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  • Intel Brings 45nm Xeons to Q3 2007

    We told you about the possibilities of a FSB bump to 1600Mhz for Clovertown and Intel to bring forward the schedule of 45nm to this year in our previous article. Seems like these 2 predictions come true with their latest Server platforms update. Intel is also expected to launch a Low Voltage Clovertown in 2

  • OCZ PC2-8500 Reaper HPC Series

    OCZ unveiled the OCZ PC2-8500 Reaper HPC Series. This 2GB dual channel kit features the proprietary OCZ Reaper HPC (Heat Pipe Conduit) heatspreader, engineered to deliver superior silent heat dissipation over traditional heatspreaders. As heat rises into the thermo-conductive copper heat pipe conduit, it is dissipated through the strategically-placed compact aluminum fin array. By guiding

  • OCZ Vindicator CPU Cooler

    OCZ today announced the OCZ Vindicator CPU cooler, an enthusiast-grade thermal solution for the latest high performance processors. The Vindicator can be used as a passive or active cooler depending on the needs of the enthusiast. The OCZ Vindicator can effectively cool some CPUs passively thanks to a pure copper base plate and six copper

  • ASUS Striker Extreme & P5N32-E SLi

    The Striker Extreme is ASUS’ answer to those looking for a high-end motherboard that performs well, overclocks well, and comes with all the bells and whistles. Does it add up for the Striker? We will also be taking a look at the P5N32-E SLi, the stripped-down counterpart of the Striker, to find out whether it

  • Inno3D nForce 680i & iChill 7900GS Combo!

    VR-Zone takes an exclusive look at the Inno3D nForce 680i mainboard and the very first entree of their iChill enthusiast graphic card series, the Geforce 7900GS 256MB iChill edition.

  • More GeForce 8600 Series Unveiled

    DigiTimes has a news story on GeForce 8600 series but apparently there are several versions. GeForce 8600 GT with 512MB memory will be priced between US$ 219 and US$ 229, while a 256MB version will be available at US$ 199. There is an even lower priced GeForce 8600GS at between US$ 159 and US$ 165.

  • NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS & GT In April

    NVIDIA is using back the GTS naming for their mainstream cards and is preparing to launch their GeForce 8600 series codenamed G84 in April. There will be 2 models; GeForce 8600 GTS and GeForce 8600GT and they are priced at $ 249-$ 299 and $ 199-$ 249 respectively. Interestingly, there is no G81 or GeForce

  • Sony 65nm SOI Cell Broadband Engine Details

    Sony has revealed more details at ISSCC on their 65nm SOI Cell Broadband Engine that are in mass production now to replace the 90nm Cell processors in the current PlayStation 3 units selling out there. The 65nm Cell B.E. die size is smaller as compared 90nm thus it is cheaper to produce and emits lesser

  • Albatron @ CeBIT; Mini-IXT, MXM, Nano Abox V2.0

    Albatron is eager to showcase its major product lines to the world and will arrive full force with top performing VGA cards, Mainboards, Memory Modules and Mini-PC Systems. This year’s Mainboard and VGA products will include the latest wave of technology sweeping through the market including mainboards supporting CoreTM 2 Duo, CoreTM 2 Quad and

  • R600 Delivers Video & Audio Data Using HDMI

    INQ reported that R600 architecture will utilize PCI Express x16 connection to the fullest by delivering both video and audio content using HDMI. R600 board will be shipped with at least one DVI-to-HDMI dongle, with DVI serving as the bandwidth provider for video and audio. R600 chip has the bandwidth to drive not one, but

  • abit IN9 32x MAX 680i SLI Motherboard

    What I have noticed about abit in recent generation of chipset motherboard trend, is that it is a company focused on perfecting a flagship product to lead each line of motherboard chipsets it chooses to go with at a particular time in the market rather carefully. It trades diversity for focus, spending as much time

  • PowerColor Special Edition Year of the Pig Gfx Card

    TUL announced the PowerColor Chinese New Year Special Edition graphics card. This card features a limited edition golden pig fan to celebrate the year of the pig; to welcome a joyful and prosperous year to come. Underneath this custom made golden pig fan, lies the coveted PowerColor X1650 PRO, which happens to be the official

  • TwinMOS DDR2 Memory Modules For Apple Mac

    Mac computers have been the favorite among trendy consumers for their design that combines style and technology. The simple white and clean lining together with the humanistic system specifications make every generation of Mac computers attractive. With the leading-edge technology and know-how, TwinMOS Technology today announced ” Apple Series ” , the DDR2 modules for

  • It’s Official. R600 is Radeon X2900 Series

    VR-Zone has learned that the official marketing name for R600 will be Radeon X2900 series and we will start using the name from now on. We can expect AMD to launch Radeon X2900XTX and XT first while X2900XL will follow later. The recent leaked R6xx series chart with pricing contains lots of false information is

  • OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse

    OCZ unveiled their plans to introduce gaming peripherals, and offer the best gaming mouse on the market. The new OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse is sure to excite today’s demanding gamers with its unique features, high performance engine, and competitive edge. Designed to give gamers an extra edge, the Equalizer features quality ergonomics and advanced features

  • Shuttle XPC P2 3700w SFF Workstation

    Shuttle has announced the availability of its first quad-core powered SFF workstations. XPC P2 3700w workstations can be configured with up to 8GB of DDR2 ECC memory – a perfect match for animators. Shuttle offers the XPC P2 3700w workstations with Microsoft’s Windows Vista Business 64-bit or Windows XP Professional 64-bit to take advantage of

  • Arctic Cooling Silentium T Pro Series

    ARCTIC COOLING launches a new line of thermodynamic PC case – Silentium T Pro. As its predecessor (Silentium), the new Silentium T Pro’s revolutionary design introduces a radical thermodynamic concept which does not follow the traditional ATX standard. Air flow directions in the Silentium T Pro have been completely rearranged. The Silentium T Pro series

  • NVIDIA reports record results for fourth quarter and fiscal year 2007

    NVIDIA Corporation today reported financial results for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2007 and the fiscal year ended January 28, 2007. For the fourth quarter of fiscal 2007, revenue increased to a record $ 878.9 million, compared to $ 633.6 million for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2006, an increase of 39 percent. Net income

  • NVIDIA MCP73 Chipsets Info

    MCP73 will come in no less than three flavors. The main chipset, dubbed MCP73P, is a 1333MHz front-side bus chipset. A cut down version of the same chipset, dubbed MCP73PV, will only feature a 1066MHz FSB. The third chipset is likely a derivative that does not feature integrated graphics. A low end G70 graphics core

  • AMD Plans External Graphics Cards & Crossfire

    We heard about the new hardware Crossfire last week and now INQ reveals more details. Lasso is AMD’s codename for external graphics card which will utilise the same external PCIe x16 connector. While this is mostly aimed at desktops, with the PCIe x16 bus-card that will be installed inside desktop PCs, it will also be