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  • ABIT KN8 SLi

    It has been a while since we have last taken a look at an ABIT motherboard. Today, we will be taking a look at the ABIT KN8 SLi, the latest addition to the SLI boards available to consumers at a really attractive price.

  • IT SHOW 2006

    IT SHOW 2006 returns as the largest exhibition ever held in Singapore, by occupying three full levels of the Suntec City Exhibition Centre, taking 7 halls and more than 270,000 square feet of space. VR-Zone brings you the full coverage!

  • New PPC Smartphone from HTC

    Engadget has reported on a new HTC Pocket PC phone during their walk at Cebit 2006. Named HTC Hermes, this new smartphone comes with WiFi B and G standards, 300MHz Samsung processor, Bluetooth 2.0, 128MB flash and 64MB memory, 2.8-inch display, 2.1 megapixel camera, and a secondary videoconferencing camera. Sounds like an interesting phone to

  • NVIDIA 7600GT, 7900GT & 7900GTX Reviews

    The NVIDIA 7900 and 7600 series of GPUs were announced during the 6th Annual NVIDIA’s Editors’ Day and launched a few days later. We take a look at what these new GPUs have instore for us.

  • LG-Philips to have 100″ LCD TV

    Just when you think LCD TVs are not going to get bigger, due to it’s absurd pricing / tech limitations, LG-Philips’ newest LCD TV will probably stun you. They’ve just announced the 7th Gen substrate that is about 76" by 89" and properly sized it according the the aspect ratio. With approx. max resolution of

  • NVIDIA SLi for Notebooks

    Although most of today’s notebooks are not meant for any form of moderate gaming, here’s something that will interest the mobile gamer – SLi on notebooks. NVIDIA has officially announced their flagship multi GPU technology for the mobile notebook form factor. "Desktop PCs featuring SLI technology still had the performance edge. They needed that edge

  • Up Close with Quad SLI!

    During NVIDIA’s 6th Annual Editors’ Day, the media was given the chance to try out the Quad SLI systems that will soon be offered first by the System Builders such as Dell and Alienware. We took the chance to examine Quad SLI closely and ran some benchmarks on the Extreme HD Gaming Monsters…

  • NVIDIA 7900GTX, 7900GT & 7600GT Voltage Mods

    On top of our in-depth reviews of the newly launched 7900 and 7600 series of GPUs, we have also looked into the voltage regulation on each of these cards and we bring to the overclocking community the first Voltage modifications guide in the world for these cards! For the 7600GT all you need is a

  • NVIDIA 7600GT: The New Crowd Pleaser?

    As the Geforce 7600GT will be next card majority of the consumers will be looking to be buying due to it’s very affordable price, we decided to further the testing we did on our 7600GT review with a more mainstream setup that is closer to an average gamer’s setup. It was also pit head-on with

  • NVIDIA’s 6th Annual Editors’ Day

    NVIDIA announced a bunch of very interesting products over at NVIDIA’s 6th Annual Editor’s day held at Santa Clara on the 28th of February 2006. The theme this year is Extreme High Definition (HD) gaming so let’s take a look at NVIDIA’s take on this and their range of new products to make this a

  • “Origami-like” minitablet PCs spotted at IDF

    CNet had reported on a minitablet PC running full fledged x86 low wattage CPU. With just a 7 inch screen, and probably a 3 hour battery life, these ultra portable machines are targeted to sell for under USD$ 1000. Considering the demo unit only has 15 mins of battery life when shown recently at Intel’s

  • Elpida 2nd Gen 1 Gb DDR2 SDRAMs

    Elpida announced the availability of its second-generation 1 Gigabit DDR2 SDRAMs and six memory modules based on the new devices. The new devices are built using Elpida’s state-of-the-art 90 nm process technology, and they complement Elpida’s full line-up of DDR2 devices that are currently in high-volume production. The x16 devices provide a wider data path

  • ASUS 240 MIMO Wireless Total Solution

    ASUS unveiled the 240 MIMO series total solutions, which includes the WL-566gM router and the WL-106gM cardbus adapter. The ASUS 240 MIMO total solution drastically improves WLAN’s data transfer rate and coverage range, while maintaining signal integrity and Wi-Fi interoperability. With high-speed 240Mbps data transfer rate, the multi-transmitting 240 MIMO total solution excels with an

  • OCZ PC2-8000 DDR2 Platinum XTC

    OCZ announced the release of the fastest memory product available on the market—a new DDR2 series capable of 1000MHz (1GHz) speeds at CAS 4 latency (4-5-4). The PC2-8000 DDR2 Platinum XTC Extreme Edition was designed to be the ultimate memory solution for today’s PC enthusiasts that demand leading-edge PC hardware. The new 1GHz DDR2 series

  • Exclusive: Razer Krait 1600dpi gaming mouse

    Being announced during WCG 2005, Razer Krait is yet another mouse from Razer’s impressive line up of gaming mouse. But the difference for this mouse would probably be the fact that it’s designed specifically for less demanding Real Time Strategy gamers instead of the usual FPS crowd. Spotting a refreshing orange glow, and a budget

  • ASUS A8R32 MVP Voltage Mods

    We reviewed the recently launched ASUS A8R32 MVP based on the new RD580 chipset just recently. It is a great platform to overclock on, but for extreme overclocking conditions, some simple hardware modifications may help you break that personal-best record of yours…

  • NVIDIA 7800 GS AGP Voltage Mods

    We reviewed the relatively new NVIDIA 7800GS AGP a short while ago. It is definitely a very overclockable card by just bumping the speeds up using software means. However, seasoned users may want to unlock the overclocking potential of this card further with hard mods to enable more voltage and current for the card. Now,

  • Arstechnica takes a look at the Macbook Pro

    Arstechnica had a chance to do a thorough analysis of the MacBook Pro shipped with the Core Duo T2500 processor. Read more about the exciting features contained within this mobile wonder right here!

  • Cool-Trek Vostok Water Cooling Kit

    After being battered by a trio of watercooling kits we are back at getting wet. This time round we find a kit from Cool-Trek, associated with the largest subglacial Lake in Antarctica. Will it cool that very well? Read on!

  • A Walk About in SLS (4-3-2006)

    The popular Sim Lim Square Walkabout is back by popular demand. Keep yourself updated with the latest and greatest in Singapore’s biggest IT shopping mall!