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  • Hybrid Storage Alliance Formed

    In a move to give the growing number of notebook PC users faster, more durable systems that run longer on a battery charge, Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate Technology and Toshiba have formed the Hybrid Storage Alliance. The goals of the industry group are two-fold: illustrate how flash memory/hard drive hybrid technology can extend the capabilities of

  • EVGA Announces new faster e-GeForce 8800′s with ACS³ Cooling

    EVGA today announced the release of their e-GeForce 8800 GTX KO with ACS³ and 8800 GTS KO with ACS³ NVIDIA technology-based graphics card. The new 8800GTX KO ACS3, in addition to EVGA’s patented ACS3 cooling, is spec’d at an amazing 626MHz core clock with 2.0GHz memory. The 8800GTS is spec’d at a groundbreaking 580MHz core,

  • Gigabyte 945 Boards w/ All-Solid Capacitors

    Gigabyte has extended their All-Solid Capacitor motherboards line-up to 945 chipsets now with the release of new revision 2.0 boards. Gigabyte now touted a complete line-up of 945 ad 965 boards based on the All-Solid Capacitors concept.

  • Sparkle Unveils Calibre P880+ OC Edition

    SPARKLE today proudly announces Calibre P880+ OC Edition and Calibre P880 OC Edition , the world’s first overclocked GeForce 8800 GTX and GTS graphic cards powered by high efficient TEC active cooler system. Calibre P880+/P880 OC Edition graphic card embraces higher oveclocking capability. Compared with 575MHz/500MHz core clock and 1800MHz/1600MHz memory clock of ordinary GeForce

  • ASUS XG Station; Discrete GFX For Notebooks

    ASUS is proud to launch the XG Station as the industry’s first public demonstration of the world’s first external graphics card station for notebook computers. Equipped with Express Card interface, USB 2.0 and Dolby headphones, the XG station seamlessly integrates notebook computing with PC graphics power. The XG Station is currently scheduled to be released

  • Intel Invests In Multi-GPU Acceleration Chip Startup

    Startup company Lucid Information Technology Ltd. has raised a $ 12 million round of funding from Intel Capital, Giza Venture Capital and Genesis Partners. Lucid’s chip is mainly targeted at the gaming computer industry. The chip acts like a hub connecting the main processor to the multiple graphics processors, serving as a traffic cop. One

  • ATi R600 Specs & Benchmarks Leaked?

    Benchmarks R600 8800GTX 3DMark05 11941 11039 3DMark06 6719 6368 Doom III 156 127.1 F.E.A.R 88.2 75.9 Call of Duty 2 48.9 47.1 Battlefield 2 146 148.9 Half-Life 2 : Lost Coast 96.4 87.1 Anno 1701 24.2 17.0 Oblivion 26 19.5 64 4-Way SIMD Unified Shaders, 128 Shader Operations/Cycle 32 TMUs, 16 ROPs 512 bit Memory

  • Energy Star For Servers

    The EPA’s discussions with computing-equipment makers and data center operators has shown “compelling evidence of the need for this specification. But the certification isn’t a foregone conclusion: “In the coming months, EPA will conduct an analysis to determine whether such a specification for servers is viable, given current market dynamics, the availability and performance of

  • ASUS Commando Board For Overclockers

    ASUS is proud to introduce the Commando, a new addition to its R.O.G (Republic of Gamers) family of gaming motherboards. The Commando provides extreme overclockability for enhanced performance, and unique features to jazz up the gaming features and simplify the DIY process. Supporting the Intel® P965 Express Chipset, maximum 8GB dual-channel DDR2 architecture, PCI Express

  • OCZ Selling Handpicked 8800GTX Cards

    OCZ announced their exciting return to the world of graphics cards. Leveraging a strong expertise in high performance overclocking memory and the unique needs of PC enthusiasts, OCZ is prepared to deliver a differentiated GPU solution to gamers and enthusiasts with the launch of the OCZ NVIDIA GeForce® 8800 GTX 768MB PCI Express®. Separating OCZ’s

  • Graphics Cards Sales Down In Q3

    According to Jon Peddie Research, third quarter graphics boards revenues came in at about $ 4.97 billion, which translates into a 4.4% decline over Q2 and a 12.2% decline over Q3 2005. Both Nvidia and AMD/ATI were at the “tale-end” of the graphics chip generation in Q3 and needed to knock down prices in order

  • VIA EPIA EX-Series Mini-ITX Boards

    VIA today announced the VIA EPIA EX-Series Mini-ITX mainboards, the first of VIA’s compact platforms to feature the new VIA CX700M2 system media processor. Powered by the highly efficient 1.5GHz or fanless 1.0GHz VIA C7® processor, the VIA EPIA EX has an average operating power consumption of just 13.6 watts. Specifically designed for the fast-growing

  • Nvidia G84 Info

    G84 IS Nvidia’s DirectX 10 entry-level card. This is set to replace Geforce 7300 from the market. The chip is a cut down version of the G80 and will probably come up with some odd memory controller number. It will support Shader Model 4.0, the unified way, and it will work in SLI. We expect

  • Elpida 70nm DRAM Enters Mass Production

    Elpida has begun mass production of the DRAM industry’s first 1-Gigabit and 512-Megabit DDR2 SDRAMs using 70-nanometer process technology. The 70nm process technology enables 800MHz and 1GHz speed functionality in combination with high-performance operations, but it also provides for a reduction in chip size allowing incrementally more chips per DRAM wafer which increases productivity and

  • DFI LAN Party UT ICFX3200-T2R/G – RD600 Motherboard Review

    Finally, the ex-ATi RD600 chipset for the Intel platform is available for users after being seen on it’s reference motherboard 6 months ago, showing itself at technology Conferences etc, but never making it to the retail shelves. This, now coined as AMD 580x chipset after the AMD/ATi acquisition, manifests itself for the first time on

  • Vote & Win ASUS EN7950GT!

    All right guys, the online voting is now on! Start voting for your favourite shop which you think will outshine the rest and come in top for this showcase competition. If the shop you voted for came in first, you will stand a chance to win the ASUS EN7950GT card. However, your vote will not

  • SPARKLE Calibre P768 Graphics Card

    SPARKLE has once again raised the bar for GeForce 7600 GT performance with the release of the Calibre P768 Graphic Card —the world’s fastest GeForce 7600 GT on the market. Gamers now can experience the power of 80nm process from TSMC and SPARKLE. Helped with the new 80nm process, Calibre P768 Graphic Card features higher

  • SPARKLE GeForce 7600 GT COOL-PIPE Card

    SPARKLE today announced the immediate availability of SPARKLE GeForce 7600 GT COOL-PIPE Graphic Card for mainstream market. SPARKLE GeForce 7600 GT COOL-PIPE Graphic Card is the best choice for mainstream pc gamers who are seeking high DirectX 9 firepower and zero working noise. Furthermore, SPARKLE GeForce 7600 GT COOL-PIPE graphic card uses noiseless passive cooling

  • DFI RD600 ICFX3200T2R/G BIOS

    Do you recall the feeling of lost and overwhelm the first time you went into a BIOS menu at the start of your DIY years? This board does it to me… Now don’t laugh, I dare you to refute me after looking through the following…

  • AMD To Discard PR Rating For Future CPUs

    AMD plans to discard the PR scheme starting from the next-generation Stars processor like Agena and Kuma. AMD will release its top dual-core processor, Athlon 64 X2 6000+ (3GHz/1MB L2x2), in Q1 2007. Previously named Athlon 64 FX-64, Athlon 64 X2 6000+ is fabricated in 90nm process and has 89W and 125W TDP edition. The