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  • Meizu M3 Miniplayer & M6 Musiccard Media Player Review

    Meizu, a media player company based in China, has created waves with their upcoming touchscreen phone, the Meizu M8. while awaiting the introduction of the M8, VR-Zone takes a look at their current products, the M6 Miniplayer and the M3 Music Card.

  • OCZ DDR3-1066 & 1333 Memory Modules

    OCZ today announced their official crossover into DDR3 memory to coincide with the recent launch of the Intel Bearlake Chipset. OCZ’s hand-tested DDR3 solutions enable ardent enthusiasts to take advantage of the highly-anticipated P35 platform while experiencing the legendary quality and reliability of OCZ memory. The first OCZ DDR3 products will accommodate standard JEDEC specifications

  • VIA EPIA PX Pico-ITX Board

    VIA announced the VIA EPIA PX mainboard, the first commercial mainboard based on VIA’s recently unveiled Pico-ITX form factor measuring just 10cm x 7.2cm. Powered by the 1GHz VIA C7 processor and supporting up to 1GB of DDR2 533 SO-DIMM system memory, the tiny 10-layer VIA EPIA PX mainboard is based around the single-chip VIA

  • Creative ZEN Wav Video/MP3 Player w/ Built-in Speakers

    Creative introduced Creative ZEN Wav, a new video, photo and MP3 player specially designed with built-in stereo speakers and a bundled Creative ZEN Wav Acoustic Stand that let users enjoy an enhanced listening experience and share their favourite music and videos out loud with their friends on the go. This lightweight multi-talented player is also

  • Defeat “Fatal1ty” @ Computex & Win US$ 3K!

    PowerColor, Cooler Master and Universal ABIT are in search of a challenger in Taiwan to take on Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, the world’s best known professional video gamer, during COMPUTEX 2007. Is this guy human? Can he be defeated? PowerColor, Cooler Master and Universal ABIT want a worthy challenger to give him a run for his

  • Inno3D Geforce 8800 Ultra First Look

    Today, VR-Zone takes a look at Nvidia’s new King of the Hill, the Geforce 8800Ultra 768MB, courtesy of Inno3D. How will this card fare against the 8800GTX? Let’s take a look now.

  • ASUS S6Fm Special White Leather Preview

    The S6Fm uses the latest mobile CPU from Intel, the low-voltage L7200. Weighing in just over 1.5kg and clad in white leather, the S6Fm is looking for those who want to travel light and in style. In the meantime, VR-Zone takes it for a quick spin…

  • Sapphire’s GO Vertical with Vista Competition

    Sapphire invites the enthusiast and casual gamers to celebrate the launch of the SAPPHIRE HD 2900 XT series with the ‘GO Vertical with Vista’ campaign! Now Microsoft, AMD, SAPPHIRE and ZEROtherm combine to offer the chance to win a copy of Microsoft Vista together with hardware to maximize the experience! A full package of Microsoft

  • AMD Cautioned Reviewers On DX10 Lost Planet Benchmark

    AMD has cautioned reviewers on DX10 "Lost Planet" benchmark to be released very soon. True enough, PCGH has managed to benchmark HD 2900 XT against 8800 GTS and the results are very clear; 19fps vs 39fps. Here’s a snip from the email : Tomorrow Nvidia is expected to host new DirectX 10 content on

  • Intel Mobile CPU Price Cut In Sep

    Processor Brand Model Frequency FSB L2 Cache Now Jul Sep Core 2 Extreme X7900 2.8 800 4M - - $ 851 X7800 2.6 800 4M - $ 851 - Core 2 Duo T7800 2.6 800 4M - - $ 530 T7700 2.4 800 4M $ 530 - $ 361 T7500 2.2 800 4M $ 316

  • Samsung DDR3 Memories Validated For Intel Bearlake

    21 of its SamsungDDR3 solutions have been validated on Intel’s reference platform to work with Intel’s next generation DDR3 chipsets. This is the largest number of DDR3-based solutions to have passed the validation program. Samsung’s Intel-validated solutions include 13 modules and eight monolithic devices in combinations of 512Mb/1Gb densities with speeds of 800 or 1066Mb/ps.

  • Fujikura Makes Vapor Chamber Coolers For R600 Cards

    Fujikura Ltd, the worldwide leading provider of thermal management solutions of computer and electronic devices, today announces the release of advance high performance three dimensions thermal management device to provide the ultra cooling of AMD’s new high performance graphic card, the ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT.

  • Gigabyte P35-DS3R Intel Bearlake Review

    The Intel BearLake chipset, also known as P35, is about to dawn upon us. We already see boards starting to pack the retail shelves. It is a mid-range chipset solution to replace the 965P chipset, with support for both DDR2 and DDR3 Memory. DDR3 Memory is still expensive, and there are even boards out that

  • Thecus Technology Introduces the N4100+

    05/14/2007 – The original N4100 is the 4-bay Thecus NAS device that started it all. Renowned for exceptional performance and features, the introduction of the N4100 set a new standard for what people have come to expect from a NAS device. Today, Thecus Technology is proud to announce the N4100+, a completely updated version of

  • Gigabyte P35-DS3R does 575MHz FSB out of Box!

    I’ve gotten hold of a retail piece of Gigabyte P35-DS3R based on the Intel P35 chipset. The overclocking, out of the box, no modifications as is, is stunning. FSB-wise, it climbed, high, up to 575MHz FSB! Right out of the box no frills overclocking, this board has a lot more potential under some modifications of

  • NVIDIA Quadro professional GPU for professional mobile notebooks

    NVIDIA has introduced a breakthrough NVIDIA Quadro professional GPU architecture for mobile notebook computers that enables entirely new graphics and visual computing capabilities for professionals who require uncompromised mobility. The new line of mobile graphics solutions, which includes NVIDIA Quadro FX 1600M, Quadro FX 570M and Quadro FX 360M, is designed to solve complex professional

  • NVIDIA GeForce 8 for Notebooks

    NVIDIA today announced a new family of NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series of graphics processors targeted at the newly evolved notebook PC market. These new GPUs (graphics processing units) help power a whole, new generation of notebook PCs that deliver the ultimate visual experience for Windows Vista, DirectX 10 games, HD movies, and popular applications like

  • Biostar T-Force MF7050 Review

    There isn’t an official embargo date as yet, but right here at VR-Zone, we bring you Nvidia’s answer to AMD’s integrated graphics solution 690G. Presenting to you the Biostar T-Force MF7050, based on Nvidia’s lastest MCP68 Chipset.

  • Creative has a ZEN Stone MP3 Player

    Creative today introduced the Creative ZEN™ Stone, the tiny, featherweight 1GB MP3 player priced at only S$ 69.00, available by May 4. The Creative ZEN Stone features a smooth contoured design, so it feels naturally comfortable in your hand. It is so light that at first, you might not believe it is an MP3 player.