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  • NVIDIA SLI 2.0 Technology In March?

    We heard faintly about NVIDIA SLI 2.0 technology and it is going to launch during CeBIT in March. Little information is available at this moment but we heard that it will be able to support mixed cards. We are unclear if it is across different series or different models of the same series.. Also there

  • G35 Bearlake Chipset Only Support DDR2

    It seems that G35 Express chipset is going for a bit of a downgrade where previously it is able to support both DDR3-1066/800 and DDR2-800/667 and now only the DDR2. Also the integrated HD-DVD and HDMI features are removed. It can now only pair up with ICH8 series instead of ICH9 and is using the

  • Plurality Readies Multi-Core CPUs

    Multicore processor specialist Plurality Ltd. is starting to ship evaluation boards and associated development kits for its HyperCore Processor, the first designs to emerge from the work on its HyperCore Architecture Line. Commercial 64-core chips are scheduled for the third quarter of this year. The architecture is one of the most scalable general purpose multicore

  • Intel 45nm Penryn Die Unveiled

    Intel new Fab 28 is completed and fully operational at Kiryat Gat, Israel. It will utilize a 45nm process on 300mm silicon wafers for producing Penryn processors and will be able to transit to 32nm process when it becomes available to produce Nehalem-C processors. The picture above is the 45nm Penryn processor and the die

  • AMD To Launch Geode LX 900 For UMPC

    AMD is said to be launching the Geode LX 900 CPU with a clock speed of 667MHz in an attempt to boost its share in the UMPC market, where competitors Intel and VIA are already selling processors with clock speeds of 1GHz or above. AMD will replace the 500MHz Geode LX 800 with LX 900,

  • Havok 4.5 Unleashed For PS3, Wii, Xbox360

    Havok announces today the official release of Havok 4.5, the latest update to its modular suite of artist tools and run-time technology. Fully optimized for Sony PLAYSTATION®3, as well as Microsoft Xbox360 and Nintendo Wii, Havok 4.5 dramatically accelerates the development of cross-platform, cutting edge electronic games, meeting the needs of the world’s top developers

  • ATi R600XTX Card Is 34cm Long

    We showed you an illustration of the R600 card a week ago and we can confirm that the real card looks pretty much the same. To be exact, it is 34cm long with the fan/blower and handle at the back. The only difference we can spot is the power connectors where it has dual 6-pin

  • Intel New “T” : Flash Response Memory Technology

    Intel has a new name for Robson and it will be called Intel Flash Response Memory Technology. It is a flash memory-based platform accelerator with onboard Non Volatile Memory. It supports Microsoft ReadyBoost technology, a Windows Vista feature that allows users to store data on NAND instead of HDD, speeding up applications, allowing faster resume

  • CeBIT 2007 Gets A Day off

    CeBIT will be a day shorter from next year in the face of cancellations from key foreign exhibitors such as Nokia and Motorola. The price structure for exhibitors would be changed and organizers would concentrate more on attracting foreign companies and orientate themselves more clearly toward trade visitors. Exhibitors’ main complaints about the fair were

  • SPARKLE GeForce 7900 GS HDMI Cards

    SPARKLE launched the SPARKLE GeForce 7900 GS 256MB/512MB GDDR3 HDMI graphics cards, a High Definition multimedia VGA solution with support for HDMI and HDCP. SPARKLE GeForce 7900 GS 256MB/512MB GDDR3 HDMI graphics cards are designed for extreme HD gaming and deliver ultra-realistic gaming experiences and unparalleled image quality at resolutions of up to 2560×1600. 20

  • Intel 965 Desktop Boards Now Support Quad Core

    Intel® Desktop Boards DP965LT, DQ965GF, DG965WH, and DG965OT have been updated to support Intel® CoreTM2 Quad processors. Current Intel® CoreTM2 Quad processors are Q6600 and Q6400. When updating to the latest BIOS, boards previous to these AA# (listed below) will now display a warning message when used with an Intel® CoreTM2 Quad processor, however users

  • ATi Mobility Radeon X2300 Info

    Asus has pre-announced ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 planning to build into an upcoming Core 2 Duo-based notebook A8Jr. X2300 is capable of running Windows Vista’s Aero user interface and uses HyperMemory to boost the graphics RAM available to the GPU. Indeed, they reveal the presence of the X2300 HD, codenamed ‘M71′. The vanilla X2300 appears

  • Sun Couldn’t Resist Intel Clovertown Power

    Sun Microsystems is expected to resume using Intel’s Xeon processors in its x86 servers. The first servers from the partnership will begin arriving soon–in the first half of 2007–and Sun also will sell Xeon-based workstations. In addition, Intel plans to endorse the x86 version of Sun’s Solaris operating system, elevating it to the mainstream status

  • AMD Lowers Mid & Low End CPU Prices

    X2 5200+ saw a hefty cut from US$ 403 to US$ 295. The price of the single-core Athlon 64 3800+ also fell from US$ 108 to US$ 101, however, the price of the slower 3500+ remained unchanged. Pricing for Sempron processors also fell with the 3200+ being reduced from US$ 67 to US$ 51, and

  • Interview with Gigabyte United

    VR-Zone has a nice opportunity to talk to Rockson Chiang, the Technical Marketing Manager of newly formed Gigabyte United Inc. to learn about their direction for this year and the upcoming motherboards we can expect to see from them. Interesting information revealed inside.

  • ATi & NVIDIA Increase Demand For 80nm & 65nm @ TSMC

    ATI and Nvidia are expected to soon increase their contribution to orders at TSMC. Orders for 80nm and 65nm production at TSMC, as a consequence, may double sequentially in the second quarter. Nvidia is expected to start volume shipments of its forthcoming G84 and G86 graphics chips, respectively targeting entry-level and mainstream markets, from June,

  • Sun Tape Out of “Rock” SPARC Processor

    Sun today announced two advances that demonstrate its continued leadership in chip multi-threading (CMT) and commitment to advancing the SPARC architecture. Sun successfully completed the tapeout (initial design completion for first fabrication) of its new “Rock” processor and announced that it’s enhancing the performance, expandability and performance per watt of its Sun Fire T2000 servers.

  • Inno3D New i-Chill Series For Gamers & Overclockers

    InnoVISION introduces a prestige new range in 2007 – the Inno3D® “i-Chill” series for state-of-the-art top quality performance to target the thirsty gamers who are always craving for more. The strong demand for high performance graphics is becoming extremely fi erce in the market and to target these gamers “i-Chill” is the only solution. “i-Chill”

  • Galaxy Releases GeForce 7600 w/ HDMI Series

    Galaxy Technology proudly presents upgraded and even more attractive products: 7600 GT DDR3 HDCP Premium HDMI and 7600 GS DDR3 HDCP Premium HDMI. Those top selling cards have been modified and equipped with HDMI support-“ High Definition Multimedia Interface” is an all-digital audio/ video interface capable of transmitting uncompressed streams. HDMI provides an interface between

  • ASUS Turns In Sterling 2006 Growth

    Hon Hai Precision again topped the list of the 10 largest private manufacturers in Taiwan in 2006, with revenues of NT$ 868.3 billion (US$ 27.1 billion at NT$ 32:US$ 1). ASUS climbed two notches (nudging past Formosa Petrochemical and Quanta Computer) to second place with NT$ 541.9 billion (US$ 16.9 billion), thanks largely to its