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  • DELL Integrates CoolIT Systems’ MTEC Technology into Dual- Stage Cooling System

    CoolIT Systems announces that the new Dell XPS 710 H2C Edition will utilize CoolIT Systems’ MTEC technology to effectively chill the new Intel quad core processor. CoolIT’s advanced technology increases cooling power of Dell’s patent pending new liquid cooling solution which helps to extend the longevity of the CPU and reduces overclocking risks from heat

  • Intel & Samsung Back DisplayPort

    Intel and Samsung officially put their weight behind the Displayport 1.1 specification at a press conference at the CES. With their support the competing Universal Display Port (UDI) effort is essentially dead. DisplayPort backers see the interconnect as the digital successor to analog VGA, the Digital Visual Interface used on TVs and PCs and the

  • ATi RD790 Boards For AMD Stars Cores

    Our friends over at Chilehardware have gotten some juicy details on the ATi RD790 reference boards for AMD Stars core based off Socket AM2+ and Socket 1207+. The RD790 reference board for Socket AM2+ (or known as AMD2G2 or AMDR2) Agena, Kuma, Runa and Spica Stars processors is codenamed “Mako” but it is also backward

  • ATi R600 Samples On Feb 28th

    February 28th is the day where R600 card samples will be available to manufacturers and press while AMD continues working hard to launch R600 @ CeBIT. There are two versions; a 12" for OEMs and a 9" for the end users. No info as yet on their differences. According to INQ, AMD won’t let ATI

  • AMD Better by Design Program

    AMD today announced the Better by Design program, a first-of-its-kind initiative highlighting outstanding performance and superior technologies in desktop and notebook PCs designed by leading global OEMs. With the impending launch of Microsoft Windows Vista(TM), the world is moving to a new level of computing experience with increased emphasis on performance, graphics, and mobility. Desktop

  • Ritek 32GB Solid-State Drives In Q2

    Ritek is now preparing for volume shipments of its first NAND flash-based solid-state drive (SSD) in the second quarter of 2007. The upcoming RiDATA-brand SSD will come in two memory densities – 16GB and 32GB. A 64GB version is coming online this year but the exact available date is not yet decided. This SSD will

  • Matrox DualHead2Go Digital Edition

    Matrox today announced the DualHead2Go Digital Edition, the next version to the acclaimed DualHead2Go, now featuring digital outputs. This external multi-display upgrade device connects to the VGA output of compatible notebook or desktop computers and through patent-pending technology uniquely expands the desktop across two digital displays. DualHead2Go Digital Edition also enables support for high-resolution panels,

  • Marvell Showcase at CES: Full HD with New Dual-Channel Digital Video Format Converter

    At CES Las Vegas this week, Marvell will be showcasing a variety of enabling technologies and products for : -Digital Entertainment -Home Connectivity -Emerging Consumer Technologies -Cellular Handhelds The Marvell 88DE2710 converts PC graphics and high-definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD) digital video inputs into HD outputs, including full HD at 1080p with support for multiple

  • ASUS P5N-E SLI nForce 650i SLI

    It’s been over 2 months since the NVIDIA NForce 680i SLI chipset has entered the market, and most of us have read reviews all over the internet regarding it’s performance and overclockability. With boards based on the 680i SLI chipset debuting at over USD$ 200, partly due to the high cost of the chipset itself,

  • Answers to Obscure BIOS Options in DFI LAN Party UT ICFX3200-T2R/G

    Alright, I’ve gotten an update on some queries regarding some of the obscure BIOS options available in DFI LAN Party UT ICFX3200-T2R/G – RD600 Motherboard. Here they are my friends.

  • Samsung Developed 2GHz GDDR4 Memories

    Samsung Electronics will publish some details on their 80nm 512Mb GDDR4 SDRAM running at 2GHz frequency with max data rate of 4Gbps/pin at ISSCC. In comparison, the fastest commercially available Samsung GDDR4 memories clocked at 1.4GHz while ATi Radeon X1950XTX runs at 1GHz and ATi R600 is rumored to run at 1.1GHz. To save power

  • G Stepping Core 2 Quad In Q3 2007

    For the quad-core Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 releasing in Jan 7, its TDP is 105W. Thus, a motherboard has to support FMB 05B power consumption specification to support this model. However, Desktop Quad-Core products would stepped into G Stepping some time in Q2 and Q3, and supports 05A FMB power consumption specification at 95W

  • Hitachi World’s First Terabyte Hard Drive

    Hitachi Global Storage Technologies today announced the industry’s first terabyte (TB) hard drive. Delivering superior performance and reliability, as well as capacity, Hitachi’s 1TB hard drive meets the needs of consumers who want to create, share and store their digital information, and lots of it. Hitachi’s Deskstar® 7K1000 will begin shipping to retail customers in

  • Better Power & Thermal Management For AM2+ Stars CPUs

    AMD plans to implement better power and thermal management with Cities and Stars processors to improve energy efficiency especially when the new Energy Star 4.0 Specification takes effect on July 20, 2007. AMD will enhance C’n’Q with C1E by allowing the CPU to tri-state its IO during system idle and this allows power savings up

  • Gigabyte N680SLI-DQ6; 6 Quad Goodness!

    Gigabyte GA-N680SLI-DQ6 is going to hit the market by end of January and it is designed specially for enthusiasts and gamers. What makes this board special from the rest is its All-Solid Capacitors, Quad-Triple phase power, Quad BIOS and Quad Gigabit LAN! It is the first and only in the market that is able to

  • 65nm Cell CPU Hits 6GHz

    Sony, Toshiba and IBM will present first details about a 65 nm Cell processor design, which, apparently, already runs at 6 GHz and 1.3 volts. The updated Cell will use two power supplies to increase SRAM stability as well as performance, but actual logic power consumption will decrease. The current Cell processor, used in Sony’s

  • Intel Ups 80-core CPU To 4 GHz

    Intel apparently has an update to its 80-core processor that was first presented at the 2006 Fall IDF conference. The processor, which was clocked at 3.1 GHz at IDF, has reached 4 GHz, while retaining the original 20 MB of SRAM. Performance climbs from a claimed 1 TFlops at the IDF to 1.28 TFlops in

  • Eagle 7950GT w Zalman Cooler Review

    We’ve all seen a tonne of NVIDIA 7950GT Graphics Cards reviewed the past few months. Almost all of those follow NVIDIA’s reference design. How about getting a little more adventurous with us? We explore a non-reference 7950GT graphics card, the Eagle 7950GT – with a special zalman cooler attached.

  • SanDisk Unveils 32GB Solid State Drive

    SanDisk introduced a 32-gigabyte (GB)(a), 1.8-inch solid state drive (SSD) as a drop-in replacement for the standard mechanical hard disk drive. Initially aimed at enterprise users as the first step toward mass consumer adoption, SanDisk SSD offers field-proven durability to keep mobile PCs working in the toughest of conditions and improves the overall user experience.

  • Samsung Developed Double-Sided LCD

    Samsung has created the first LCD panel that can produce independent images on each side of a mobile LCD display. Samsung’s new double-sided LCD can show two entirely different pictures or sets of visual data simultaneously on the front and back of the same screen. Other conventional double-sided LCDs can only show a reverse image