA1L-00C00C NoteBook Review

    The Toshiba Satelite M100 is a notebook designed to be really mobile for those always on the go. Within its small 15.4″ form factor, the Satelite M100 houses an array of impressive hardware to provide users with the convenience of an all-in-one workstation and the performance needed for fast and efficient tasking. We’ve gotten hold

  • Galaxy doing Dual GPU graphics cards

    Back at the CeBIT back in march this new product series was already shown to us, yet we where prohibited to publish anything about it. Galaxy today is officially introducing their “Masterpiece” series of graphics card solutions. The Masterpiece series are single VGA cards with dual-GPUs equipped on them. the first of the batch will

  • Havok 4.0 Launches Expanded Suite of Tools for Top Developers

    San Francisco, CA, July 11, 2006 – Havok, the premier provider of interactive software and services to digital creators in the games and movie industries, announces today the official release of Havok 4.0, a modular suite of artist tools and run-time technology that dramatically accelerates the development of cross-platform, cutting edge electronic games and special

  • Efficiency & Performance: The Intel Core 2 Duo

    The Intel Core 2 Duo is upon us, finally… We dissect this new line of processors from Intel to see what the performance numbers entail. The big leap ahead in terms of performance is already expected by many enthusiasts…What else to expect on top of a quality main course? We find out!

  • Availability & Pricing for NVIDIA MCP Motherboards supporting Core 2 Duo

    ASUS P5N32-SLI SE motherboard will be the first NVIDIA nForce4 SLI X16 MCP based motherboard shipping with support for Intel Core 2 Duo. This product will be available in the channel at the end of July. There are an assortment of NVIDIA nForce 500-based motherboards coming: An ECS 570 SLI motherboard that will have a

  • Sapphire X1600 PRO Tested!

    ATi’s X1600 range of graphics accelerators falls neatly into the midrange market for such hardware. According to the 21 year old Graphics Chipset maker, the 1600 range offers the best Cost to Performance ratio in the PC Graphics arena. What we have gotten our hands on today is the X1600 PRO from one of ATi’s