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  • HP launches two TouchSmart AIO systems with reclining touch screens

      Touch screen PCs in general have one problem in common, the display isn't position in an ergonomic location to take advantage of the touch screen, but HP seems to have figured out a way around this with its new TouchSmart 610 and 9300 Elite. The 610 is the consumer model, while the 9300 Elite

  • Roccat Announces Alumic Mousepad

    Roccat has unveiled the Alumic mousepad, targeting hardcore gamers.

  • Koolance Debuts High Speed Fan

    Koolance, well-known for its complete PC liquid cooling solutions, has unveiled the FAN-12038HBK-184, a high-speed 120mm fan aimed at overclocking enthusiasts.

  • Now this is literally FarmVille for Dummies

    Granted, one can find a 'For Dummies' book for just about every single subject under the sun, but this has got to take the cake. After all, would one even need a book for tips and instructions on how to play a Facebook game that is essentially nothing more than clicking blindly on a Flash

  • Sony Ericsson Yendo now available in Singapore

    The Sony Ericsson Yendo was announced in June last year, and after a long wait, the Walkman music phone is now available in Singapore. Details inside.  

  • Singapore offically gets Office Web Apps, prepare to junk Microsoft Office away

    Remember how Google claimed that users no longer had to fork out money for a fully featured office productivity suite like Microsoft Office since its cloud-based Google Docs application could perform most, if not all of the tasks found in the former from the convenience of a web browser? Well, it seems that Google is

  • Google introduces new features including WebGL, Chrome Instant, and Chrome Web Store

    Google has recently introduced some new features to the Chrome web browser such as the WebGL  hardware-accelerated 3D graphics, Chrome Instant and Chrome Web Store.

  • Mystery HTC phone shows up on Chinese website

    Well, it seems like HTC has done it again. Barely a couple of weeks after an employee was spotted with a prototype model of what appears to be an upcoming smartphone on the subway, it appears that yet another leak of another supposed HTC prototype has somehow managed to make its way online. Now, the

  • Open letter from ASUS: Proactive response to Intel Sandy Bridge chipset design error

    ASUS, acting on its philosophy and promise of inspiring innovation and persistent perfection, has created a comprehensive response to the Intel-indentified Sandy Bridge chipset design problem. The motherboard manufacturer will provide total warranty services to maximize computing and usability, as each ASUS product is delivered with an uncompromising quality pledge. ASUS has already started an

  • New Japanese toy allows users to make music…via physical contact with other people

    Granted, calling this a 'consumer electronic device' is going to be a stretch but hey, it does make for a decent novelty to have in parties. Apparently, a toy known as the Ningen Gakki has been produced by Takara Tomy which, when held by four different people, allows for some musical indulgence by simple touching

  • Gigabyte releases tool that checks if SATA devices are affected by faulty Intel chipset

    Gigabyte has released a free tool that supposedly checks if the SATA ports you are using are affected by the Intel 6 series chipset flaw.

  • Linux returns to PS3

    PS3 Linux enthusiasts can now rejoice as Dev Graf_Chokolo have brought Linux back to PS3 3.41.

  • Forget optical disks: Hanwha’s external HDD enclosure will read the ISOs for you

    Dealing with ISO files is not always the most pleasant of experiences, especially if one's operating system is obsolete enough to not feature built-in support for the popular optical disk archiving format. Fortunately for consumers who are still running on outdated operating systems, it appears that there is an easier way to deal with such

  • Fancy owning a 200-inch, 3D-capable display?

    60-inches would probably be the largest form factor one would think of when it comes to purchasing a television set, but leave it to the Japanese to outdo themselves just when it seems that 3D technology has reached its peak. After all, what can be more headline-worthy than the fact that a glassless 200-inch 3D

  • Apple yanks Sony’s e-book reader app from App Store over transaction issues

    It is a well known fact that the Cupertino electronics giant pulls no punches when it comes to exercising control over its software and hardware ecosystem. And unfortunately for Sony, the Japanese electronics company is the next to find out that dealing with Apple is not exactly the most smooth sailing of affairs, especially after

  • Ivy Bridge should work in H67 and P67 motherboards

    Intel isn’t having the best of times right now, but in the midst of what is a serious mess for the company, there are still some rays of good news even though it comes in the form of a leak. Ivy Bridge which we already know uses the LGA-1155 socket. Reports are now starting to come

  • It’s getting hot in here

    Air pollution, solar flaring etc, no matter which you choose to believe, all of these share the same conclusion - the Earth is heating up. NASA has released an animation on global warming based on five-year averages. Watch it.

  • Shining like a diamond in the sky

    Simulations conducted by a group of scientists suggest that one of the first stars formed 13.4 billion years ago may still be shining brightly even until today. Read on.

  • Possible Samsung Galaxy S 2 specs leak

    We’re just over a week away from the Mobile World Congress and the leaks are raining down with details about what to expect at the show. And the latest leak contains details of Samsung’s potentially upcoming Galaxy S 2 Android handset. If the leaked specs are true, then this is going to be one of the

  • AMD lists Radeon HD 6450/6570/6670 for OEM

    Following AMD’s quiet release of the re-branded HD 6700 for OEM, AMD has once again slipped in listings for new HD 6000 family OEM cards, this time based on new chips. First up is the Radeon HD 6670, a direct successor to the HD 5670. Based on the Turks chip, the HD 6670 is a