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  • Futuremark Launches YouGamers, World’s First Intelligent Gamer Website

    Futuremark Corporation, developers of 3DMark, the worldwide standard in advanced 3D game performance benchmarking, went live today with the beta version of YouGamers, the World’s First Intelligent Gamer Website. YouGamers ( is a new destination site for PC gamers offering original game content, previews, gaming industry news, exclusive interviews, and full game reviews. In Version

  • Samsung Shipped Hybrid Hard Drive

    Samsung has begun shipments of its hybrid hard drive to the commercial marketplace. Samsung’s MH80 series hybrid hard drive is offered in 80GB, 120GB and 160GB capacities. Samsung said it is one of the first companies to offer a commercially available unit. The MH80 hybrid hard drive is currently shipping to select OEM customers and

  • Xeon MP Server on Optical Interconnects in July

    Beginning in July, a startup plans to ship a server using optical interconnects to improve the overall system performance. The Lightfleet “Beacon” server will connect multiple Intel Xeon processors using an array of mirrors, that will beam data using light, a system that Lightfleet calls “Corowave.” The company demonstrated a 16-node server in 2006 as

  • Foxconn N68S7AA-8EKRS2H NVIDIA 680i SLI

    In just a few weeks previous, there were about 4 different models of NVIDIA 680i SLI motherboards in the market – the reference boards used by EVGA, Inno3D, Biostar, etc, the IN9 32x MAX from abit, the GA-N680SLI-DQ6 from Gigabyte, the Striker Extreme and P5N32-E from ASUS. The latest addition to this list is the

  • ARM Multi-Core Processors Info

    ARM has tipped sparse details of plans for a next-generation processor a follow on to the three processor cores the comprise the Cortex series. ARM has signed a licensee for a next-generation processor during an analysts’ conference and indicated the processor would adhere to the same ARMv7 instruction set architecture as Cortex processors and it

  • Serial ATA Rev. 2.6 Spec Finalized

    SATA-IO announced the availability of the Serial ATA Revision 2.6 specification. This updated specification include: • Internal Slimline cable and connector – enables SATA optical drives to be included in smaller form factors • Internal Micro SATA connector for 1.8" HDD – facilitates SATA hard drives in Ultra Mobile PC applications • Mini SATA Internal/

  • Intel Prepares For Phase Change Memory

    Intel is preparing to sample a 90-nm 128-Mbit phase change memory to customers in the first half of 2007. Mass production could begin before the end of 2007. The 128-Mbit had demonstrated 100,000,000 cycles endurance and much greater than 10 years data retention. The phase change memory gets pretty close to Nirvana and it will

  • TSMC Makes 65nm NVIDIA Mobile GPUs w/ eDRAM

    NVIDIA is the first to employ 65nm TSMC process on mobile GPUs with embedded DRAM. TSMC’s 65nm embedded DRAM process and IP shrinks the cell and macro size by nearly 50 percent compared to its previous generation. TSMC is targeting the higher bandwidth offered by the embedded DRAM at applications such as game consoles, high-end

  • Kingston Technology Releases 2GB microSD Flash Memory Cards

    Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced the release of 2GB microSD Flash memory cards. The capacity boost of the tiny microSD form factor will be welcomed by consumers needing more space to store and transport mobile content on sleeker multifunction mobile phones. “With our new 2GB microSD cards,

  • NVIDIA Released G80 Based Quadro FX 4600 & 5600

    NVIDIA unveiled a new line of professional graphics solutions: NVIDIA Quadro FX 4600, Quadro FX 5600, and NVIDIA Quadro Plex VCS Model IV. Armed with the largest increase in GPU power and functionality to date, these solutions are designed to help solve the world’s most complex professional graphics challenges. NVIDIA Quadro solutions are widely available

  • Fujitsu World’s First 2.5″ 7,200 RPM 3.0 Gb/s SATA HDD

    Fujitsu announced the development of the new MHW2 BJ series of world’s first 7,200 rpm 2.5″ HDDs with a serial ATA 3.0 Gb/s interface. Featuring the world’s highest storage capacity of 160 GB for a 7,200 rpm 2.5″ HDD, the new series is targeted primarily at high-performance notebook PCs. The new series will be available

  • California Fitness Clubs Powered By Creative X-Fi Music

    Creative today announced an innovative partnership with California Fitness to bring X-Fi quality music to all fitness enthusiasts during their workouts at California Fitness Clubs in Singapore. From March 2007, the Creative Xmod will be installed in all 4 California Fitness Clubs located at Orchard Road, Raffles Place, Bugis Junction and Novena Square. As part

  • Futuremark Releases 3DMarkMobile ES 2.0

    Futuremark Corporation, the world’s leading developer of system performance analysis software and services for cell phones, handhelds and PCs, today announced the release of world’s first benchmark for devices with Khronos(tm) OpenGL(r) ES 2.0 programmable mobile graphics API. 3DMark Mobile ES 2.0 has been developed in co-operation with members of Futuremark’s Handheld Benchmark Development Program

  • ATi External Graphics Technology Pictured

    Hexus has a photo showing a Radeon X1950 graphics card inserted into a PCIe x16 slot on a PCB supplied with an additional 12V power. Notice that there are two x4 cabled PCI Express links delivering up to x8 bandwidth but it is strange that they didn’t use two x8 cabled PCI Express links or

  • Marvell and Seagate Collaborate on Consumer Storage with Intelligent Wireless Connectivity

    Marvell and Seagate Technology today announced that the two companies have collaborated on a revolutionary storage platform, engineered for rich mobile multimedia, and featuring an integrated wireless solution from Marvell. The ultra-portable Seagate Digital Audio Video Experience (DAVE) storage platform assists consumers’ access to hours of rich multimedia content wirelessly. DAVE features the Marvell PXA310

  • ASUS XG Station Preview

    When XG Station, the world’s first external graphics for notebooks from ASUS made their first appearance over at CES back in January, it has stirred up huge interests from the media and consumers. This time round, ASUS plans to demo a more finalized version of their XG Station over at the upcoming CeBIT but the

  • NVIDIA Plans For GeForce 8800 Ultra?

    w0mbat in our forums has found the following information in the latest Forceware drivers for Vista : NVIDIA_G80.DEV_0191.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX" NVIDIA_G80.DEV_0193.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS" NVIDIA_G80.DEV_0194.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra" NVIDIA_G80.DEV_019E.1 = "NVIDIA Quadro FX 4600" NVIDIA_G84.DEV_0400.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS" NVIDIA_G84.DEV_0402.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT" NVIDIA_G86.DEV_0421.1 =

  • Some AIB Partners Get To Demo R600 Privately

    DigiTimes is reporting that AMD R600 delay is causing disappointment and problems for their AIB partners. Originally, AMD and its partners were arranging to launch R600-based products at CeBIT and live demos were being planned by individual partners. Now almost all been canceled and only a few select few partners being allowed to show R600

  • Intel Working On Bearlake Successor; Eaglelake

    Intel has completed designing their Bearlake desktop boards based on P35 and G35 chipsets with the launch on March 15th. We can expect to see a slew of Bearlake boards designs from the motherboard makers during CeBIT. Boards development for its successor “Eaglelake” are going start soon and it will be pairing up with ICH10

  • AMD To Demo R600 Using DICE’s Frostbite Engine

    According to MyDrivers, AMD is going to use EA/DICE next generation DX10 games to demonstrate the power of R600 architecture over at the upcoming Game Developers Conference 2007. From the GDC website, ATi is going to give an overview of the rendering systems and architecture of DICE’s new Frostbite engine powering the upcoming Battlefield: Bad