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  • Dell Slapped With Lawsuit Over Intel

    Dell is facing an investor lawsuit alleging that it improperly accounted for hundreds of millions of dollars in payments from its long-time partner Intel. Plaintiffs allege that the computer giant was receiving as much as $ 1 billion a year in “secret and likely illegal” kickbacks from Intel to ensure that Dell used no other

  • Intel VIIV Consumer Platforms Updates

    Over at the Intel VIIV consumer platforms, things are a little more complicated. To make things simple, there are 4 segments/platforms; Extreme, ‘Santa Rosa’ Desktop (Premium), ‘Salt Creek’ (Mainstream) and Value. For the Extreme Segment, we will be seeing Core 2 Extreme QX6700 till end of the year and Yorkfield XE will replace in Q1

  • Intel vPro Business Platforms Updates

    Intel vPro Business Platform is getting a bit more exciting with the addition of Quad Core Yorkfield into its 2007 ‘Weybridge Professional’ Platform. Intel feels that Quad core is needed for the Business desktop platform in 2008. However, the Business platform in second half of 2007 will mainly dominated dual core products; FSB1333 Core 2

  • Intel Nehalem Server Platforms Revealed

    Intel Stoutland is slated to have a CPU integrated memory controller and 4S glueless sockets using third party XNC and a fully connected CSI. This will provide 6.4GT/s or 4.8GT/s, an astonishing 72 second generation PCIe lanes and 4 first gen PCIe lanes on an unused ESI port as well as six first generation ICH9

  • More ATi R6xx Rumors Surfaced

    The latest rumor out there revealed that R600 is 80nm process technology and is entering mass production soon . R600′s Z no-AA performance is 2.5x, FP16 blending & filtering performance is 2.7x, FP32 blending & filtering performance is 3.9x, FP16 filtering performance is 8x of R580. R600 final clocks could be at 814MHz and has

  • LifeView Releases SkyChat VoIP Box

    Animation recently introduced their latest product, the SkyChat VoIP box. The LifeView SkyChat allows any home phone to connect to both regular phone lines and the Skype network, allowing users to place and receive calls over the internet with their home phone. The SkyChat will be available globally in March through regional distributors and will

  • RED Donors’ Day @ Heights with Kingston!

    Kingston Technology announced today the “RED Donors’ Day @ Heights with Kingston – GIVE a Little, SAVE a Life!” blood donation campaign, which will be launched at Braddell Heights Community Club, Multi-purpose Hall, Level 1, on February 11th , 2007, from 10am to 4pm. To raise awareness about the need for blood donation, Kingston runs

  • Interview w/ Inno3D i-Chill Team

    We have a good chance to chat with Caroline Kwok, the Marketing Manager for Innovision and the lady who thought out the i-Chill name. Check out what’s in for Inno3D this year. *Updated with i-Chill graphics cards specs*

  • Inno3D Team Up w/ Arctic Cooling For i-Chill Series

    Inno3D® “i-Chill” range launches their first new baby in 2007, the overclocked range with NV Silencer 6 cooling fan. Inno3D® “i-Chill” have joined forces with Arctic Cooling, the Swiss leaders in creating thermal cooling solution for PC that specialize in GPU cooling whilst reducing the noise level.

  • World’s Thinnest 64GB Solid State Drive

    SimpleTech is now shipping 64GB solid state drives in the low profile version of the 2.5″ hard disk drive form factor. This 64GB Zeus drive uses widely available Single-Level Cell NAND devices which achieve a maximum of 2GB per device; the vertical stacking process enables multiples of that capacity per each placement on the SSD

  • No Intel 45nm CPUs For DP Server Until 2008

    Intel will position its 65nm-based Dual-Core Xeon 5100 sequence (Woodcrest) and Quad-Core Xeon 5300 sequence (Clovertown) series processors as the main force in the 2-way server market in 2007, and will not begin introducing its 45nm-based quad-core (Harpertown) and dual-core (Wolfdale) processors until 2008. However, the delay in switching to new processors isn’t just a

  • GeForce 8800GTS 320MB Ready To Ship

    The card makers are now getting ready to ship out their GeForce 8800GTS 320MB cards to their respective customers around the world and we can expect to see mass availability of the cards on the stores on February 12th. Of course, we can’t expect everyone to follow the embargo date so we should be able

  • Seagate Unveils Wireless Storage

    Seagate announced the Digital Audio Video Experience (D.A.V.E.™) technology – the project previously code-named "Crickett" - at the DEMO 07 Conference. Having already created significant buzz in the mobile phone community, the DAVE platform is an enabling technology that delivers 10-20 GB of wireless storage in an accessory smaller than many common slim-line mobile phones.

  • OCZ Vista Upgrade 2GB & 4GB Kit

    OCZ today announced their Vista Value Upgrade series which includes the highly anticipated 4GB (2x2048MB) dual channel kit. The new lineup of memory is optimized for perfect compatibility for those transitioning from Microsoft Windows® XP to Vista™. The OCZ Vista Upgrade series will be available in both DDR2-667 and DDR2-800. For gamers shifting to Vista

  • Corsair ValueSelect DDR2-667 2GB SODIMMs

    Corsair today unveiled production-ready 2GB DDR2-667 (PC5300) ValueSelectTM SODIMMs. Designed for current generation notebooks and mini-PCs, the new high density SODIMMs allow users to maximize memory bandwidth and minimize performance bottleneck to deliver superior user experience. The Corsair ValueSelect SODIMMs are optimized for Microsoft Windows VistaTM client operating system. The Corsair ValueSelect 2GB SODIMM memory

  • HP Workstation Goes Water Cooled

    HP today launched a new workstation powered by a pair of AMD Opteron 2220 (2.8GHz) on nForce Professional 3600+3050 board, minimum of 4GB of DDR2 memories on board configurable up to 32GB, wide choice of SATA 3Gbps and SCSI hard drives, NVIDIA Quadro series (SLI capable) and a 800W PSU. This new HP xw9400/CT Workstation

  • Intel Plans Extreme Edition Merom For Notebooks

    Segment Q2 2007 Q3 2007 Q4 2007 High Performance X7800(2.6GHz/800FSB/4MB) – $ 795   X7900 Standard Voltage T7700 (2.4GHz/800FSB/4MB)  - $ 530 T7500 (2.2GHz/800FSB/4MB) – $ 316 T7300 (2.0GHz/800FSB/4MB) – $ 241 T7100 (1.8GHz/800FSB/2MB) – $ 209   T7800? Low Voltage L7500 (1.6GHz/800FSB/4MB) – $ 316 L7300 (1.4GHz/800FSB/4MB)  – $ 284   L7700? Ultra Low

  • Intel Regained Some Market Share From AMD

    Intel is reclaiming some market share for semiconductors used in data-server networks, but the chip industry’s leader still lost overall share to smaller rival AMD for microprocessors used in PCs and servers in 2006. Intel controlled 74.4% of the microprocessor market at the end of the fourth quarter, down from 76% in the prior quarter.

  • Intel X38 Chipset To Get Crossfire Support

    We knew that the current Intel 975X and 965P chipsets are already supporting ATi Crossfire but the relationship is uncertain after AMD bought over ATi. Rest assured, the upcoming Intel X38 chipset will get official Crossfire support from AMD and we can expect even P35 to get Crossfire support as well. We can also expect

  • China Made iPhone Look A-Like Surfaced

    Seems like China has a new phone in development that looks pretty much like Apple’s iPhone with Touch Screen functionality. It is made by a company called Meizu and it is known as M8. It is smaller than Apple iPhone and thus a smaller screen size of 3.3-inches but just about as thin. The screen