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  • SiS Mobile Chipsets Roadmap Updates

    SiS mobile chipsets for this year are mainly focus on IGP chipsets with Mirage 4 DX10 graphics supporting both Intel and AMD processors. Samples are expected to appear in Q3 with mass production targeted for Q4. On the Intel front, SiSM673 supports the old Pentium 4 processors while M673MX supports Pentium M series. Both chipsets

  • New ATi R600 Details Appear

    AMD remains secretive about their R600 but we still managed to dig out a little more information. We can expect to see R600, RV610 and RV630 demos @ CeBIT but no performance tests to be revealed there. The R600 launch is slated for end of March it appears now and there are 3 SKUs; XTX,

  • ATi RS690T Chipset Details Unveiled

    CHW has gotten hold of a block diagram of RS690T + SB700 for mobile platform codenamed Trevally. It will support Socket S1 based AMD S1g1 processors such as Turion 64 X2 TL-52/54/56/60 “Taylor” and perhaps the next generation 65nm “Tyler” that supports DDR2-800. However, RS690T chipset now only offer supports up to DDR2-400/533/667 SODIMM in

  • Corsair DDR2-667 SODIMM For Mac

    Corsair today launched Mac Memory, their first memory DDR2-667 SODIMM products to support Apple PCs. Three products were announced today, the 1GB upgrade module, the 2GB upgrade kit (two 1GB modules) and the 3GB upgrade kit (one 1GB module and one 2GB module). The 1GB upgrade module and 2GB upgrade kit are compatible with the

  • WD My Book Premium ES w/ eSATA & USB

    Western Digital announced that its new My Book Premium ES Edition external hard drive incorporates eSATA (external Serial ATA) and USB 2.0. eSATA is a new technology that transfers data between the external device and the computer at higher rates than ever before and USB 2.0 is today’s most common method of connecting external devices

  • ASUS PC Showcase Competition Coverage

    ASUS PC Showcase Competition has officially come to an end after one month of intense competition between the top Sim Lim Square retail shops to vie for the title of “Top PC Builder of Sim Lim Square”! VR-Zone is proud to be the official media and organizer for this exciting event! ‘Updates on 5 Feb

  • GeForce 8800GTS 320MB On Sale

    Just as expected, the GeForce 8800GTS 320MB cards have already hit the stores last weekend at the Singapore’s Sim Lim Square. As usual, Leadtek and MSI have reached and both are going for S$ 509 (US$ 331), slightly higher than the suggested price of US$ 299. Well, this is the slight premium you have pay

  • P.A. Semi 2GHz Dual-Core CPU @ 25W Max TDP

    P.A. Semi is now sampling its dual-core PA6T-1682M PWRficient processor based on the Power Architecture™ technology. The PWRficient processor is engineered to deliver unprecedented performance per watt, consuming just 5-13W of power (typical) at 2 GHz, making it 300-400 percent more power efficient than competing processors. Device samples of the 1682M and PWRficient Evaluation Kits

  • TYAN First Non-x86 Based Platforms

    Tyan announce their first non-x86 based platforms, the S6741 and S6791, which utilizes Raza Microelectronics, Inc.®, (RMI®) XLR 700 and XLR 500 series of processors, respectively. These platforms represent a new generation of high performance, cost effective network security appliance platforms. The innovative RMI XLR Processor® architecture supports up to eight MIPS64®-compatible cores for a

  • Intel Plans Tolapai CPU w/ Integrated MCH & ICH

    Intel is planning to launch an attack on VIA C7 and AMD Geode in the small form factor designs segment this year. This processor codenamed Tolapai has integrated MCH Northbridge and ICH Southbridge functionalities. Intel Tolapai is based on 1088-ball FCBGA package measured at 3.75cm x 3.75cm on 65nm process technology. The processor core is

  • More CHILL with Zalman cooling

    Inno3D has unveiled their second partner for their i-Chill series which is none other than Zalman. Inno3D will use Zalman VF902 and VF700 coolers for their 7950GT, 7900GS, 7600GT and 7300GT. They aren’t too highly overclocked over the reference cards for now which is something Inno3D team has to work more on. We would love

  • Quad Core Opteron In Q2

    There gonna be four Quad Core Opteron models based on Barcelona core(512KB x 4 L2, 2MB L3) in Q2 : Opteron 2258HE : Socket F 1207, 1.9-2.0GHz, 68W Opteron 1266 : Socket AM2+, 2.1-2.3GHz, 95W Opteron 1268SE : Socket AM2+, 2.4GHz, 120W TDP Opteron 1270SE : Socket AM2+, 2.5GHz, 120W TDP

  • AMD Prepares For ATi R600 Tech Day

    INQ said that AMD will launch their next generation ATi R600 in March or more specifically from March 11th to March 13th according to TGDaily. The Tech Day event will be held in Amsterdam to brief press and analysts about its new technology. Top executives are expected to tip up and some usual suspects such

  • Broadcom Combines Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & FM Into One Chip

    Broadcom today announced the industry’s most advanced single-chip connectivity solution that combines the company’s market-leading Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and FM receiver technologies onto a single silicon die. This combination of popular radio capabilities in a new ultra-low power 65 nanometer CMOS system-on-a-chip (SoC) allows OEMs to provide the richest connectivity features without a prohibitive impact on

  • Sharkoon DriveLink Hard Drive Interface

    Sharkoon is presenting a simple solution for users who need quick access to the data on their de-installed hard drives, or who want to be able to alternate easily between several data mediums. The Sharkoon DriveLink lets users connect hard drives of all current formats directly to a PC or notebook without the trouble of

  • ASUS Commando P965

    ASUS launches the next motherboard in their top-end “Republic Of Gamers” series, the Commando. Does this flagship board really achieve better overclocks? What then of the other bells and whistles ASUS has thrown in? Read on to find out…

  • Dell Slapped With Lawsuit Over Intel

    Dell is facing an investor lawsuit alleging that it improperly accounted for hundreds of millions of dollars in payments from its long-time partner Intel. Plaintiffs allege that the computer giant was receiving as much as $ 1 billion a year in “secret and likely illegal” kickbacks from Intel to ensure that Dell used no other

  • Intel VIIV Consumer Platforms Updates

    Over at the Intel VIIV consumer platforms, things are a little more complicated. To make things simple, there are 4 segments/platforms; Extreme, ‘Santa Rosa’ Desktop (Premium), ‘Salt Creek’ (Mainstream) and Value. For the Extreme Segment, we will be seeing Core 2 Extreme QX6700 till end of the year and Yorkfield XE will replace in Q1

  • Intel vPro Business Platforms Updates

    Intel vPro Business Platform is getting a bit more exciting with the addition of Quad Core Yorkfield into its 2007 ‘Weybridge Professional’ Platform. Intel feels that Quad core is needed for the Business desktop platform in 2008. However, the Business platform in second half of 2007 will mainly dominated dual core products; FSB1333 Core 2

  • Intel Nehalem Server Platforms Revealed

    Intel Stoutland is slated to have a CPU integrated memory controller and 4S glueless sockets using third party XNC and a fully connected CSI. This will provide 6.4GT/s or 4.8GT/s, an astonishing 72 second generation PCIe lanes and 4 first gen PCIe lanes on an unused ESI port as well as six first generation ICH9